Running like a Pro: Essential Running Gears For You

By Patrick Banks

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We all have been there, vowing to take up some exercise as a new year rolls in, only to give up after trying a couple of times. While it needs unbeatable dedication for regular exercise, the right gear can also be an important factor in sticking to regular exercise.
Running like a Pro Essential Running Gears For You

Benefits of physical activity for your mental well being, health and attractivness are endless and well known. With the right gear in hand, you might even enjoy exercising. Running is a form of exercise that doesn’t need much special gear. However, if you don’t have proper running shoes, you are going to suffer through it rather than enjoy it. 

What Counts As Running Gear?

Nowadays, running gear is one of the most profitable fashion niches. It is hard to keep up with trends as brands are releasing newer, more comfortable running gear almost every week. Running shoes, socks, belts, GPS, heart monitor, running apparel — everything falls under the running gear category.

What Do You Need As a Beginner?

You might be a little overwhelmed by the number of items a pro runner needs for running. But don’t worry. As a beginner, you can start running with just the basics like comfortable running shoes and running clothes. You can add more gear to your collection as you grow more comfortable with running.

Running Shoes

Nothing trumps the importance of a perfect pair of shoes for running. Running in uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes might get you injured or even hospitalized. Which running shoe you need depends on the shape of your feet, your running style, and other factors. Here are some tips for selecting the right shoe:

1. Try to buy shoes from a store that specializes in running gear. That way, you can get some professional insight from the staff while buying.

2. If possible, opt for a trial run at a treadmill before buying. It will give you an idea about how the shoe will really perform.

3. Don’t go for too cheap or too expensive shoes. The high price of a shoe doesn’t necessarily mean it is suitable for you. Try for a moderate amount between 80-150 USD.

Running Shorts

Running shorts should be comfortable and lightweight. The material should be breathable and should not restrict your movement. You can select technical fabric as material as it is designed to regulate your body heat depending on the season. Technical fabric is also better at moisture-wicking and keeping you comfortable.

Running Tops

Running in your loose cotton top that flaps around when you run and gets soaked with sweat and rain might not be a good idea. If you are serious about running, then buy a special running top for it. 

Your running top should not be too baggy or too figure hugging. Whether you want a half sleeve or a full sleeve, you can find a good running top for between 20-50 USD.

Running Belt

Running belt is convenient for packing some small items that you need for running. Keys, identity cards, and cell phones are some basic items that you can’t leave at home while running. 

You can easily store them in a running belt or pouch and keep your hands totally free for comfortable running. If you are thinking about squeezing in a water bottle then you should opt for a hydration belt that can be tied at the waist.

Running Hat and Visor

A running hat or a visor can serve several purposes at once. For example, it will act as a sweatband by preventing sweat from dripping down your face. It will also protect your face and eye from the harsh sun. If you have long hair, then a running hat will be convenient in preventing your hair from falling in your face or flapping all around.

Water Bottle

A water bottle can be a lifesaver by providing some much-needed hydration. Water bottles should be lightweight and easily washable. Many water bottles come with a handheld pouch that also has room for smaller items like keys or IDs. You can even use a collapsible flask that can save you some space.

GPS Watch

If you are thinking about taking up running seriously, then you should definitely get a GPS watch. It will help you track your running time, speed, and distance. A GPS watch can help you pace your running if you are training for a marathon. A GPS watch can also help you navigate if you are running a new route.

Running Socks

Many of us have gone through the phase of enduring a painful blister because of uncomfortable socks or shoes. Running socks are different than regular socks. While regular socks are cotton made, running socks are made of polyester or nylon that wick away sweat. If you wear ill-fitting regular cotton socks to run, you might develop blisters from all the chaffing.

Sunscreen for Running

Running requires specific sweat-resistant sunscreen that doesn’t wear away by sweat. If your skin is sun-sensitive, then you must remember to apply a generous portion of sunscreen to your skin before running. Otherwise, you might just have to deal with some potential blisters. There are some roll-on sticks for sunscreen that you can easily carry with you while running.

If You Are a Night Runner

While running in the dark has some perks, you also have to be cautious. If you like to run at night, then remember to choose some light reflective gear. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be visible from a passing vehicle. You can also put on a fluorescent bib, like crossing guards wear, instead of a high visibility gear.

To sum it up, with the proper and comfortable gear, you can have the best of your running. The trick is to find the right gear and motivation. As we have tried to provide some information for choosing your running gear, the motivation part falls solely to you. If you don’t enjoy running alone, invite some friends to run along and to get a motivational boost.

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