The 72 Hour Fast: 3 Ways It Boosts Your Productivity

By Jon Anthony

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Intermittent Fasting isn’t just a major fat loss system, inflammation fighting diet, or a powerful method for boosting human growth hormone.

It’s also a very effective way to boost your productivity, especially if it’s a 72 hour fast, and especially if your diet hasn’t been too great recently.

Intermittent fasting has loads of benefits, but one particular type of fasting, known as doing a 72 hour fast, is especially interesting.

With that in mind, let’s explore how you can use this type of fasting to improve your productivity and your health, at the same time.

What is a 72 Hour Fast?

A 72 hour fast is as simple as it sounds. It’s an extreme form of intermittent fasting that if you’re up to it, can completely transform your health.

Three whole days without eating, and only consuming things like water, tea, coffee, and maybe some sparkling water—in other words, zero calories.

Now, you might think “but surely a lack of food makes you tired?”

Counter-intuitively, it actually increases your energy if you’ve got a little fat to burn. Food leads to carb comas, complacency and cognitive limitations, which fasting eliminates.

A 72 hour fast is so powerful, because it acts as a “reset button” on your body, and allows you to clear out toxins and get a break from digesting.

Replacing bad habits with positive habits is one of the keys to success with anything, and a 72 hour fast makes this much easier.

Why Should You Do A 72 Hour Fast?

Aside from the obvious benefits with fat loss (you can expect 8-14 pounds during a three day fast), you’ve got hormonal benefits and psychological benefits as well, improving your overall health.

From a hormonal standpoint, you’re going to experience a 300% increase in Human Growth Hormone, which is responsible for improving both fat loss and muscle gain, and also psychological well-being.

You will seriously increase testosterone if you’ve currently got >20% body fat, due to the reduction in circulating estrogen. 72 hour fasting is a powerful hack to lead to this testosterone boost.

A 72 hour fast will also come with psychological benefits (which I’ll delve into in depth here shortly), and will significantly improve your mental clarity, presence, mindfulness, and help reduce mental clutter.

Three big benefits of fasting are:

  1. Energy
  2. Clarity
  3. Time

And all three of these are going to sky-rocket your productivity and career/business growth. So, let’s look at each in-depth.

1. Increase Your Energy

Energy provides your ‘building blocks’ for productivity—it’s almost like water, and it flows into everything you do on a daily basis.

Whether it’s lifting weights, practicing martial arts, working, or spending time with your family, energy is at the core of everything, and following an intermittent fasting protocol is a great way to increase it.

But, how exactly will a three day fast help you to improve your energy?

Well let me ask you – how much energy do you have after you’ve eaten pizza or a high carb meal? Do you feel energetic and alert, or do you feel sluggish? It’s the latter, of course.

What about when you’ve had a healthier (but large) meal with the family, and a glass of wine? Or perhaps a couple of beers with your buddies? Do you feel ready to kick-ass, or do you feel ready to fall into a food coma on the couch? Again, probably the latter.

72 hour fasting short-circuits all of this by eliminating the things that lower your energy levels. This is 50% of the battle. No more carb comas, no more digestive problems, and no more alcohol lowering your energy levels.

The other 50% in case you were wondering, is making sure you’re drinking tea or coffee in the morning, and consuming adequate water. These things ensure you’re not going to be low on energy, especially on day 2 or 3.

2. Increase Clarity

Clarity of thought means you’re going to be far more efficient in your work, and you’re going to waste less time. There will be less distractions, less scatter-brain, and less stress.

Take it from me as someone who manages multiple companies – clarity of thought is ESSENTIAL for productivity and business growth.

So how does fasting help improve clarity, then?

Well, with less time eating and digesting food, you’ve got more time to concentrate on your most important tasks. But what’s really interesting is that most people seem to have laser-like focus when performing an extended fast (or even shorter ones, like a 48 hour fast).

Your stomach is your second brain. When it’s not busy digesting food and wasting energy, it becomes hyper alert (and so does your brain).

Then all this becomes REALLY powerful if you combine this with some caffeine (or maybe some nootropics) in the morning.

Caffeine on an empty stomach is a guaranteed productivity-booster that you need to take advantage of, so combining it with fasting is very powerful.

Not only will it make your mind sharper, but it also happens to blunt hunger and make your fasting experience much easier.

3. More Time

Time is the scarcest resource in the world, and the only resource that you cannot get back in the future, so you MUST conserve it at all costs.

A 72 hour fast is a time-saving powerhouse, and is pretty much the 16/8 fasting version, but on steroids…. like, a lot of steroids.

Let me ask you – how much time do you spend preparing, cooking, storing or carrying your meals every day? Breakfast, lunch and dinner? Not to mention all the plate washing and drying and other ‘low value’ tasks.

How about you eliminate ALL of this, so you can put your time to better use? More time for your work, your training, with the family or spouse etc.

It’s not just time either, it’s also stress. Most people feel stressed out because they don’t have enough time (or more accurately, they waste too much).

But you can avoid this by freeing up HOURS every single day—we’re talking potentially 10-14 hours per week, which is HUGE!

The Bottom Line

The benefits of doing intermittent fasting are astronomical—and not just the physical benefits either, but also the psychological.

You NEED to take advantage of this so that you can start building some momentum in your life, and get your own positive-upward spiral started.

Some other activities I can recommend that you incorporate on your fasting journey are meditation, yoga, and eliminating junk food from your house and working environment. These will help your productivity and fat loss dramatically when used in conjunction with fasting.

Feel free to read more on the nitty-gritty ‘how to’ of a 72 hour fast if you’d like to transform your physique, your productivity and your life.

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