9 Things You Must Try at Least once Before Turning 19

By Patrick Banks

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19 is an exciting, yet testing age. You’re at the brink of adulthood. This, in itself, feels like an achievement. You might have done a lot in your life before turning 19; like focusing on studies, making life-long friends, getting into college, falling in love etc. but there are probably many things still  on your wish list.

Life should be lived at its fullest, every single day. You do not know what the future holds for you. Live a life that is so full that thinking about your adventures bring back fond memories.

Take a chance and do what you love because you do not want regret not taking chances.

Here is a list of things to try before you are 19;

1. Travel alone

Nothing teaches you as much as travelling on your own. Make a plan, pack your bags and leave. Travel to unknown places. If you are low on budget, travel to places that are nearby. If you can afford to travel for a longer period, earn your way by doing odd jobs.

It gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want and whenever you want. It also helps in learning about yourself.

2. Do the impossible

Ever wanted to go skydiving or bungee jumping, but too afraid to do so? It is our inner fear or underestimation of ourselves that stops us from doing the things we want. Try to do at least one thing from your list of impossible things.

It can be anything from learning to drive a car to cliff jumping. You will feel your confidence level go up several notches after doing something you have always dreaded.

3. Experiment with something new

We are fascinated by different things like a new career, or a business, or learning to ski, swim or paint, but never take the time to explore them. Depending on your interests, learn something that can stay with you throughout your life.

You can learn to sew, cook or dance. Maybe design an app.

There are short courses for fashion designing and self-grooming, which seem like a good option if you are interested.

Learning something new will help you understand what you are passionate about and you might want to pursue a career in one of these.

4. Learn a new language

Learning another language is always beneficial. Travel to a place that is alien to you. Learn the native language of that place and spend a month there. You will learn so much about the local culture, practices and people that you will be fascinated.

5. Become friends with an old person

Befriend a person who is significantly older than you. It could be your grandparents, neighbours or a distant relative. Talk to them and spend time with them. They need company at this age and you will learn a lot by listening to them and their life experiences.

6. Spread happiness

Take the time out and spread happiness among people who are less fortunate. Join community services or a charity home. Spend time with people and look for ways to give them hope.

You can form a group of people who are interested in doing the same. Raise funds and buy clothes and food for people who can’t afford them.

Give education to children who cannot attend school. Teach them basic things that might be beneficial for them later in the life.

Be generous with your time, money and compassion. You will find how easy and wonderful it is to be happy.

7. Go technology-free for a week

Technology consumes a lot of our productive time. Promise yourself to go technology-free for a week. This means no internet, no phone and no TV or movies. You will be surprised to find how much time you are left with which can be used in constructive ways.

You can de-clutter your home, paint your room, redesign your wardrobe or read a good book. You can also try your skills at cooking. You might uncover a hidden talent in you.

8. Reconnect with people

As time passes, we lose contact with people who had previously been very close to us. Reconnect with them. Plan a meet-up with an old buddy from your middle school days.

Try arranging a get together with your family, aunts, uncles and cousins. Teenage is a rough patch and it often creates distances between people and their loved ones. There is no better time to reconnect with your family than today. An ugly argument or a childish fight may have distanced you from a friend. Track them, apologize and patch up with them. There is nothing as peaceful as forgiving and moving on.

9. Vow for a healthy lifestyle

The best thing you can do to yourself is adopt ways that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Start off by replacing unhealthy eating options with healthier food choices. Cut off on things that pose a threat to your health. Grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in your home garden. The yield will be 100% organic and healthy.

Add a physical activity in your daily routine and stick to it. Learn zumba, aerobics or Pilates.

If you find intense workouts difficult, try yoga. Get yourself into a yoga retreats that suits you best. It will promise you a stress-free life and a strong body.

Live a life you will find pride in talking about. Do things that make you a better person and describe who you are.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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