How to Get a Better, More Masculine Jawline

By Patrick Banks

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How to Get a Better Jawline

There are certain characteristics and facial features that will deem you as more attractive and sexier. What are they? You can check out the research here but a big facial feature that determines attractiveness in men is a strong, defined and chiselled jaw.

Just look at Jamie Dornan, Chris Pratt, Harry Styles and Chris Hemsworth. These men all have an undeniable attractiveness to them. And you know what else these men all have in common, that’s right, they all have a strong, defined and chiselled jawline. No wonder woman swoon over these men, these men all have jaws that exude sexual power with a hint of bad boy, and women love that!

Having a defined and chiselled jawline not only scientifically make you look more appealing but also makes you look younger, shaving years off your appearance as well as making you look thinner overall. A strong and chiselled jawline exudes masculinity and it flatters any face.

It has been proven that men with a more pronounced jawline are more sexually attractive to women because having a larger jaw and a more defined jawline is a sign of testosterone (or masculinity) and woman are drawn consciously and subconsciously (thanks to evolution) to that male hormone that the defined jawline offers.

Not all men are genetically blessed with a chiselled, defined and strong jawline. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be attainable. And we are not talking about expensive Botox or any other costly facial procedure. We’re talking about some simple exercises you can do anywhere at anytime. Like any other muscle in the body you want to be more defined and pronounced you must exercise the corresponding muscles. Like any other muscle, there are exercises and tips that you can implement to get that attractive masculine jawline you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’ve never considered working out your jaw before? If you haven’t it may be time to reconsider. Not only will the following exercises help promote a more attractive and pronounced jawline they can also help relieve various jaw and neck pain. Looks like a win-win all around.

The below exercises will activate various neck, chin and jaw muscles that will all help contribute to that strong sexy jaw transforming that blah jawline into one sexy, chiselled fab jawline. Look younger, thinner and sexier starting now!

6. Facial Exercises for your jaw

1. Press the tongue

Lie down comfortably on your back, press the tongue to the roof of your mouth and apply a good amount of pressure. Curl your chin to your chest and lift your head off the ground a couple inches while keeping the rest of your body still. Perform 10 reps for 3 rounds.

2. Vowel Sounds

Repeat the vowels “a” “e” “I” “o” and “u” with an exaggerated pronunciation to work out the jaw. Repeat up to 10 times for 3 rounds.

3. Jaw push

Close your mouth and push out your lower jaw while keeping the rest of your face still. Perform 10 reps for 3 rounds.

4. Humming

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, apply a good amount of pressure. Beginning humming. Count to 20. Repeat 3 times.

5. Neck stretch

sit comfortably, close your mouth and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and lift your head all the way up to the ceiling and hold for a count of 10, perform 3 rounds. This will stretch your neck and jaw muscles tightening them both up.

6. Neck stretch with “O”

This is an add on to the previous exercise. Again, sit comfortably, close your mouth and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, tilt your head to look up to the ceiling. Once there keep your mouth shut but round your lips to make an “O” shape. This will stretch and tighten your neck and jawline. Perform 10 sets for 3 rounds.

A quick tip when first starting this routine is to start slow. It is very likely that you have not spent much time building your neck and jaw muscles, and it is a good guess that they are underdeveloped from lack of training. To avoid any straining, spraining or discomfort, take your time working up to these exercises and performing all the reps and sets. To start to try going through all the exercises once through and see how you feel, from there build up on the reps and sets.

Not only are there facial exercises you can perform to help define your jaw there are factors to take into consideration and implement.

4 habits to develop for a more chiselled jawline

  1. First, try incorporating lots of facial expression while talking. There are 43 muscles in your face. Woah, that’s a lot of muscles! The more you use them, like any muscle, the stronger they will get. Also, as you age your skin loses its elasticity, and when you use your face muscles you are tightening the skin as well as the muscles. You may look like a cartoon character with your exaggerated facial expressions but it will be giving your face and jaw a great workout and tightening up any loose skin.
  1. The second thing to do to help that jawline outside of facial exercises and facial expressions is regular exercise. By maintain a healthy weight and carrying little to no excess fat will ensure less fat being stored on your face and a more defined jaw. It sure is hard to make that jawline visible if it is covered in fat.
  1. The third tip goes hand in hand with the second. And that is to eat a healthy diet. Eating a healthy diet will also help to contribute to a healthy body weight with minimal fat, which in turn will help thin out your face and make way for a defined jaw.
  1. The fourth tip is to invest in a good moisturizer. It may seem frivolous to spend money on moisturizer but having a good lotion is key to help keep your skin tight. As you get older the elasticity in your skin begins to deteriorate and causes wrinkly and sagging skin. To keep your jaw sexy and not saggy look for moisturizers with ingredients such as;
  • Trifluoroacetyle Tripeptide – 2
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide – 2
  • ChroNoline
  • Essenskin
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)

These ingredients are all known to help promote cell rejuvenation and skin elasticity.

It’s time to get rid of any chub on that face and present the world with a sleek defined jaw that will exude sexual power and masculinity. If the above exercises are performed consistently and the tips are implemented it shouldn’t be long before you reap the rewards of a strong, defined and chiselled jaw. Move over Jamie Dornan, Chris Pratt, Harry Styles and Chris Hemsworth, there’s a new jaw in town.

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