How Should Sunglasses Fit Your Face; Tips for Buying Glasses Online

By Patrick Banks

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Purchasing ordinary sunglasses or prescription glasses online can be a bit challenging in terms of size, shape and quality. This is often the case for first time buyers.

Many people end up buying sunglasses that are not a perfect fit, something that can be quite uncomfortable. Your accessories matter, as they are crucial for your style. Good style can increase your attractiveness by 90%! Not surprising then that choosing sunglasses that fit quite right and protect your eyes well is very important.

How Sunglasses Should Fit?

Before we get into the nitty-gritties of eyeglass measurements, let’s first begin by looking at how sunglasses should fit. This is in fact, the most basic and crucial component, which you need to be aware of.

Once you have understood this, you could do without the other facts. Nevertheless, you will still need to understand eyeglasses measurement if you are to shop online. Moreover, knowing the perfect frames for your head and face size could save you lots of time that you’d have spent searching for one that perfectly fits.

Basically, sunglasses are fitted based on Bridge width, frame width and arm length. Before we get deeper into the explanation of these measurements, you need to understand that these vital features are complemented by other factors. For example, the frame width needs to take into consideration the pupil placement. The bridge width on the other hand has an effect on how high the glasses will sit on the nose.

1. Frame Width and Pupil Position

As mentioned earlier, the frame width and pupil placement are inseparably related and hence the reason why we’ve grouped them together. The frame width which is also referred to as total width should slightly extend past the cheekbones.

If you can comfortably place more than one finger between your temple and arm, then the frame is too wide. In contrast, if the temple and the arm touch, then it means that your frame is too narrow.

Always remember that incorrect frame width will certainly interfere with your pupils placement in both lenses.

2. Arm length

Eyeglasses’ arms which are also referred to as temples should stretch all the way back to your ears and should only touch the lateral side of your head just in-front of your ears. The arms shouldn’t curve too early to avoid pushing the glasses down on your nose.

3. Bridge Height and Width

The bridge as the name suggests, is the part of the eyeglasses that goes over your nose. It should fit just right – not too loose nor too tight. Most metal glasses unlike their acetate counterparts usually have flexible nose pads to help attain a proper fit.

Measuring Sunglasses Sizes

If you already wear glasses, the measurements are likely to have been inscribed on the left temple or on the inside part of the bridge. It is likely to be in the order of two numbers or two-two digits followed by three numbers. These digits are known as a ‘string’. If you currently have sunglasses that fit perfectly, you can use the same measurement when making your online order.

Temple Length, Bridge Width and Lens Width

Temple length is usually available in 135,140,145 & 150 millimeters measurements. As for the bridge width, it normally ranges between 16 to 23mm. The lens width differs broadly because of the numerous sizes and styles of lenses available in the market.

Tips of buying glasses online

  • Have your prescription and measurement ready; before you start looking for frames online, ensure that you have a current or valid prescription. You can get this from an Ophthalmologist or optometrist.
  • Make use of the fitting tools (virtual mirrors) to help you select a pair of sunglasses that meets your size.
  • Choose your style.
  • Choose your lenses based on your prescription measurements


Shopping online for glasses has been made simpler as most shops have a variety of options to choose from in terms of shape, size and style. It is made even better by the same day delivery option which means that you do not have to wait long for your order to be delivered.  Ensure that you read through their policy carefully in order to avoid any misunderstanding on issues such as warranty or return policy.

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