7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Sleeping Naked

By Sarah Williams

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In a society seemingly obsessed with identifying and modelling the actions of the Paleolithic Era, scientists and nutritionists have been meticulously page marking the habits and lifestyle choices of the cavemen who paved the path for where we are today.

With the Paleo diet spreading across the nation faster than gluten-free aisles can keep up with, it only makes sense that scientists would take a look at other everyday habits that take us back to our roots. As it turns out, our club hunting cavemen forefathers weren’t just on the mark about the food they consumed, they also held the secret to better sleep and hygienic health while doing so.

If given the chance to see how obsessed we are today with wrapping ourselves head to toe in flannel nightgowns and cotton toe socks, the Neanderthals would surely scratch their heads in confusion. Here we are living in a time that boasts modern comforts such as heat and down comforters, yet we feel the need to wear clothes to bed. Well, Science agrees with the presumed facial expressions of cavemen and supports the idea of falling off to slumber in less than a Chanel nighty.

If you want to sleep the way nature intended, especially if you are a hot sleeper, get ready to throw your clothes on the floor and improve your health (physically and emotionally) while getting your zzz’s. Follow the 7 steps below for a healthier you tonight.

1. You’ll Decrease the Size of Your Tummy

When the sun sinks beneath the horizon, your body naturally begins to cool down. This causes several effects including increasing the number of growth hormones your body produces and bringing down your levels of cortisol. Once these hormonal changes take place, your body is primed for a good night’s sleep by reaching healthy sleep patterns.

During the first cycle of sleep, your body requires lower levels of cortisol to help your body recuperate from any damage and fatigue garnered during the day. The second sleep cycle allows your body to build and store more cortisol (and in turn energy) for the next day.

When sleeping sans clothes, you’ll find that your body has a better ability to regulate your temperatures and will support the production of less cortisol. Cortisol is known to be a stress hormone that in excess amounts can cause extra belly fat . While sleeping in the buff, you can keep the production of too much Cortisol at bay by not being interrupted by pajamas that are too scratchy or warm.

2. You’ll Get to Sleep In

By exchanging pajamas for your birthday suit, you’ll give your body the gift of keeping comfortably cool throughout the night. By maintaining a good temperature you will be less likely to sweat while you sleep which means you can forego the morning shower. Since your hair won’t be matted and greasy, you can exchange that thirty-minute shower for extra sleep which is always a win.

3. You’ll Increase Your Self Confidence

Confidence is a beautiful thing and what better way to boost yours than to embrace and appreciate the body you live in. Sleeping in the nude can enhance your confidence by making you feel sexy and desirable.

Whether you’re sleeping alone or sharing the sheets with your significant other, you’ll find that slipping under the covers with just skin to sheet contact is a very sexy feeling.

If sharing a bed with your partner, you’ll notice that when you’re sleeping with nothing on, they will be a lot more likely to express a desire for intimate contact. A naked body is an inviting one, and what makes a person feel more confident than being wanted?

4. You Can Let Some Air in Down Under

Doctors recommend that men and women both should allow their private areas time to air out every day. Allowing fresh air to circulate your private parts allows time for oxygen to kill any unwanted bacteria and also keeps an excess of sweat and moisture at bay. Men can experience a decrease in sperm count when their testicles get too warm and women can experience unwanted yeast infections when the pH balance is thrown off by too much heat or moisture.

Since it’s not practical to walk around flaunting our man and lady parts during the day, the night is the perfect opportunity to let everything hang out. Sleeping in the buff is scientifically proven to be physically better for your health. Looks like the cavemen were really on to something here.

5. It Will Make Your Life Easier

We all have enough stress in our lives already, so why add choosing the perfect outfit for bed to that list? Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on fancy and over priced Calvin Klein negligees, simply forego the drama of picking a second outfit for the day (or third if you’re a gym rat) and slip under the covers without the hassle. You’ll save yourself some money and a couple loads of laundry and have one less thing to worry about before heading off to dreamland.

6. You Will Have More Sex

Our Neanderthal forefathers didn’t listen to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”, but they definitely captured the vibe of the song by sleeping bare. Taking that into consideration, it’s no wonder our world is swiftly reaching overpopulation.

When you climb under the covers with nothing but your skin on, there is no way your partner will be able to keep their hands off. It’s like sending them a straight-up invitation to get jiggy with it, but without having to utter an awkward overused line from a porno.

More sex means more oxytocin production and more oxytocin means major bonding between you and your significant other. The miracle hormone will not only spice up your relationship but will reap all sorts of health benefits such as reducing inflammation in the body and decreasing your chances of depression. Trying to reduce your stress levels? Throw your clothes on the floor, hop under the covers and start spooning.

7. You’ll Get Better Sleep

Your Circadian Rhythm is what helps your body know when to bust a move and when to snooze. By keeping your body cool and comfortable while in bed, you’ll get better sleep. Just ask the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and they will tell you, allow your temperature to decline and you will sleep more soundly.

If your temperature rises even slightly while you’re sleeping, it’s going to affect the quality of zzz’s you’re getting. Being too hot can lead to insomnia, restless legs, and needless tossing and turning. Exchange the polyester nightgown for the soft and smooth skin that you were born in. You’ll get wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

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