Virtual Reality for Learning: How VR Games Can Change Student’s Everyday Life

By Michael Gorman

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The invention of technology has revolutionized the world. In our day to day lives, we use different technologies to handle specific tasks. Technology has created awesome tools and resources that have enabled us to access useful information any time anywhere.
Virtual Reality For Learning -how VR Games Can Change Students Everyday Life

A survey report released by AI and VR. The latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) have impacted the operations of most business operations. Moreover, companies that stay up-to-date with new technological advancements have better chances of staying ahead of the game.

AI and VR Applications

AI and VR technologies are being used in various industries. For instance, Try Before You Fly that impressed travelers and generated more than $17K on fares and hotel bookings within three months of the campaign launch.

Some hotel chains and platforms like Expedia are considering offering customers the opportunity to check different rooms by downloading videos of the hotels through on their platform.

Other industries being transformed by VR include automotive, gaming, healthcare, real estate, education, recruitment, sports, and many other industries.

On the other hand, AI is being used in industries such as healthcare, marketing, finance, banking, gaming, space exploration, and more.

collaboration with other students either through debates, games and socializing.

VR games have the capability of improving teamwork among students and their teachers, whether in distance learning or in classroom-based settings. In fact, a study has shown that VR innovations improve students’ motivation and boost group learning.

That’s because VR allows students to collaborate with each other, thus making the learning experience social and collaborative.

3. Distance Learning

With VR, educators and learners are no more far apart. Students are brought together with their educators through distance learning tools in the sense that they feel like they are in the same room, although they are digitally represented.

A study done by researchers from Penn State University has shown that VR innovations can boost learning outcomes, especially for Google Expeditions to make boundary-less classrooms. This app is available to smartphone users.

Of course, VR technology will not substitute actual field trips and travels, but it enables students to experience virtual field trips that would never have happened.

5. Language Engagement

To learn a new language, students must listen to and speak that particular language every day. They must be fully immersed in the language to learn, understand, and speak it.

But here is the challenge: Not all students can afford to travel to another country to learn a particular language, that’s where virtual immersion comes in. Through VR simulations, the student’s brain is meant to think that the experiences are real and that’s why new language learning apps that use VR continue to be introduced.

One example of the language learning apps is Unimersiv. This new language learning app can be used with the Oculus Rift headset and enable students to interact with others around the globe by playing games in a virtual world.

Final Thoughts

It’s no doubt that VR games have and will transform students everyday lives. And while many experts have argued that VR technologies affect the eye-brain connection, VR innovations have significantly improved students’ collaboration and learning. Overall, we cannot deny that VR will transform their world and is here to stay.

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