Show Me Your Space, I Will Tell You Who You Are: 16 Must Haves in a Man Cave Which Will Make Your Life Awesome

By Shawn Stevenson

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When it comes to refurbishing or just designing that little space as your sanctuary, there are some things that are missed out. Adding a touch of masculine class while managing to keep it elegant with a true reflection of your own personality is what we look for in our man cave.
16 Must Haves in a Man Cave Which Will Make Your Life Awesome

We are not just husky dudes, who are always busy with work or flirting around and the only thing that reflects our taste is perfect ties and impeccable suits.

Like they say, your home (read man cave) is an extension of your own personality, and just how brutally true is that? Why brutal?

Due to some hairy or not so hairy dudes who think their place is where you can make all the mess, leaving most people (mostly women) to think we are nothing but a bunch of wild beasts, who only love to make things look like a mess. Well, there’s no denying the fact that we are that sexy beast but slow down a bit ladies, for there’s more to this Wolverine than just destruction and mess, we have taste and we have an affection for a living space that is not bad at all.

But, do you even know what the staples, essentials must-haves or whatever you call them, are for your man cave? Here’s a list to get you started with the hard work, and to let the world know that we have a great amount of interest in interior decoration too. Classy, eh?

Show Me Your Space, I Will Tell You Who You Are – Great Bachelor Pad Decorating Ideas

Having your own bachelor pad is an important milestone in the life of any guy. Whether you are sharing with friends or going solo, you want to create a place that is welcoming to you while having the potential to impress anyone who steps over the door. Doesn’t matter if you can afford a penthouse or just a modest room, the way you create your space matters for your good vibes and can help you to connect with your powers better and get a good rest.

So many people don’t take the opportunity to properly set up what is probably their first time away from home.

Why Should You Spend Time on Your Décor?

Where do you spend most of your time? No doubt it is in the comfort of your own home? Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a space that you want to be in. When you move into a new place, you will often find that most of it is perfectly serviceable. The walls are often neutral, and there may even be some great furniture that you could already use.

However, does this mean that you have a great place to live? Try decorating. Even putting up some prints on the walls and adding in some things of your own can make a great difference. Whether you own or rent, there are changes you can make.

These are important as they can create a great space for entertaining and relaxing. Interior design is easier than you might think, and it could help you create a space that you have thus far only dreamed of.

Think About the Space You Have

Before you even try to pick out some décor, you need to think about the space you actually have. A smaller apartment is not going to be able to house some of the furniture you might prefer. Other people might have a full house with multiple rooms to decorate.

You need to get intimate with a measuring tape as it is going to be one of the most important tools you will use when measuring out your home to ensure everything can fit properly. There are so many people who don’t know how to measure furniture correctly and they can then end up buying something that is completely the wrong size. If you are able to know what size rooms you have and what you can fit in them, you are in a great position for creating a brilliant space.

Identify a Décor Trend You Like

One of the best places to start is with the actual design trend you want to emulate. The easiest thing to do is just pick pieces that you like. Even if the choices are completely nonsensical, it should all click together into a style that subscribes to you. A mix of contemporary and vintage can be hard to pull off, but powerful and confident choices can pull together any theme you could choose.

Some great styles that make for the perfect masculine living space include hyper-modern and industrial. These are two very popular interior design trends and you could find plenty of pieces that you could use to create your ideal home. Make sure you experiment as much as possible and make sure you look at many different shops instead of just picking the first piece you see.

Start with Walls and Floors

Can you decorate yourself? If you are renting, it may not always be an option to you but some landlords allow long-term tenants to make aesthetic changes to their units. Obviously, if you own then you should have no trouble decorating. Whether you are searching out the perfect high gloss laminate flooring or trying to find some decent decorations, creating the ideal bachelor pad is easier than you might think.

Depending on how busy you are in your professional life, you may not always have the most time available for cleaning. Therefore, you should choose a floor that will require minimum upkeep while still looking good for long periods of time. For example, a high gloss laminate flooring will look neat and sophisticated for a long time after it is laid. Laminate flooring is also very low maintenance, so it is the perfect choice for those with busy schedules. Neutral carpets are also a great choice for rooms like bedrooms where some warmth underfoot is pleasant.

When it comes to the walls, neutrals will always be best unless you are confident using colour. There are right ways and very wrong ways to splash a little colour around and you need to make sure that you are getting it just right. For a very calming and masculine pad, pick natural colours that remind you of stone or wood. You can also opt for a clean and crisp white. Stay away from has-been neutrals like magnolia; they are no longer in fashion and they make for a boring place to live.

With some of the basics out the way, let’s now focus in on decorating your bachelor pad room by room.


Whatever object you choose to decorate your your place, try to keep it personal and unique and showing you style and sense of taste. It’s YOUR home. There are so many unique design pieces and artworks which can please your eyes you whenever you look at them or use them. Art and design objects don’t have to be expensive, you can even visit local thrift shop to find some unique treasures or little art galleries.

Your purchase not only will make someone you buy from happy but also will ensure that your flat has its own, unique and stylish soul. You don’t want your personal space to be a clone of a mass-production furniture catalogue, don’t you?

Bedroom – turn your bedroom from a turn-off to a turn-on

This is the king’s room and it deserves all the respect you could muster. Turn it into a sanctuary and not just a place that you sleep in every night. Most of this will all come down to the bed. Choose a bed that is big enough for you (and anyone who might be staying the night!) to get a good night’s sleep. Never be afraid to invest in some high-quality sheets too. The higher the thread count, the better.

A bedroom is a place that should be as personal as possible. If you have any prints or trinkets, make sure you have a place to display them. This is a great opportunity for you to combine smart storage solutions with a display, so you can keep your clothes out the way while also ensuring that your most precious items are given the reverence they deserve. By doing so, you can work to create a space that is relaxing and wholly you.

6 Things Your Bedroom Needs

Every young, eligible bachelor needs to have their own bachelor pad, that’s one of the few things which separate your normal single man from a stylish bachelor! Your home says a lot about you and can affect your confidence, you don’t want to bring a girl home only to have her see a pile of dirty clothes stacked on your old desk chair – messiness and poor style can be a major turn off!

So, if you’re a young, single man-about-town you need to have a stylish bachelor pad and of course the most important room in any good bachelor pad is the bedroom.

How can you turn your bedroom from a turn-off to a turn-on? Read on to get some great advice on how to make your bedroom the crown jewel of your bachelor pad!

Proper Furniture

First things first – if you’re one of those guys sleeping in an empty bedroom with a mattress on the floor, you need to cut that out right now. If you ask any woman alive they’ll say that’s a major turn off, it makes you look immature and messy.

So the first port of call to make your bedroom up to the standards of a bachelor, you’re going to need to buy some proper furniture. Your new furniture doesn’t need to be expensive or overly stylish, but a few basics from IKEA like a bedframe, wardrobe and a desk is enough to get rid of the dorm-room vibe you’re currently giving off!

It may take a while to set up your flatpack furniture, but it’ll be worth it to have a base level to style the rest of your bedroom around, if you can try get all your furniture with a similar finish – Neutral colours like beige or greys will look stylish without being overly complicated.

Good Bed Sheets

Now your bedroom is in a state that women won’t run away at the sight of it, but there’s still more work to be done, you may have a bed set up but you still need to make it inviting and comfortable.

The best way to go about this is to buy some quality bed sheets, a duvet cover and pillow covers that are comfortable, soft and fit in with your bedroom’s décor. All of this will of course make your bed more inviting, but you’ll also find you end up sleeping better with nicer bed-linens.

When picking out bed sheets, choosing a simple design is the best choice. Try to find a set of bed sheets in a colour that fits in with the finish of your bed and furniture – so if you have a grey bedframe, pick a bedsheet also in grey or a complimentary colour like red to properly mesh with your current décor.

Use Furnishings

When single men live alone, furnishings are one thing we often overlook and prefer to do a DIY bodge job rather than spending money, we all know ‘that guy’ who refuses to buy blinds and instead tapes some bin bags or a sheet of cardboard to their window. A good rule to follow with your bachelor pad is that if it wouldn’t look out of place in a squat, it’s out of place in your bachelor pad!

You’re going to need to buy a set of blinds for your bedroom (and every other room of your bachelor pad) which luckily isn’t that hard to do, all you need to do is measure your windows and order some blackout blinds online, which will keep your bedroom nice and dark, stop nosy neighbours peaking into your bedroom and help you sleep better.

Blinds are the main furnishing you need to worry about, but if you feel like adding some extra style points to your bedroom a nice rug or some scatter cushions would be a good call.

Mood Lighting

We all know what you’re going to be doing in your bachelor pad’s bedroom, so you’re going to want to have the correct lighting for setting the mood when you have a night guest over, while it may not seem important having good lighting is good for setting the mood.

If you have a small budget, a couple of lamps in your bedroom should be enough to set the mood once you turn your main lights off, but if you want to take it to the next level up some LED light strips around the edges of your bedroom or under your bed should do the trick.

If still, you want to keep going with the mood lighting, you should look into smart lighting. With smart lights you can control the brightness and colour of your lighting, meaning you can dim the lights and change them to a sensual red or pink when you want to set the mood.

Add Life To Your Room

Now that your room is suitable styled up with furniture, furnishings and decent lighting, it’s time to add a bit of life to your bedroom to give it a bit more character and make it more welcoming.

By having a potted plant or two in your bedroom, you can show that you have the ability to care for things and you’ll add in a splash of natural colour so that your bedroom doesn’t look too stale.

You just need to find a couple of potted plants that are easy to care for like a cactus or a succulent which only need to be watered once a month. So it’s not too much effort to keep them alive, you’ll also get all the benefits of having nature in your room, like feeling more relaxed and calm.

Decorate Your Walls

Now that most of your room is decorated, it’s time to deal with your walls. If you own your home, you should paint them a colour that fits in with the colours you already have, again neutral colours like beige and grey will give you a stylish, yet welcoming look, but feel free to pick colours based on your preferences.

Once your walls are painted, it’s time to decorate them! A mirror is a good starting off point as it will lighten the room up and make it look larger, which will of course make a better impression on any overnight guests as you appear to have a bigger home.

Then, it’s time to look at art, you don’t need to go overboard with this, but a few framed art prints go a long way into making your bedroom and yourself appear cultured and stylish. You can find art prints online from as little as £10, so no matter your budget you’ll be able to find some cool art as the finishing touch to your bachelor pad bedroom!

And there you have it, you’ve taken your bedroom from an uninviting boys bedroom, to a welcoming and sensual bedroom fit for a young bachelor on the prowl. Now that your bedroom is ready for action it’s time to look at upgrading the other rooms in your bachelor pad, but that’s an article for another day (in fact we already have an post talking about upgrading other areas).

If you have any tips on how to upgrade your bedroom, or if you’ve tried any of these tips, let us know in the comments below!


Where better to impress a date than in the kitchen? Nowadays, there is a move towards bringing aspects of the professional catering world into our personal homes. We can brew complex coffees in our pyjamas when once we would have had to run out to our local baristas. We can also try out many cooking techniques with equipment that was once only to be found in the fanciest of restaurants.

This move to bring the luxury to the everyday means that there is a slew of kitchen gadgets on the market that look high-end but are actually quite affordable. Even if you are not much of a cook, you should be able to get your hands on a good-looking toaster, kettle, microwave and more. Any coffee connoisseurs should seriously consider investing in a barista machine.

When it comes to colours and tiling, a darker and earthier kitchen is mysterious and can create a great place to relax and try out some new culinary delight. Dark greens look amazing in kitchens, especially when combined with wooden cabinets and black appliances. However, if you are dealing with white cabinets, you could also choose to include a shock of colour. Choosing a bright blue or orange would look brilliant against clean white cabinets.


Metal storage boxes have been a hit lately, and a lot are actually looking to purchase one. With these types of metal storage containers, you might not be able to see your area messy again. In fact, you’ll be more productive just by seeing your space organized and clean. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable storage option, you might want to check and choose from one of the lists above.

Living Room

A living room is your entertaining space. It can be easy to fall in the trap of just throwing in your TV, some sofas, and a coffee table. However, there is so much potential in this room and you simply can’t ignore what it can offer.

Do you often hold dinner parties, or do you enjoy cooking for other people? If so, you need to make sure that you have a dining table. It can be one that folds away if you are short on space, but it can be a much better choice than trying to eat off a coffee table or balance your plate on your knees.

You also need to make sure that you get your lighting right in a living room. Don’t just rely on the ceiling light as this is harsh and unforgiving. If you are trying to set a romantic atmosphere to impress that special someone, the ceiling light will give you no favours. Invest in some high-quality low-level lighting. Whether this is floor lamps or table lamps scattered around the room, there is always a way that you can create a well-lit atmosphere that will suit any number of purposes. Add in some bulbs that can be powered by your home assistant, and you have everything you could want!


The bathroom is often neglected when it really shouldn’t be. There is a real trend at the minute to create a dreamy spa-like experience in our bathrooms and it is something that you can emulate.

You should always try to build a bathroom around the bath or shower – if you have the money for a full refit. If you have the space for both then that’s fine. However, if you only have the space for one, consider whether you want a really luxurious walk-in shower or an impressive combination bath and shower. Both could work well in the right space.

It is fairly easy to get luxurious bathroom suites at the right prices. Always stick with plain white and use tiles and paint to add accents around the room. Blue is a classic choice for a bathroom but red or even black can create a very interesting bathroom that you will be happy to spend time in.

Make sure you have some sort of storage solution for your personal effects and add in a few steam-friendly low-maintenance plants. This will soon create a space that you and any visitors will love to see.

Think About Your Décor Now

Are you tired of living in a bland space with no personality? You have everything in your power to change that! Those who live in rented accommodation can still buy their own furniture and change little things around to help make their home feel like a place where they really want to be.

Never doubt the power a good refurbishment can have. Start thinking about the place where you would ultimately like to live, and don’t be afraid to start making changes as soon as you can. Before you could blink, you could be sitting in the bachelor pad of your dreams.

16 Must Haves in a Man Cave Which Will Make Your Life Awesome

Already got the main idea what to focus about in your bachelor’s pad? Here a 16 Must Haves which will make your single life infinitely better!

Give us TV!

However big or small your space is, one thing you need like oxygen (apart from beer) is a big TV and we are happy. Ok, there may be some who are not much of a sports or TV person but you would not be using this square window of wonders for that.  Just imagine what good would your play station battles be if they are not doing that on 55’ TV? So yes, you need a BIG TV along with a solid sound system to make this escape pronto of your ideal.

Lion Sleeps Tonight


What good is your den without a something, where you can just sit back and relax or even sleep? Yes, this may sound like an idea that will need a lot of space, but if you have a little space then a recliner, small bed, a couch is the best idea you could bring into your grand world.

All play and no work

This is your territory but there is no way you’re bringing in work here. But a pool table or any other game you’re fond of, darts, arcade games or even chess you can bring in all here. Call in your buddies and give them a tough time at beating your score.

My Place, my bar

A man cave without a mini bar and fridge is more like a pool with no water. Yes, that’s how useless your man cave will look without your supply of beer, wine and munchies you might need to get it all out. To get it perfectly coordinated with your entire theme, you should find ways to build your own beer storing capacity.

Give us light

How can you play pool without any light? Better yet, how can you admire all of your hard work and effort you put into your man cave without proper illumination? A man cave with functional yet stylish lighting will make or break your room, so don’t forget about this easily forgettable aspect of your room; lighting. On top of functionality of a good light, a well chosen billiard light is one that fits the atmosphere just as well as it illuminates the table.

Give us more light!

A retro neon sign (or five) will give your man cave the look, feel, and vibes that fit best with you. Are you a bit cliché and want an open or closed neon sign? Go for it.. Are you a beer guy and want your favorite brand up on the wall in bright neon colors? Go for it! Don’t worry, it is still manly.. sort of. Either way you decide to go with this, there are endless options out there and you will surely find one that fits your aesthetic.

Stylish bar stools

Don’t opt-in for regular old bar stools. Instead, sign up for ones that fit the cave. Some people enjoy some custom keg stools which will go right along with a bar while others might be amused with something more modern or sleek. As with anything in your man cave, it is up to your personal appeals and the theme you have given your cave.

Speaking of bars, are you able to cook food in there too? If not, look at the next must have.

An indoor grill

It doesn’t have to be the middle of summer and not raining anymore to enjoy some classic burgers and fries. Installing an indoor grill over by your bar will make the perfect pairing with your man cave bar. Don’t go without food and only offer drinks, offer it all and make it so you never have to leave (which you probably won’t). Plus, this is a great way to never miss the game and still feed yourself and any guests.

Arcade games aren’t just for kids

Sure, most arcades are targeted towards the average kid but who are they to tell you that you can’t have a classic pac-man arcade machine in your man cave? Better yet, maybe you want to perfect your claw skills or make a few bucks off of your friends by getting a claw machine. I say go for it!

There are so many options out there with this one from racing to even skee-ball if you want. Let loose and let your man cave have a fun aspect to it, otherwise you might get very, very bored!

A wine cellar

Maybe you aren’t a hard liquor type of guy, or maybe you are, but you enjoy the history and stories behind wines too. Attach your wine cellar to your man cave (or vice versa) and have full access to as much wine as you want, whenever you want. And if you are a hardcore sommelier, you can bring some out and practice your taste testing skills.

Not into wine? How about cigars

While I’m not so sure smoking is the best thing in the world for us, some people enjoy a good cigar. And how exactly do you plan to save all your cigars from going stale without a humidor? Just like a wine cellar helps preserve wine’s freshness, humidors keep cigars at the perfect levels to keep it from going bad. So before you go bringing back 50 cigars from your vacation without a plan on how to store them, get yourself a humidor in your man cave and keep them ready for all of the special occasions.

Like coffee? Have some coffee then!

Maybe you aren’t a sommelier, or even one to drink alcohol but you (more likely than not) like coffee. If you are one of those people who enjoy a cup, maybe you should set up your very own barista bar. Hook yourself up with all of the goodies from a high-end coffee grinder to an espresso machine. This is a serious “must-have” for any coffee making fan and one you shouldn’t have to go without!

Music is a must

How will you get your groove on without any music? Instead of setting up a cheap radio or Spotify, get your hands on a classic turntable that will hold all of those favorite songs back from the “good old days” that you can’t live without or let you find some new, uncommon tracks. If you don’t have the room (or budget) for a big sized turntable, try getting your hands on a table sized one that can easily fit on any flat surface you have in the room, it’s equally as cool and effective! It looks and sounds great!

If you already have your old turntable and it’s still working, you can just have it tuned up. Check sites like DaCapo Audio that offer different replacement accessories like Stanton cartridge and Audio Technica styli.

Gym equipment

People might associate a man cave with chairs, alcohol, and the occasional pool table. But you can break the stereotypes and get some workout equipment in there to give it the ultimate manliness look every man cave should have. Heck, even if it’s just a couple machines it’s all about the look; even if you don’t use them of course.


Sure books aren’t seemingly as manly or fitting for a mancave as some other things on this list but don’t discount it! Getting a chapter in a day will increase your skillsets, enhance your perception of the world, and overall only give benefits upon benefits. On top of that, it is an easy way to fill up an empty wall. If you are afraid of it looking off, throw in some car, golf, or even wine books into the mix. Or even better, a billiards rule book for when someone questions your sneaky play.

Golfing simulator

Maybe you aren’t into arcade games or wine, but rather golf. That’s okay, in fact; you actually have a couple of options. One is a full-sized golf simulator which makes it the second-best to actually being out on the grass. Secondly, a putting green to practice your rusty skills with that putter of yours. Either way, you go with this one, it will create the perfect game room for any golfer. Better yet, don’t choose one; choose both and have the best of both worlds in your hangout.


Not all air is the same. Especially in your man cave. When it’s too dry, it can play havoc on your body and you wouldn’t know it right away. This will impact your enjoyment of some of the other ideas we’ve already suggested in our article.

How does dry air affect the body? You might already be experiencing an excessive amount of dry skin on the face, arms, and even on the soles of the feet! Eventually, the skin can start flaking or peeling off but it will probably feel really itchy before that. If you have cracked lips and need to use a lip balm a lot, dry air is likely an issue. If you’ve developed sinus problems lately, then dry air could be the root cause too. Also, nosebleeds aren’t out of the question either.

If you’re trying to tackle the issue of dry air in your man cave, opening the windows might not fix the problem. If it’s the dry season, then cracking open a window or two might only make matters worse. Instead, it’s worth considering fitting out your cave with its very own humidifier.

A humidifier increases the level of moisture in the air. It can be given a setting and then works to maintain this humidity level throughout the day and night. A humidifier manages a space based on its coverage area and water tank capacity. There are some units that operate using a remote control and these are adjustable right from your armchair. To learn more, check out this guide to the best humidifier.

Also, if you have a hard water problem, installing a water softener can take care of that. It makes a perfect complement to a humidifier too.

A Lady

That’s the most important part, to have a woman around. Men are incomplete without a caring loving woman and her access to your man cave is no bad thing. It’s not that you turn it into a feminist space or what but to allow her there would make your relationship much stronger.

You won’t be having your friends around every day to accompany you in your man cave but a pleasant time there and some caressing sex with your wife or girlfriend would reap so good fruits. No wonder one day you make up your mind to see her in a wedding dress as your bride, those subtle things will count while she’s about to make a decision and this will definitely count on you as a strong point to make since you never hide anything from her, not even your own cave.

These essentials make up for the perfect man cave you’ve always wanted for yourself. You can add more to it but everything should reflect your taste and personality in some way or the other.

Focused on your home already? What about the home for your beloved car?

Upgrading a garage is an overlooked way to add value and establish a good look to a home. However, garages are in high demand than they were before, so upgrading them can increase the resale value to a home by up to 5%.

6 Brilliant Ways of Upgrading Your Home’s Garage

When selling, it is important to seek help from dependable realtors to give you their point of view before listing your property on real estate platforms like movoto. In addition, incorporate a realtor’s advice with the following tips to successfully upgrade your garage.

1. Insulate Your Garage

Insulating a garage offers a great ROI (return on investment) in terms of energy saving. A properly insulated garage may also prolong the life of your cars and offer protection against fire hazards. Regardless of how much you’re planning to spend on your garage insulation, there are various design options you can consider with a low budget. Some of these options include:

  • Cellulose
  • Fiberglass 
  • Garage door 
  • Spray foam 


Cellulose is a common option that is primarily made of recycled papers and fire-resistant materials. It can be blown into ceiling and wall cavities through blowing machines, which fluffs and aerates cellulose. You can rent a blower from one of the rental centers in the neighborhood, but some home centers may also offer it for free if you purchase a cellulose material from them. 


Fiberglass is another option you can use to insulate your garage. Mostly, vendors sell fiberglass in long blankets and pre-cut bats because they can fit well between the ceiling joists and wall studs. You may also buy loose-fill fiberglass material since it’s perfect for blowing an attic space of a garage. 

However, if your ceiling and walls remain open, it would be a perfect idea to incorporate encapsulated and paper-faced fiberglass bats, which are wrapped in plastic films. This will provide your walls with a finished look. 

Garage Door

Insulating your ceiling and walls may not be enough – you will also have to insulate your garage door. For you to achieve this, you will need to purchase insulation gears for your standard metal garage door. Structural metals are perfect conductors of heat, so the performance of your door will be increased. 

Spray Foam

The spray foam material is perfect for both air-sealing and R-value. As a quality material that’s mostly used for constructions, the spray foam material is a deal-breaker for many garage projects. However, it might make more sense in case you want to convert your garage into a living space. 

2. Install Smart Technology

The garage is the most neglected area for having a smart technology upgrade. Though, with the development in the automobile industry, you will need to improve the functionality of your garage space to offer support to your automobiles and modern cars.

Because of this, realtors have witnessed a huge transition in homebuyer’s demand regarding some garage facilities in new homes. 

Therefore, it would be wise to automate your garage with smart garage door openers. You can connect the openers with your motorized system to hook you up with a WiFi network. This allows you to control a garage through a smartphone, even in your absence. However, smart technology is not limited – you can also buy other garage techs, such as:

  • Nexx Garage
  • Gogogate2 
  • Chamberlain MyQ
  • Freeze sensors
  • Smart locks
  • Security cameras

3. Change the Flooring of Your Garage

If you want to enhance the color and style of your garage, the best place to start with is flooring. Standard concrete slab floors are functional, but you will need to put more effort into maintenance to make them comfortable and attractive. 

Basically, there are numerous options you can consider to spruce up your garage flooring, but many homeowners find it hard to choose the best. A perfect way to choose the best option is to categorize garage floors into two: coverings and coatings. 

Floor Coverings

You can find floor coverings into two different types; these are rollout mats and interlocking tiles. Rollout floorings are rubbery and thick mats, which come in different patterns, colors, lengths, and widths.

On the other hand, interlocking tiles are slip-resistant when compared to rollout flooring. Unlike rollout mats, you can easily replace them if they get damaged. 

Floor Coatings

Flooring coatings are cost-effective when compared to coverings. They can help you protect your garage flooring against corrosive chemicals, moisture penetration, and stains. Though floor coatings may fail because of unfinished floor prep and damp concrete. Hence, when buying the floor coatings, you can acquire them in different forms, such as:

  • Concrete stains
  • Epoxy paint
  • Concrete sealers
  • Floor paint
  • Install Lighting

Most people prefer conducting their woodworking and rebuilding projects in a garage. However, some of them have installed a single light bulb at the center to provide light, but it’s not adequate to conduct multiple projects. 

Luckily, there is an inexpensive and simple solution that allows you to provide lighting to the entire space of your garage. These lighting solutions include accent, ambient, and task lighting. 

4. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting directs light straight to the object. You can use it in your garage by highlighting light to your cars and tools. Examples of accent lighting may include:

  • Candlelight
  • Niche lighting
  • Uplights 
  • Picture lights

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting may serve as a primary source of light for your garage. Apart from its lighting functionality, ambient light can improve the depth and sense of warmth in a garage. It also aims at offering a comfortable type of brightness without glaring a lot. Some of the fixtures that you may install to have ambient lighting include:

  • Torchieres
  • Chandeliers
  • Light kits
  • Wall sconces
  • Recessed ceiling light

Task Lighting

Task lighting comprises of LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs, which are not aggressive to retinas. Like other ergonomic components, task lighting is adjustable. You can have task lighting in your garage by buying:

  • Desk lamps
  • Vanity lights
  • Floor lamps
  • Pendant lights
  • Table lamps

5. Update the Roofing

Updating the roofs of your garage is a lifetime investment. Typically, roofing sheets are easy to install, durable, and have lightweight characteristics. Roof sheets may also come in different materials, and every roofing type has its advantages. Thus, it’s vital to choose the best roof for your garage. Among the materials that these roof sheets may come with include fiber, bitumen, plastic, and metal. 

Fiber Roofs

Although many people use fiber roofs in their agricultural and commercial projects, you can use them in your garage. These roofs are rot free, and they’re easy to install.

Bitumen Roofs

You can also install roofs that are made of bitumen. These roofs can be perfect for your garage because they are durable, simple to install, and requires low maintenance. 

Plastic Roofs

Plastic roofs are popular sheets because they are affordable. They have lightweight characteristics and may come with a wide range of styles and colors. You can also come in different materials like polystyrene, acrylic, and PVC, among others. 

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have the ability to endure climatic conditions. These roofs are also resistant to corrosion, affordable, and durable. When buying, you can consider metal roofs that are made of aluminum, zinc, and steel. 

6. Make a Storage Loft

A storage loft is an extra in-built design you can make in your garage. Making a storage design is easy and requires two hours or less. All you need are items like post anchors, lumber screws, lag bolts, and plywood boards, among others. 

Easy Steps for Building a Storage Loft

  • Preparation – During preparation, you will need to put all the tools and building materials in place. The number of lumbar depends on the size of a garage. Therefore, check the local and building codes to ascertain that your storage loft does not interfere with your garage’s appearance. 
  • Planning – When planning, use posts to create a wide or large loft. You can leave more space for every 15 inches and each joist. With this, it will be simple to have the correct measurements of the lumber. 
  • Secure your boards – You may achieve this using some lag bolts. Most of the screw lag bolts may go up to 3 inches into a stud. Hence, ensure that wall studs are attached to your garage’s board. 
  • Install joists – Once you secure boards, you can install joists. You can do this by preparing joist hangers and nails. Ensure you nail every hanger on the right and left side of the frame, but remember to attach them firmly. 
  • Add the floor – This is a final step that requires you to lay your plywood boards on top of the joists. However, before you secure and screw them, ensure your boards are installed properly. This is important for making sure that you have secure flooring and a firm loft. 

Garage Upgrade is the Way to Go!

If you have a garage with a sign of deterioration and aging, upgrading it will be a deal-breaker. Upgrading your garage can encompass a lot of processes like changing the flooring, updating the roofing, and installing smart technology. Hence, whichever way you use to upgrade your garage, ensure you do it professionally.

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