8 Thrilling Movies You Have To Watch In 2017

By Patrick Banks

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Now that 2016 has passed and we could watch free movies online that were really exciting we have to face down and up again for the upcoming year of movies that 2017 will be. As this upcoming year looks very promising for movies, there are some that will be released soon that we think shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

We’re sure that these movies will be not only really good but will make a great impression on everyone, not only because all of them look very promising but because they actually feel like they come with something new to show. As these movies are coming soon and we don’t want to bore you anymore, here you have the 8 upcoming thriller movies that we recommend you to watch online free.

1.     XXX: Return of Xander Cage – The Prequel of the first xXx

Yes, remember the old 2002 movies with Vin Diesel depicting a super athlete that gets recruited by the special forces of the government to go on a mission to save the planet and actually does it? Well, this is the continuation, this movie actually looks like it’s going to bring something new to the screen.

Anyways, it is supposed to get on where the first one ended, with Xander Cage almost dying in an accident. So, we don’t suggest missing it if you really like thrillers with tons of action inside.

2.     Gold –Money, Ambition and All That Comes With It

Are you a fan of movies about people who have done the incredible to actually get what they always wanted? This movie looks like it’s just that. A pair of men from the city goes to the jungle in search of one of the biggest gold settlements in the world in order to become millionaires and have everything they always wanted.

With this one, we can see the always wonderful Matthew McConaghey and the uprising Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez in a film from Stephen Gagan, the writer and director from ‘Syriana’. The movie shows how far men can go to obtain what they want against all chances, an interesting movie not to miss.

3.     Live By Night – The New Directorial From Ben Affleck

We’ve seen many thrilling and interesting movies from Ben Affleck, like ‘The Town’, ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and ‘Argo’. However, this movie depicts something very different than what we’ve seen from him, a movie about a friends’ gang on the Prohibition Era that just want to sell their stuff and become the leaders.

Just like The Town and Argo, Ben Affleck decides again to act, write and direct his own movie, something that has had great results before, and just for that, we think that this movie will be a really wonderful opportunity not to miss.

4.     Nocturnal Animals – About a Book from a Story about a Book from a Story

Just like the title says, this is supposed to be a really thrilling and suspenseful movie about a woman who receives a book from his ex-husband that depicts many weird and interesting things about their lives as a couple.

It is supposed to be great just for Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal but it is also directed by Tom Ford who did a great job with ‘A Single Man’, so we actually think that this movie is going to blow everyone’s mind. It actually looks refreshing and many people have said that it is very good. It came out in December 2016, but it’s still on cinemas so don’t wait much longer to go see it.

5.     Split – The 24 Personalities

Have you seen M. Night Shyamalan movies? Yes? This is also from him. Split is a new thriller about a man who has 24 personalities and supposedly kidnapped three girls by mistake. This kidnapper is portrayed by James McAvoy and looks just awesome.

Thanks to Shyamalan and McAvoy we think that this movie is just going to blow everyone’s mind just as Night did with ‘The Sixth Sense’ a movie that blew more minds than anything else, a very suspenseful and exciting thriller.

6.     Arrival – Aliens Are Not Like We Thought

We’re sure that this movie is going to thrill every head that takes the time to watch it because it is directed by the awesomely talented Denis Villeneuve. Along with actors like Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, this movie about 12 alien spaceships that come to earth is just going to blow every single mind that sees it.

This movie looks awesome and everyone is saying that it is wonderful, just as anything that Villeneuve has done. So, as it is still in cinemas, we strongly suggest everyone to go out right now and see it, this is a movie anyone can’t miss.

7.     Silence – Two Jesuit Monks on Japan

Martin Scorsese, there’s nothing else to say about this movie. A thrilling historical drama about two monks going to Japan in order to spread Catholicism start to face many problems of cultural endeavor.

This movie is not only directed by Scorsese’s talent, it is also featuring Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield, a mix of actors that promise you won’t have any issue with the characters. This movie promises great things, and we recommend anyone to not miss it.

8.     Elle – In Search of Her…Rapist?

Yes, as the title says, this is a movie about a very successful businesswoman who’s been chasing down her rapist… and that’s just everything you need to know. This movie has been praised, not only about its psychological attempts to make the movie very thrilling and exciting but because it gives another view to the world of abuse towards women.

If you think that the little plot line we gave you it’s not enough, let me tell you that this movie is directed by Paul Verhoeven, the man who directed the first ‘RoboCop’, is that enough now? This movie is just going to be great, and we already know it, so why don’t you go watch it too?

These movies are the best movies HD online that you can watch streaming or downloading with megamovies.cc, and even go to a cinema, whatever you choose we assure you that you will have a great time. They’re the best upcoming movies for 2017 and some that were released at the end of 2016 that are still in cinemas, so, go watch them right now before it’s too late…

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