Shatavari Benefits For Men

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Shatavari is an ancient herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote healthy hormonal and reproductive functions.Both the Ayurvedic and Himilayan medicine systems have utilizized Shatavari to support women’s fertility and reproductive health and sexual potency in men.
Shatavari Benefits For Men

Featuring natural, plant-based phytoestrogens, many people enjoy the herb’s health benefits without risking the negative side-effects that many supplements containing synthetic ingredients can cause.

Originating in countries such as India, Australia, Africa and China, Shatavari has often been referred to as the “100 spouses” due to its proven ability to enhance and sustain sexual vitality.  Often applauded for its tremendous effects on women, Shatavari is also extremely beneficial for men.

A Natural Aphrodesiac

Shatavari has been used for centuries to increase sexual vitality in men.  Taken regularly, the herb increases and prolongs sexual arousal and erections.  Many men claiming to suffer from a wide variety of sexual dysfunctions have reported consistent positive effects when taking Shatavari on a daily basis.

Cases of impotence have been dramatically reduced and sexual health and wellness have increased when implementing this powerful herb into one’s diet. Traditionally, the powerful herb has been known to increase Sattva – one’s positivity and healing power.  When the balance in this area is restored, the love felt between partners increases.

Men taking Shatavari will notice an increase in sexual energy due to the herb’s ability to strengthen the sexual organs and reduce inflammation in the reproductive system.  Its positive effects on the body spill over into the soul which can boost sexual competence in men previously too stressed to perform well with their partners.  Shown also to increase testosterone in males, Shatavari works naturally to improve libido, vitality and heighten the erotic sensations experienced by men.  In addition to increasing arousal, Shatavari has been shown to increase sperm count which can aid in reproductive efforts.

A Medicine Cabinet Essential

Containing a wealth of health benefits, Shatavari is an extremely popular Ayurvedic medication.  It has seemingly endless medicinal benefits:

  • Digestive health. Shatavari contains many beneficial components such as isoflavones, mucilage, and alkaloids which play a crucial role in digestion.  Due to components that create a cooling effect on the body, Shatavari has been shown to soothe heartburn and help alleviate the symptoms of colitis.  Men often take Shatavari in addition to their regular diet to help soothe and calm stomach ulcers, and in some cases have reported complete healing.
  • Fever Reducer. When taken properly, this powerful herb can lower fevers and reduce inflammation throughout the body.  Excessive inflammation can lead to a host of autoimmune disorders and so taking Shatavari regularly helps ensure a healthy, non-toxic body.
  • A Natural Antibiotic. Shatavari’s properties are so powerful that it has been shown to fight dangerous diseases such as cholera, dysenteriae, E.coli, and Staphyoloccus.  By keeping the healthy bacteria of the body balanced, Shatavari helps fortify the immune system so that it can stand strong against the bad, and sometimes life-threatening bacteria.
  • Stress Reliever. Shatavari   provides a positive boost to the immune system which helps alleviate the damaging effects of stress on the body.  It also helps elevate one’s mood which keeps negative stress at bay.  Men struggling with excess stress from work or other sources, will notice an increased ability to deal with the stress after only a short time consuming this powerful herb.
  • Pain Reliever. The analgesic properties of Shatavari   come from its saponin, triterpene, and alkaloid contents.  Studies have shown that these pain-relieving properties of Shatavari help prevent and lessen the intensity of headaches in men.  Instead of reaching for a bottle of pills each time a tension headache comes on, you can easily treat this common ailment by adding 3-6mg of Shatavari to your daily diet.
  • Cancer Prevention. People often are shocked to hear that a simple herb can do so much to fight off a disease as deadly and widespread as cancer. Shatavari, due to its anti-inflammation properties, has been repeatedly shown to inhibit tumour incidence which in turn prevents cancer.  Studies on animals have concluded that those consuming Shatavari as a regular part of their diet have fewer tumour occurrences and thus suffer lower rates of cancer.  This has led scientists to believe that men who take the herb on a regular basis, significantly lower their chances of prostate and other types of cancer.

How to prepare Shatavari?

Traditionally in India, the Shatavari root is crushed and made into a juice or boiled to make tea.  Since it is recommended that you take Shatavari twice daily, thankfully there are many convenient ways to do so!  Shatavari can be purchased via pill, capsule or tablet form for an easy way to store and consume the herb.  Alternately, you can purchase granules or powder, which are both made from the dried Shatavari root, and mix them into your food or drinks.  Many men recommend purchasing the powder form due to how inexpensive it is.  You can buy Shatavari online and from many health food stores.  Whether purchased in tablet or powder form, Shatavari is easy to store and keep on hand as it does not need to be refrigerated.  It is important to remember, however, that Shatavari taken in pill or capsule form should be consumed directly following a meal.

The Shatavari Lifestyle

With the constant demands of work, home, and daily life, it is no wonder that many men struggle with maintaining their health and sexual wellness. Even those who claim to be healthy admit that there are times where their love life could use a boost or when they could use more energy in general. By implementing Shatavari into your daily routine, you will notice amazing results quickly. Both your body and mind will feel revitalized once you begin taking this ancient medicinal herb. As the Ayurvedic diet suggests, taking Shatavari will make you feel good about yourself by restoring your youthfulness in ways that no modern drug can. Try it out for yourself and witness the incredible results!




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