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By Patrick Banks

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CBD products are most commonly associated with being a natural alternative to many popular pain remedies and being a dietary supplement. CBD is also commonly used to manage stress and anxiety.

While CBD can be highly effective at treating pain, reducing the effects of anxiety, and as a general-purpose supplement, these are not the only reasons to consider using it.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are increasingly looking to CBD products as both a way to reduce the physical strain on their bodies and to help improve their performance. There is also an increasing range of CBD products dedicated solely to athletes and sports enthusiasts, such as the 600mg CBD oil from Premium Jane and many topical products from the same brand.

So, how exactly are people using CBD for sport and to improve their fitness?

What Are the Physical Benefits of CBD?

CBD has been used as a natural way of reducing unnecessary inflammation in the body and as a way of treating pain throughout history.

While people may not have had the convenient consumption methods that are available today, there is evidence to show that people have been using hemp plants for hundreds of years to treat a wide variety of ailments.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, CBD can be a great way to minimize the inflammation that is often caused by overworked and stressed joints and muscles.

Research also suggests cannabis flower could help support both cognitive ability and mental clarity during stressful situations such as game days. Besides, by consuming cannabis flowers directly or adding them to drinks and food recipes, users can reap the rewards without risking a cannabis-related positive drug test. All in all cannabis flower provides athletes with a safe and natural way to make their sports performance more enjoyable and effective.

Applying a CBD topical before training, for example, can improve flexibility and performance. Meanwhile, using a similar product after a workout can reduce the levels of inflammation and pain that are felt.

CBD can also encourage a fast recovery when the body suffers an injury while playing a sport or working out. Hemp plants are packed with vital nutrients that the body needs to stay fit and healthy and repair itself.

How Does CBD Affect Motivation?

Playing sports and exercising is not just about physical fitness levels and skills; it is also about motivation and energy levels.

CBD products containing added caffeine are popular among athletes as they provide the physical benefits of CBD, but they can also increase motivation and provide a sudden burst of energy.

There are few things more annoying than feeling physically ready to hit the gym but struggling to find the motivation. Many edibles and caffeine-infused CBD capsules can prevent this problem and ensure a rewarding training session or match.

What Are the Best Ways to Combine CBD and Sports?

There are several ways that athletes and sports enthusiasts can use and benefit from CBD. The best option will generally depend on precisely what is hoped to be gained from using CBD.

For example, people who suffer from low energy levels due to poor sleep and find that this is the biggest obstacle to being active might find that calming, sleep-focused products will work best.

Alternatively, for people who suffer aches and pains while active, it is much better to try CBD topicals designed to help manage pain.

Everyone reacts slightly differently to CBD, so it is essential to try the different available products and find the one that works for an individual’s specific situation.

Incorporating a low-strength CBD supplement into one’s regular diet can be a great place to start. While taking a low dose of CBD every day might not be enough to treat a specific ailment, it can provide the body with a slight increase in cannabinoid levels, improving overall health and energy levels.

Famous Sports Personalities That Use CBD

There are a number of famous sports personalities who have gone public with the fact that they use CBD regularly.

Terrell Davis, Super Bowl champion, has been one of the leading advocates of CBD usage within sports over the last few years. Terrell Davis has been open about the fact that CBD has benefited him on several occasions and that it has allowed him to perform to his full potential.

Other NFL players, including Ricky Williams and Jake Plummer, have also spoken publicly about their use of CBD and its many benefits.

Professional athletes have started to use CBD and talk openly about its benefits, not just within the NFL. Several baseball players and boxers have used CBD to aid with recovery and maximize their full potential.

Should Amateur Athletes Try CBD?

The benefits of CBD are not solely limited to professionals who train daily. The benefits of CBD can also be felt by those who take part in amateur sports or who go to the gym regularly.

CBD can be an extremely effective way to support the immune system and ensure that the body has all of the resources it needs to perform at its full potential.

Many CBD products can also be used before a workout and match to increase energy levels and aid in flexibility and fitness. There are many sport-focused CBD products available that contain ingredients such as caffeine to enhance the benefits of CBD even further.

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