How to Get Over a Breakup (Don’t Keep Yourself Busy)

By Alex J. Stevenson

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The 10 most effective ways to recover from a breakup quickly

3. Do not allow the media to influence your perception

Recognize that the portrayal of love in movies and in music is not always accurate to real life. Do not fall victim to the belief that there is only one person out there that you are destined to be with.

Instead of allowing your thoughts to be influenced by the media, take time to read studies about the true psychology of love and understand that the potential exists for you to meet and fall in love with a variety of different people.

4. Keeping busy is not the answer

Keeping busy is not enough to take your mind off of the breakup. Effective, long-term recovery requires a person to acknowledge the problem and to proactively change their thoughts about the situation.

Simply keeping yourself busy does not address the true feelings and thoughts that continue to keep you attached to the relationship.

5. Avoid negative beliefs about the breakup

Just as you take control of your thoughts, you also need to take control of what you put into your mind.

Spending time watching sad movies or listening to sad songs only intensifies the feelings of grief and loss.

If you truly want to learn how to recover from a breakup quickly, you need to not allow your thoughts and beliefs to be influenced by the messages in sad songs and movies.

6. Do not isolate yourself

Although keeping busy is not an adequate way to recover from a breakup, reconnecting with friends can prove to be very helpful.

Often times when we get into a romantic relationship, we unintentionally spend more time with our new partner and less time with our friends. It is extremely beneficial to rekindle your friendships and restore your social life to help you recover more quickly.

7. Allow yourself to grieve

There is nothing wrong with crying when you are sad, it can actually be beneficial.  Expressing your feelings rather than suppressing them can help you avoid the pitfall of depression and other negative emotions.

8. Intentionally keep your distance

The recovery process will be more effective and will occur more quickly if you make sure to avoid contact with the person you broke up with. Avoid the temptation to go to places that you know they will be.

Steering clear of their social media sites and even removing their contact from your phone will help put an end to spending time thinking about them or potentially messaging them.

Your main goal is to diminish the hope of getting back together. Keeping your distance and avoiding contact is vital to this process.

9. Discard the keepsakes

Holding onto photos, gifts or written sentiments from the person you broke up with only serve as reminders of that which you are now trying to let go of.

Keeping these items and looking over them leads you to reminisce about times when your relationship together was still good and causes you to form a false hope of getting back together.

You will greatly speed up the recovery process by getting rid of items that serve as reminders and keep you connected to the person you broke up with.

10. Recognize your independent strength

It is very common to become dependent upon a relationship.  A romantic relationship can take a person’s mind off of the troubles they are experiencing in their lives.

If you find that you have a tendency to escape from your life’s problems by being focused on your relationships, now is a good time to break that cycle. You will be much happier in life if you face your problems and find strength in your independence rather than finding strength in someone else or a relationship with them.

You will more than likely find that you are stronger than you realize and not being dependent on a relationship will help you to recover from a break up much more quickly.

The positive benefits of using these tips to recover from a breakup quickly

Following poor advice on how to recover from a breakup quickly can actually lead to a lot of problems and make your life worse. Often people who do not incorporate healthy practices to get over a breakup quickly find themselves frustrated.

They attempt to keep busy but find that the pain and memories still exist. They can end up depressed and sometimes turn to drugs or other bad habits to numb their pain and distract their thoughts.

By letting go of false hope, getting rid of keepsakes and reconnecting with friends that you had before the relationship started can help you to recover quickly and feel much better about your life.

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