Small But Mighty: 6 Wonderful Herbs To Boost Your Health

By Patrick Banks

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Herbs To Boost Your Health

“Health is wealth.” The statement could not get any truer. Our health is our main priority because without it, or if our health is poor, we won’t be able to perform our basic duties, provide for our families and ourselves, and live longer. You may say that with today’s science and technology, any type of health problem can be cured, but we’d like to somehow contradict that.

The only long time cure for any kind of health problem, as always, is prevention. You have heard this many times. Although the current list of lifestyle diseases makes it a challenge to prevent sickness, there is one way to keep severe health problems at bay.

Herbs and Natural Home Remedies

Home remedies have become so popular nowadays it also competes with the popularity of medical procedures. Many people have accepted the logic that if you have health problems because of your lifestyle, you can’t really cure it with more chemicals. Thus, the natural way is chosen by many.

Thankfully, we are not lacking herbs and natural sources of these home remedies that do more than just cure but also prevent diseases and maintain your health. The good thing is that these herbs are quite common, you can see them in your own kitchen almost all the time. Here are 6 wonderful herbs for curing health problems – and preventing them.



Rosemary is a common herb that can be found in many countries and is known to survive in different climates. This popular plant has been in the books of home remedies for a long time. It is also a significant part of history, going as far back as ancient Greece and Rome where the flowers are used to remember the departed.

Aside from its popularity in world history, rosemary also contains a unique acid called rosmarinic acid. It has many effects on human biological processes because it has antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. All these benefits put together makes rosemary one powerful herb that can maintain your health.

Rosemary can be consumed in a variety of ways – it can be taken fresh (liquid extracts) or dry (tea or powdered). You can include it in your recipes when cooking. Rosemary oil is also used during aromatherapy sessions.

Among the many health benefits of rosemary are the following common health problems that can be prevented:

Rosemary can control the cholesterol levels of your body.

It contains vitamin A that can maintain your vision.

Vitamin C that boosts your immune system.

It is also rich in folic acid which is good for pregnant women.

It has therapeutic properties which make it effective in aromatherapy and relieving stress.


Thyme spice

Thyme is a well-known herb and is part of the mint family of herbs. Thyme contains a special type of antioxidant called thymol. Thymol is a strong type of antioxidant that has many cleansing benefits, which is why it is effective for use both internally and externally.

Thyme is actually a common content of toothpaste and mouthwash, not only because of its minty flavor but because of its potent cleansing properties that can keep the teeth white and healthy. Thyme can also be used externally, such as treating wounds, yeast infections and athlete’s foot.

This minty herb is made into tea as well, which promotes many internal health benefits. Among the internal health benefits and maintenance of thyme are:

It can help control and lower blood pressure, which makes it a good herb for hypertensive people.

The vitamin C content of this herb can boost your immune system and prevent diseases.

A spray made of thyme mixed with water can be an effective home disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria.


Aaron Tait Photography

Basil is a common ingredient added to Italian recipes and is one of the cooking secrets to add aroma and flavour to your dishes. Because of its neutral taste and its ability to make any sort of Italian dish even more flavorful, basil can be added to any recipe – even on a simple omelet and soup.

Not only is basil a savory ingredient for your recipes, it also has many nutrients and antioxidants that, first and foremost, helps to prevent many forms of cancer (which happens to be a widespread lifestyle disease right now). Other health benefits are:

Basil leaves are a natural disinfectant and have antibacterial properties that can help combat viruses, bacteria, and germs.

It can also be used to treat fever, cough, and a sore throat.

Basil can prevent internal health problems such as respiratory disorders, kidney and heart problems, dental problems and infections.

It is also a known stress reliever.


Cumin (1)

If you know Mexican dishes like chilli and tacos, then you know cumin. This is recorded as the second most used and popular herb in the world, right after black pepper. Cumin gives your dishes a distinct taste and aroma that can make any mouth water.

Cumin does more than just making your dishes tasty and mouth-watering. This well-known herb is packed with anti-microbial properties and many other health benefits. Cumin contains iron, phosphorus, fiber, calcium, carbohydrates and protein which makes it a potent herb in maintaining your health. Among the many health benefits of cumin are:

It can improve digestion.

It improves the brain by increasing memory power.

Fights common diseases such as asthma, diabetes, respiratory disorders and also cancer.

It can also combat and prevent common cold, boils, insomnia and kidney problems.

Sage Leaf

Sage Leaf

Sage is another herb that belongs to the mint family and has edible leaves and flowers. This special herb has many medicinal properties, which is why it is used in many countries as a way to maintain health. Sage has antioxidant properties and prevents cell damage due to free radicals.

Among the many benefits of sage are:

It is a known herb to use for dental care and teeth whitening.

It helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Sage is a possible treatment (although still under study) for Alzheimer’s disease.



Turmeric is a condiment found in many kitchens. It is commonly used for Indian dishes and it adds flavor to your recipes. This herb is used in its powder form and adds a golden color to your dishes.

Turmeric contains the compound called Curcumin, which is a strong cancer-fighting ingredient. Other good for the health contents are iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium. Among the many health benefits of turmeric are:

It reduces cholesterol and blood glucose levels which alternately controls diabetes and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Turmeric contains lipopolysaccharide which is a substance that helps boost the immune system, thereby preventing common ailments.

Among many other health benefits of turmeric, there are also its ability to heal wounds faster and relieve arthritis.


If you contemplate about it, medical treatments are mostly derived also from the nutrients of natural sources, put together with a few other chemicals and a brand name, and it becomes this small capsule that treats you exactly how the natural way will. Of course, there’s always the reasoning of convenience by just popping a pill.

Herbs are way easier because you can just add them to your diet and cooking recipes. There are many benefits in choosing herbs and spices, both in culinary and health.

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