How To Hack Your Sleeping Habits and Wake Up Fresh and Happy

how to get a good night sleep

We spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. This is because a lot of important things happen while we are flying in dreamland or fighting those dragons. When we are in our deepest stages of sleep our bodies produce growth hormone, no matter how old we are. These hormones repair any damaged tissues, which leaves us refreshed.

Another thing that happens when we sleep is our brains take our daily experiences and file some of them away into our long term memory banks. Even though it seems that your body is doing absolutely nothing when you are sleeping, the truth is, our bodies are actually quite busy.

When we don’t get the sleep we need then our bodies are left with excess damage and our minds tend to be a little groggy. It stands to reason that we need to sleep for our overall health and well being. What if you aren’t getting the sleep you need? Do you know why? If it’s medically related, like insomnia or sleep apnea, then it’s best to contact a medical professional. But, if your reason for not getting the sleep you need is due to your comfort level when you are in bed keep reading. We can help you with that.

Is It Your Mattress?

If we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping then we obviously spend the same amount of time on our beds. So it makes sense that we would need a quality mattress for all the time we spend on it. There are a great deal of options on the market when it comes to mattresses, like Zenhaven, Purple or Helix being some of the larger brands. You can choose a firm innerspring, or a medium memory foam.

Once you’ve researched a mattress by reading mattress reviews ,and you start sleeping on a new mattress you chose to meet your specific needs, you’ll find a new comfort in your bedroom.

Get a New Pillow

Once you have a great mattress to sleep on it’s time to take a look at our pillows. Are they lumpy and too hard? Or are they too soft? Are they comfortable? If you answered the questions knowing that your pillows are not helping you get a good night’s sleep then it may be time to replace them as well.

That ⅓ of our life is also spent on these and it would benefit your greatly to have the best pillows available.

Stick To a Schedule

Our bodies come with an internal clock called circadian rhythms. These clocks run on hormones like melatonin that our bodies create. When we go to bed late and wake up at ridiculous hours staying asleep becomes difficult. Humans like schedules when we stick to them. They create structure. This is why children are put to bed the same time every night.

We aren’t children but we can benefit from sticking to a sleep schedule. You’ll find that when you do your comfort level at bedtime increase dramatically.


Make sure your bedroom is at the best temperature for you. Most people prefer the Goldilocks area of “just right.” What temperature you prefer in your bedroom is completely up to you. If the room is too hot it can leave you tossing and turning all night and sweaty. A room that is too cold can leave you shivering. None of these sound very comfortable.

A temperature between 68º and 72º degrees Fahrenheit would probably work for most people.


Is your room bright? Do you have constant light entering into your sanctuary through your windows? This can make for an uncomfortable sleep environment. Get yourself some heavy drapes and find a way to secure them. If you need a light on get a low light, or a night light.

Our pineal glands produce the majority of our melatonin, the hormone needed to initiate sleep. Melatonin production spikes at night, when the sun is down. When you have constant artificial light bombarding you then your sleep environment won’t be comfortable no matter how much you believe playing that video game will tire us out.

Turn It Off

This means everything. Your smartphone, your tablet, your television, your lights. Anything that might be emitting light or electricity your way should be shut off at least 30 minutes before you want to be sound asleep. This is probably going to be the toughest thing on our list.

If you like to read on your tablet before you go to sleep then maybe you can use a device that isn’t backlit or stick to a real book. The constant light in your face will inhibit your melatonin production and the constant activity can get your brain all worked up, which would make it harder to fall asleep.


Creating a comfortable environment to sleep in is a great start in ensuring your getting the allotted 8 hours required for a healthy life. When we sleep well, we feel well. We have great attention abilities to put toward work and play. When we get a great night’s sleep we can take on the world. There are so many health benefits to sleeping and it’s one of the easiest things to do. Just close your eyes and go to sleep.

If by any chance you didn’t manage to get a good night sleep (yet), check our article about how to stay awake after an all-nighter.

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