Where To Meet Single Women: 11 Unexpected, Yet Effective Places to Meet Girls

By Jon De Santis

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Where To Meet Women

Ever thought about meeting girls in person, but the idea of dressing up in a buttoned shirt and heading to the club feels daunting?

You stand in line for an hour and get hassled by the bouncer. Not only that, but the girls don`t seem to respond to you saying hi, and look much more defensive. You begin to wonder, “why is that the only places people tend to to gravitate to in order to mingle and flirt in real life are bars and clubs?“

I feel you, and I`m about to tell you something that is common sense but is shocking for most guys out there…

Nightclubs and bars are not the only places to meet girls… Tinder and online dating are not the only places to meet girls… Your social circle and school are not the only places to meet girls…

Essentially, if you use your common sense, you will soon realize that you can meet a girl anywhere, and virtually at any time. Better yet, what if there were places where women didn`t expect to get approached, and because of this are more receptive to you and are actually easier to get on a date, hook up with, or make into your girlfriend. Sounds too good to be true? Here are 11 tried and tested, unexpected, yet effective places and situations to meet girls.

1. The pharmacy

Yes. It`s actually an effective place to meet girls. On numerous occasions, I have picked-up girls passing by the make-up section, and because they were shopping for high-quality makeup and care about their looks, they are the majority of the time hot girls. These are the same girls you will see in a nightclub and bar, except this is the behind the scenes.

Just keep in mind though that in these scenarios, you must get the girls attention off of her shopping and onto you, as in this environment she is not expecting to meet a guy like in a club or bar but is rather expecting to shop. She is less defensive but slightly distracted.

I used to have a wingman that would always want to meet girls in the pharmacy. He just had this weird obsession with it that was pretty hilarious. I would be like, “Dude, what the hell is the point? There`s probably no girls in there and just families.“ But then when I walked in, there were many times sexy university girls in the make-up aisle, condom section or around the store, with no guys around them, with no friends, just her alone for me to meet her and experience her beauty… and advise her on what condoms to use ;).

2. Late night diner, restaurant or fast food place

Let`s say you didn`t go clubbing, but you stayed up late and wanted to meet girls. Generally, after the clubs and bars close, people tend to be very hungry and will head to fast food restaurants or diners. A popular fast food place is McDonalds, and I can honestly, and hilariously say that I`ve met many girls here and had successes with them.

Essentially, you can wait in line for food while chatting with girls and then sit with them after. You can also forget the food and just meet the girls directly. My wingman and I would just walk in and approach a table of girls, get them to like us, sit with them, and then leave with them suggesting a place to go with us.

A very funny wingman I had would tell me that if he didn`t get a girl from the club or bar, go to plan b, the streets, and then if that didn`t work, plan c, McDonalds. This place is awesome to meet girls, and you can make jokes about hamburgers and throw fries playfully at the girl you are flirting with.

Line to use: I am mayor Mc Cheese, do not touch my meat until you have gotten to know me… (While smiling and winking)

3.The hour after the club closes

This is what I and my friends like to call Street game, or “Chaos“. People are walking everywhere, girls are in a generally good mood (horny, drunk, or both), and essentially it is the final showdown.

Even though there are other drunk guys who will be approaching girls as well, if you approach a couple of girls and have a decent vibe, you are almost guaranteed to find a girl who is “down“ for hooking up. She may show this directly, “Where`s your place?“ while then making out with you, or she may show this indirectly, being that she continues to talk to you, flirt with you, and is ok going somewhere else with you.

This environment can be challenging at times to meet girls in, however here`s why it`s an effective place in a nutshell :

a. A girl`s buying temperature has been pumped up during the night, and is, therefore, more receptive to sexual contact, and sex. Buying temperature means emotional state and arousal. This happens because of the alcohol, the music, the validation/attention she receives from guys in the club and bars, and because women like sex like any normal human being.

b.There is a constant stream of new girls walking on the street, so you jump from interaction to interaction without having to worry about a bad rep which in turn makes the process easier, and makes girls give you more of a fair chance as they have not met you yet. In a club, girls you have not met will have likely seen you meet other girls and therefore get attracted or slightly more defensive.

4. On the bus or bus stops

The bus stop is an interesting and effective place to meet girls because they honestly just don`t expect it which gets girls much more aroused. You can be in the bus shelter and just start a conversation or sit next to her on the bus and make jokes about what she may be listening to on her phone.

This is a bit of a trickier situation, however, as people tend to like to mind their own businesses on public transit, however, if you know how to start a conversation properly and flirt, you can get the girl very attracted just by the mere fact that you have the guts to talk to her.

Some quick tips on how to start a conversation on the bus :

a.If she is waiting at the stop, get next to her and immediately start a conversation.

“Hey, do you know what time the bus comes… I`m just kidding you look adorable and I needed an excuse…”
“Hey, you have a nice style, who are you? (said with a smile*)”

b.On the bus, ask her where she is getting off nonchalantly to know how much time you have to interact with her to know how fast you have to move things forward before getting her contact information.

5. The grocery store

Another one of my favorites! This is a place where literally no guys talk to girls in, yet there are opportunities every time I go there!

Here, you can start a conversation about her food choices, and make sexual innuendo about the food and the shapes of them. Said with humor, this is very unique to the girl, and will get her laughing hysterical and sexually aroused.

Again, like mentioned in the bus stop tips, you want to start a conversation immediately, as the longer you wait, you will miss your chance. She`s there to shop, but will respond well to an approach as she is not expecting it.

Line to use:

“Take two melons, walk up and ask, Do these melons make me sexier to guys?”

6. Clothing store, that has mainly women’s clothing

Now before you yell out this is weird, it is, but it works. It is honestly like walking into a nightclub, except the girls are less defensive, and depending on the clothing store, ie : Guess, forever 21, Dolce and Gabbana, the girls can be very, very sexy (super models) as it appeals to their beauty sub-culture.

As an aside, in the clothing store, I would advocate not staying in the clothing store for hours just meeting girls as you will likely get kicked out. However, don`t let that stop you from meeting a few girls in the store by asking them if an outfit looks good on you, or by commenting on their high heels.

Line to use :

“Would you swipe to the right if you saw me on Tinder? ” (Said with a joking tone)

7. When she is with her mom

This one is not exactly a place but rather is more a situation. Many guys have probably never thought of this, as it is definitely a high social pressure scenario. I can definitely say from experience, that if you win over the mom, she will help you pick-up her daughter, point blank.

I remember meeting this stunning Russian girl, the mom liked me, and she walked off saying, “Alright honey, I`m gonna continue shopping and leave you guys alone, just give him your number already.“

This situation seems tough, but is fairly easy, just as long as you don`t come off too sexual early on, and rather display to the mom that you are a nice guy who is interested in her daughter, rather than a guy who wants to just %$?* her. Essentially you are showing this, but in a more socially acceptable way that will not get a parent defensive for the safety of their child.

Line to use :

You :”Excuse me, you look too adorable, who are you?”  

The mom wonders confused who you are and why are talking to her daughter. You say :

“Are you her sister?”

with a cheeky smile. This gets them every time, as a 50+-year-old woman still wants to feel beautiful and appreciates a compliment.

8. In the daytime when she is walking on the street

All guys usually do when they see a beautiful woman in the street is stare and then move on with their lives. I, however, if I have time, run up to her and stop her on the street to talk to her. This place is generally uncommon as girls usually don`t get stopped by guys wanting to flirt with them, but rather by charity workers or salespeople.

You will have to initially break through the wall of “what the heck is happening here?“, however through practice, I`ve been able to walk up and say hi, and the girl already started giggling and knew what my intentions were. You will always get girls who will initially not know why you are approaching them in the first two seconds, however with practice and development of you confidence, you can create instant attraction by just saying hello which is an incredible power.

Line to use :

“Hey… (get her attention), I was supposed to go about my day, but you were just too tempting to look at, hi I`m (insert name).”

9. The metro

With the metro, there are really two places to meet girls, one is the metro cars, the other is the terminals. The metro cars are the same as meeting girls on the bus, and you have to be aware of how much time you have due to where she is getting off.

The terminals, however, are a completely different animal. If you are in a big or moderate sized city, this can be a place where there is a ton of traffic of people, and within that there are very often sexy girls.

What`s awesome about the metro mainly, is the transience, as girls are literally boarding the metro, and new ones are coming off every few minutes. You can literally meet new girls over and over again, and not bump into ones you just met. Another awesome advantage is that the girls are usually standing, and this means you don`t have to stop them from walking. Perfect!

Line to use :

“Excuse me, how many bus tickets do I have to buy to get to your heart.”

Yeah, I know that it sounds cheesy as fuck, but if you say something like that confidently with a big smile, there are high chances you both start laughing!

10. In a college, you don’t go to

When I was in University in Quebec, Canada, I went to an English speaking school, and right next to me was a french college. Being that I had a tight schedule but still wanted to meet girls without meeting every girl on my campus, I just went next door. The people didn`t know that I wasn`t student there, and to be honest, they probably didn`t care.

You can meet tons of girls in a college you don`t go to, and you can be more forward as these are girls you will likely not see again in the case that things get a bit awkward. Personally, colleges are just good places to meet girls as well, as, in my opinion, women want to meet a guy the most in college.

The boring classes, the taking away of validation when their friends are dating guys, but they aren`t, the increased sex drive in their twenties and curiosity about sex and guys, couples into a pick-up cocktail that I will, and definitely every other guy should drink.

Line to use :

“Hey do you know where the cool girls are in this school? haha, I`m just kidding, who are you?”

(Said in a very self-assured way, humourous way…)

11. The erotic store or sex shop

What`s awesome about meeting girls in this place, is the fact that you approaching her is a sexual spike in itself, more so than in a club or at a party. The fact that there are sex toys everywhere, porn, and that she is holding a vibrator in her hand checking the price already sets the frame, you like sex and so do I.

The thing any guy has to understand, however, is that you must make sure not to make the girl feel slutty in this situation. Many people may not know this, but in our modern society, there is a double standard between the genders. If a man likes sex, this is a normal and he may just be called a player or a pig. If a woman likes sex, however, she is considered a slut and is chastised by society. This affects your ability to meet girls, through the fact that this programming manifests itself through you subtly judging the girl for her expressing her liking of sex.

Be open, and don`t look at her weird when she`s holding a sex toy or looking at porn, rather just continue the conversation as normal, and you can progress to a hook up quickly.

Line to use in this situation :

“Hi, I`m a pornstar, so you know what that means… I have big feet. Haha, hey, I’m…”

So there you have it. If you`ve been wondering where all the girls are, and what are some good places to meet them, you now have 11 ideas that I`ve personally tried out and still meet women in today.

And even though these places may seem a bit odd to meet a girl in, they are definitely void of competition with other guys and friends butting in. Apart from these places having girls in a less defensive mood, meeting girls in these places is more of a magical experience, as girls tend to have the fantasy of just bumping into a guy and having love at first sight. So as men, let us improve ourselves and make their fantasy a reality!

About the author Jon De Santis

My Name is Jon, and I run The Online Wingman , a neat blog about how to succeed with women through improving your personality, lifestyle, and self-­acceptance. I am a student of seduction and am personal friends with dating coaches, some of who are famous in the community and are

personal mentors. I like to meet women on a daily basis in coffee shops, on the street, clubs, bars, the internet etc... and have a passion for understanding male and female relationships.

Other interests I have are internet marketing, blogging, and sound synthesis. I live in Quebec, Canada, Tabarnak!

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