Choosing the Right Battery for Lawn and Garden Equipment: Making Outdoor Maintenance More Efficient

By Patrick Banks

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Whether you love doing yard and garden tasks or consider them necessary evils, you can find ways to make them more enjoyable. Equipment that works efficiently and causes few problems will help you get things done. To avoid frustrating scenarios as you tackle outdoor maintenance projects, make sure your tools start and continue running every time.

Choosing the Right Battery for Specific Tools

Depending upon the size of your patch of outdoor paradise, you might have several indispensable tools. These might include a riding lawn mower, a rototiller, a leaf blower or something else. In all cases, you need a dependable power source. By considering your options, you can select the best lawn mower battery for your needs. A top-notch battery has numerous advantages:

• Keeps your equipment running

• Lasts for several seasons

• Eliminates downtime

• Elevates efficiency

To narrow down your search, make sure you match the battery with the piece of equipment. An owner’s manual should provide clear instructions on the proper battery. You will also want to get a battery with enough voltage to power your machine. If you plan to mow during cold mornings or evenings, look for a battery with a sufficient CCA rating.

If you need a riding mower battery, you will still have a solid selection. You can shop online or go to your neighborhood AutoZone location. There you will find competitive pricing and batteries from trusted manufacturers such as Duralast, Duralast Gold and Valucraft. Make sure to look for the features you value for increased satisfaction.

If you notice your lawn mower having difficulty turning over, you probably need a new battery. Waiting too long could result in your machine stalling in the middle of the yard just before the company comes over. Looking ahead could save you time and trouble.

Extending Battery Lifespan

You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to over $200 for a new battery for larger equipment. One reason you might choose to pay more is to get a battery that lasts longer and has more power. By taking good care of your equipment, you can also extend the lifespan of your battery. These tips could prolong the usefulness of your battery:

Do not overcharge

Set mower height correctly

Clean and maintain battery terminals

Use proper storage

Operate machine responsibly

The Group 31 battery offers dependable power for an affordable price. This Duralast lawn and garden battery comes with a 1-year warranty and free in-store pickup. The patented grid manufacturing technology enables optimal performance and sodium welds stop corrosion and prevent premature failure. 

When looking for replacement vehicle batteries, many of the same principles apply. After four years, any battery faces a higher risk of failure. This could leave you stranded on some dark, cold stretch of highway, so planning ahead makes sense. When in doubt, take your battery in for testing and get a professional opinion.

With a new replacement battery perfect for your equipment, you gain peace of mind. You also can go about life and your chores with more efficiency. Shop now and get the perfect battery for your needs.

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