5 Reasons You Need a Bathtub

By Patrick Banks

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When remodeling your home, you might want to create a priority list of which areas to tackle first. The house’s exterior, kitchen, and bathrooms are remodeled more often than any other space in the house. In this article, we will cover bathroom remodeling and how installing a bathtub can help accentuate the comfort and convenience of your space.

If you live in a location like Seattle, you must be familiar with the luxurious lifestyle that many enjoy in the city. One key element of a luxurious lifestyle is having a bathtub, which offersa soothing and relaxing time and a spa-like experience at home. Read on to learn some reasons why we think you should consider a bathtub for your Seattle home.

Added Comfort for Winters

Washington State is known for its bitterly cold weather in the winter. Even if you have hot water, the extreme cold can make showering an unpleasant experience. Waiting for the water to heat up and finding the sweet spot in terms of temperature can result in a waste of time. A better idea would be to simply leave the water running and fill up the bathtub instead!

Soaking in a bathtub will result in better body temperature regulation and is also considerably more relaxing. If you don’t have one installed, reach out to professionals and find yourself the best option. Companies such as Luxury Bath of Seattle can help you find the best quality bathtubs and also assist you with your bathroom remodeling needs.
Therefore, if you are tired of strategically standing under the shower to ensure the warm water reaches every part of your body, it’s time to consider investing in a bathtub. 

Better Aesthetics

There is something so charming about a warm bath, candles, and a glass of wine. The media has created the perfect image of what a bath should be like. You can have that too if you decide to install a luxury bathtub in your bathroom.

Not only are they more functional, but they are also considerably better to look at than a typical shower area. Bathtubs are more ergonomic for your bathroom, which in turn makes for a much more comfortable space. Moreover, you can get bathtubs in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Whether you want a corner bathtub, a shower bathtub, or a free-standing soaker, the options are endless. 

Better for Physical Recovery

With bathtubs, you have the liberty to fill them up with either hot or cold water. Both warm and cold water have immense benefits for your health. Here are some you may want to consider:

Warm water:

• Warm water is known to relax the muscles after strenuous exercise and exhaustion and can also help with recovery processes after injuries. This is key if you have sore muscles.

• Once the muscles are relaxed, you generally experience a sense of mental de-stressing as well. This can help people who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. 

• Warm baths are great for people with joint and osteoarthritic illnesses. A warm soak can help with joint and bone-related pain and can act as a lifesaver in tough winters. 

Cold water

• Studies show that cold water plunges have positive effects on athletes. Some studies show that cold water can help promote blood flow and recovery. 

• Cold water baths are known to improve coordination and alertness and boost energy levels.

• Soaking in cold water can help blood flow more efficiently throughout the body.

Whichever suits you best, the key takeaway is that bathtubs give you the liberty to do both. Choose for yourself and enjoy the benefits that they have to offer!

Water Conservation

There are mixed opinions about whether bathtubs or showers use more water. Simply put, it depends on how you use the methods. There is no denying that a quick five-minute shower will save more water than a bath. However, not many people have showers that short. A shower longer than 10 minutes is going to use the same amount of water that it takes to fill a standard bathtub. A bath is more than just cleaning yourself. It’s the chance to relax and unwind if you have had a tiring day.Considering that a bathtub is multipurpose and allows you to enjoy a longer bath, we say it contributes to water conservation more effectively.

Easier for Children and the Elderly

Bathtubs provide a more relaxing and comfortable experience for both children and older adults. A warm water bath can promote relaxation, create a soothing experience and relieve muscle tension. It can be a calming practice for children before bedtime and a way for older adults to alleviate stress and unwind.

If you have children in the house, it’s easier to fill the bathtub up and bathe them than having them play in the shower.

Moreover, for older citizens, there is a chance that they might slip and hurt themselves in the shower. Bathing in a tub might be a better choice since bathtubs are easier to get in and out of, especially if there’s a rail attached.


Bathtubs and showers both have their pros and cons, and it depends on the homeowner or tenant to decide which one suits them best. From comfort to user-friendliness, we have covered several domains where we think bathtubs trump showers. If you still aren’t sure, consider consulting bathroom remodelingprofessionals and gauging their opinion about what works best. It’s always wise to get a second opinion, and they might be able to guide you better as far as the price and installation is concerned.

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