7 Productivity Hacks From Lazy and Successful People

By Michael Gorman

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Healthy and productive lifestyle has become everyone’s religion. People are looking for tips on how to be productive and how to plan a productive day, whether for work or school. As the result, productivity has become a necessary skill every employer talks about during the job interview.

Still, it’s too hard for many people to follow those productivity plans and actually incorporate them into their lives. It’s very hard to turn to this way of living because it requires major changes to how you plan your day. But it’s even harder to do if you lazy and just can’t force yourself to work hard on becoming and remaining productive.

Productivity is a sign of a successful person. But what if someone told you that you still can be successful while procrastinating and binge-watching YouTube videos or your favorite episodes of Friends? Bill Gates once said that he would hire a lazy person because lazy people will find the easiest way to do the job. And then, of course, continue to procrastinate.

But Bill Gates wasn’t the only one to say that lazy people have a real potential to become successful, and can actually be very productive. Many entrepreneurs admit being lazy, but still, manage to run their business successfully.

Here are top 7 productivity hacks from lazy and successful entrepreneurs!

1. Find the working hours that best suit you

Many people struggle to find the best time of the day to work. Some people are highly productive until noon, other’s find themselves working productively and are full of ideas only after midnight.

When it seems that you just can’t force yourself to work at a certain time during the day and can’t get rid of laziness, try to figure out the time you are feeling especially motivated to do your job. During this time you will be able to accomplish more and then you’ll have all the time in the world to relax and chill.

CEO and Co-Founder of investment and financial advisor company Ellevest, Sallie Krawchek, admits that she is used to checking her e-mails at 4 a.m. because that’s the time when she comes up with the best ideas for her business. But if it’s too early for you to wake up and brainstorm for ideas, there are 23 more hours in a day to find the best time to be productive.

2. When you’ve found the right time of the day, eliminate distractions

Today we have so many devices at hand that are supposed to make work easier and almost effortless. What they actually do is constantly distracting us from the work we do, they are the greatest source of procrastination.

People often struggle to block these distractions, because we always have the need to remain social, answer our e-mails and texts on Facebook, thus wasting our time and killing productivity. And you’re probably lazy because your motivation has been killed by social media and constant notifications on your devices.

What to do? Kevin Roose, a well-known American news director and former news director at FusionTV, admits that his productivity and motivation suffered from constant distractions on his devices, but after trying various things to change it, nothing seemed to work and he continued to waste time. In search of the way to be productive, he chose an app called apps designed to eliminate distractions on your phone and computer to help you stay productive and focused at work. So download them and start focusing on your work.

3. Hard to concentrate? Wear glasses!

Everyone knows that putting glasses on will make you look like a scientist. But there’s something more behind wearing the glasses than just your looks. While it transforms your appearance, it actually makes your brain think that you can accomplish more and helps you stay focused.

That’s actually what Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines, has found out about his glasses. He wore his glasses from the very beginning of his business, and later he discovered that they actually triggered concentration and motivated him to be more productive.

So, if you’re feeling too lazy and just can’t concentrate, try wearing glasses! Not only will they save your eyes from straining, but you’ll feel more confident and focused, and it will definitely boost your productivity!

4. Delegate

If your position at work actually allows you so, you can delegate your task to your subordinates. Delegation can really help you get more work done if you do it right.

Co-Founder of the eye-wear company “Warby Parker” Neil Blumenthal has found that productivity is all about the correct delegation of tasks. Correct delegating is based on prioritizing and communication between company’s staff and management. This way you will be able to unload and have some time for yourself.

Sure, this also works well if you’re feeling especially lazy today and just not in the mood to take over the world. You can delegate some tasks and unload your day, but make sure that you do your fair share of your work too.

5. Work from home from time to time

If it’s possible, make one day in a week your working-from-home day. This will help you unload and rest your brain a little bit. We all need to cool down and chill, but if you still need to be on track, try working from home. Changing the working environment will help you focus; you will be able to escape the strained atmosphere of the office for a day, which will definitely boost your productivity.

CEO of HubSpot Brian Halligan says that he’s been practicing having one day a week to work from home. So if he doesn’t have urgent meetings or business trips, every Wednesday he prefers to stay at home to work and relax a little bit.

Some people turn into hamsters on the wheel, do their work without even paying attention to it and thinking it over. Having one working day at home is a great chance to escape the routine, reboot your brain and get more productive. So, if you’re feeling too lazy, you probably need that one day to change the working environment.

6. Use the 80/20 method

What if someone told you that you could be more productive by doing less? The 80/20 method allows you to do that. This method involves the analysis of 20% of the activities that take 80% of your time. This method is all about prioritizing and using your time right.

In the world of business, it’s very hard to fall into the trap of being constantly busy and running out of time. So if you lack time for your family and other activities, you probably need to reconsider your priorities. The 80/20 analysis will allow you to study your efficiency and make your time even more productive.

An entrepreneur and the author of “The Four-Hour Week” Tim Ferriss discovered this method when he himself fell into the trap of being constantly busy. He told the Business Insider that this method of analysis helped him better organize his time. And being busy does not necessarily mean being productive.

To be more productive and motivated, you need to focus really necessary tasks and eliminate other small tasks that only distract you. Besides, with this method, you’ll have more time to yourself.

7. Don’t forget to rest

When you’re overworked, your body and brain just refuse to turn on and start working. Feeling overwhelmed and overworked can trigger laziness and fatigue. So if you’re feeling lazy, maybe you just haven’t had a rest for a long time?

Dustin Moskovitz, the Co-Founder of Facebook and the SEO of Asana, always makes sure that he has one day a week completely to himself. The trick is that no matter how busy you are, you can always find one day a week that you can devote completely to yourself and to have a good rest. This will help you reboot your energy and be more productive when you come back to work.

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Concluding thoughts…

Some people may think that laziness is definitely not the key to success and productivity. But being lazy has more potential than you think. All people are guilty of being lazy sometimes, but if you find the right approach to work and manage your time effectively, you can be productive and successful, too.


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