5 Exercises to Get an Adonis Belt

By Patrick Banks

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The adonis belt, or by its many other names: Apollo’s belt, Hercules’ girdle, the illiac furrow, and so on and so forth is the “v-line” that runs downward beneath the abs. For it to actually be visible and pop out, you not only have to be lean, but you need to have a good amount of core musculature. That’s what this article is about. How to get there. Here, I’ll introduce five great exercises that will help you get the adonis belt that legends like Apollo and Hercules sported daily.

However, before we get into that, I feel as though I must warn you that your efforts will be rendered pointless and in vain if you don’t eat right and possibly even diet. See, EVERYONE has the potential to have shredded abs and an adonis belt, the goal is to reveal it. Most people have a thin layer of fat and subcutaneous layer of water sitting on top of their abs, leaving your gains and hard work hidden. So, with this being said, it’s imperative that you get your diet right before you realistically expect to see any significant results!

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Now that we have that out of the way…

Here are 5 awesome exercises to get the adonis belt!

Exercise #1Leg raises

Whether you do them lying down or on a leg raise machine, leg raises are an essential exercise to getting an adonis belt. This is so because leg raises help to build the lower abs, and more importantly the hip flexors. The development of these muscles are extremely important for developing that legendary Hercules’ girdle you’ve always wanted.

When performing this exercise lying down, make sure to never let your heels make contact with the floor. Doing this will make sure that there is constant tension on your abs and hip flexor muscles. Also, if doing leg raises propped up on a machine, don’t just leg your legs dangle at the bottom of the movement. Allow your legs to only get about 20 degrees from the the ground. Just as with the lying down version, this will also ensure that constant tension will be on the targeted muscles.

Exercise #2Oblique crunches

Oblique crunches are an extremely important exercise for building the adonis belt. In fact, without well developed obliques, you won’t even be able to have one. The obliques make up the top portion of the adonis belt and help to give the illusion of a more shallow v-line as is recedes down your lower abdomen.

There are a variety of ways that you can do this exercise. However for this article here, I’m going to go over alternating lying oblique crunches. This is done one side at a time to ensure proper time and focus is spent on each oblique. With this exercise, there is not much of a range of motion, so your focus is extremely important here. Remember to actually feel the oblique muscle contract as you go through your repetitions.

Exercise #3Air bike crunches

Air bike crunches are an incredible exercise for building the adonis belt. This exercise in particular is like an “all-in-one” movement as it virtually trains the entire core. If you’re stretched for time or you just want to do one core exercise and be done with it, doing air bike crunches are the one you should go for.

This movement is not for the faint-hearted. It takes significant core strength and muscular endurance to perform it efficiently. Nevertheless, if this sounds like you then go for it. As with lying leg raises, you want to make sure to never let your core rest by letting your heel touch the floor. Aim for a full range of motion with this movement and focus on the muscles being worked.

Exercise #4Cocoons

Cocoons may not be the most popular ab exercise out there, but they are definitely one to be aware of, especially if your goal is to attain an adonis belt. Similar to the air bike exercise, it trains multiple muscle groups in one motion. This is key for time saving and overloading the muscle.

To perform cocoons, start by lying on your back with your legs straight out. Once you’re in this position, crunch your torso forward while simultaneously bringing your knees toward your chest until they meet. Once in the fully contracted portion of the movement, your body should resemble a cocoon, thus the name. As you eccentrically contract, remember to not only keep your heels from touching the ground, but also try to keep your shoulder blades from touching the ground as well. It’s okay if your lower back makes contact with the floor, but having your scapula’s rest on the ground for a brief second or so takes away a lot of the intensity of the exercise and makes it less effective.

Exercise #5Decline oblique crunch

The decline oblique crunch is awesome in that it hits virtually every key muscle necessary to develop an adonis belt. This exercise is simply great for symmetrical oblique and ab development. It allows you to focus on each oblique, giving them the proper attention and focus needed to develop an impressive Herculean girdle.

Once positioned in a declined bench, place both of your hands behind your head and crunch toward one side (rotating your torso). After you eccentrically go back to the starting position, crunch again toward the opposite side. Remember, the same rule applies with this exercise as well: Never let your shoulders touch the bench. If you are strong enough, I would encourage you to perform this exercise while not even letting your lower back touch the bench. This is a true test of strength and is also a great progression for this exercise once you start to gain more core strength.

The Good News!

Well, there you have it. 5 highly efficient exercises to help you develop the adonis belt. As I first mentioned, a proper diet is essential. You will NEVER see your adonis belt if you excessively eat or if you surpass your daily caloric threshold. I’m not saying that you need to crash diet or anything. All I’m saying is that to truly see the fruit of your efforts, you should at least be around 15% body fat. Anymore than that and you’ll begin to lose most of the detail that makes the adonis belt so impressive. Of course, subcutaneous water under the skin can also be a reason as to why your adonis belt may be hidden. If this may be the case, try adding some lemon to your water, as this is a natural diuretic.

Finally, as far as the exercises go, you should try and develop a sound mind-muscle connection to ensure proper muscle stimulation. These 5 exercises are more than enough to help you build an adonis belt. All that you need now is to get in the gym and start crunching! As a last word of advice, do yourself a favor and never train your abs everyday. This is a ludicrous myth that makes no logical sense. Give your abs the time to recover from the hard effort that you put in. Training them three days a week or every other day is plenty.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in the gym! Your adonis belt is waiting to become revealed!


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