The Facts and Fictions of Master’s Programs Nobody Tells You About

By Christine McLane

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Deciding to do your Master’s is a big step. We all know entering a Master’s program can bring you more job opportunities. There has always been a difficulty attachment to it though. Many people believe they don’t have what it takes to complete their Master’s degree. Honestly, I believe everyone should attempt to do their Master’s. Start writing your sop for graduate school and just go for it.


Myth 1: It’s not worth the effort

People believe that doing your Master’s in this day and age is a waste of time. This not true at all. Striving to have your master’s degree is a great goal to have and will yield results. The fact is, you stand a much better chance to be employed and promoted with a master’s degree. A lot of people over 30 are going back to school to complete their Master’s degree. This is because after being in the job market for a while, they realize the importance of a Master’s degree. In order for you to achieve the highest level at work, you would be more likely to do so with the backing of this on your resume.

Myth 2: It’s beyond my budget

This is such a stigma statement. Studying in general is expensive but your Master’s degree is the one which will pay you back. You do not have to get into the most expensive program. Do some research and find good schools to apply at for less than the cost of popular institutions. Unfortunately, it is impossible to debate about the cost of doing your Master’s degree but it has been proven to be worth the money in the long run. Many people find work first and save up enough money to go back and do their Master’s degree. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way. It is important to try and do your post-graduate studies without a student loan. Of course, this is the only route for some but if you can avoid it, do so. Besides, it is not that easy to get a student loan these days and it is even harder to pay it off. With that being said, if this is your only option, you will not regret it in any way later.

Myth 3: Poor marks

Marks are not everything when you go to graduate school. Put a lot of effort into your graduate statement of purpose and make the lecturer see what a valued student you would be. Writing an sop is a skill and you should always look for some good examples and follow. If you are in a position to hire someone to write your purpose statement for graduate school you should definitely do so. It is worthwhile investing in your future this way. This is the part where you need to make yourself shine and see it as promoting yourself. Take your time to make sure it is up to standard. Highlight all your qualifications and achievements.

Myth 4: Not smart enough

You are smart enough to earn your Master’s degree. Master’s is not the alpha of the studying world. Anyone can do it. With a little hard work and commitment, you can achieve this goal. Go for it and test your limits. Writing and SOP might be more difficult than the program itself. Your graduate statement of purpose is your ticket in the door and it should be given the respect it deserves. Do not skimp on this. At the point of doing your Master’s degree, you have already achieved you have already completed your Bachelor’s degree so that is prove enough that you are an intelligent person. Doing your Master’s degree is within you and with focus and dedication, anyone can do it.

Myth 5: Too old

You are never too old to do many things, especially not too old to study. There are a host of people going back to school after a certain age. I think you will be surprised at home many older people are doing their Master’s degree. The average post-graduate student these days are 33 years old. Do not let something like age hold you back. The Guardian wrote an interesting article on this topic.

Unfortunately, you have to have a post-graduate degree these days for jobs that did not previously have this as a requirement. In order for you to climb the corporate ladder, it is going to get to the stage where a lot of older candidates will have to go back to school. We often read about people over 60 going back to school and completing the degree of their choice. This proves that you are never too old to better your education and advance forward. Many students are so tired after completing their bachelor’s degree that they chose to do so at a later stage. Some just realize they are not going to get very far without a Master’s degree and do so after reaching 30.


Truth 1: You can get into the program

Master’s programs are not exclusive clubs for the rich and famous. You can definitely earn your spot and get that degree. Make sure you chose a program that fits who you want to be and are in line with your end goal. Getting into a Master’s program is not as difficult and you should not let this psych you out.

Truth 2: Your career begins on day 1 in class

Do not wait for the day when you graduate from the program to start working. Actually, you already start working on day one of your selected program. Do not take anything lightly in class. Whatever you are learning from day 1 will be the foundation of your actual job. You really have to take it all in quickly because with a Master’s degree no time is ever wasted. This is a post-graduate degree and we all know anything after your Bachelor’s degree is experience. Experience you have to apply on a day to day basis.

Truth 3: Grades are not everything

This is really the trust. So much will be required of you that grades do not matter as much as say in high school. This is the real world at graduate school. Sure you don’t want to be achieving below average scores but don’t be too stressed if you are not achieving your best. There is a lot to cover and a lot to focus on. Do not beat yourself up about a bad grade. Employers will rarely ask someone with their Master’s degree what grade they achieved. The fact that you got your Master’s is proof enough of how intelligent you are.

Truth 4: You have to be focused 99% of the time

Remember days when you were an undergraduate and only opened your books on the rare occasion. Well, you will not have that luxury in graduate school. You need to be focused almost all the time. You blink your eyes and you missed an important part of your work. Studies have to be on point all the time. Many students have failed because they have not adjusted their minds from undergraduate school. You have to understand that this is a different all game altogether and do not get left behind. Also, your fellow classmates will be coming in with a vengeance, especially the older ones. Older candidates usually achieve better marks because they know the importance of succeeding at this. Be sure to remain focused and remember you are there to absorb as much as possible. This is not high school people; you need to give your all.

Truth 5: Your thesis and dissertation is not everything

This is true and so many people have nightmares over a thesis or dissertation. Yes they basically sum up all the knowledge you learned at the institution but it doesn’t define you. See it as one more assignment or one more exam. What you learn during the course is what is ultimately important. Your thesis or dissertation is not to be dismissed but it is not what sets the best and the worst apart. Some people are better at summarizing than others. Your lecturers understand this so it is important to just put on paper what you have learned.

Anyone can earn their Master’s degree. It is a very intimidating thing to do but mostly people have glorified it in their heads. You can decide right now to go back to graduate school, no matter what age you are or how much money you have. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve any goal. There are always a lot of myths and scare tactics out there but you need to believe that you can do this. If you do, nothing can stop you. One day when you receive your Master’s degree, you will probably say to yourself “that was not as bad as I thought it would be”.

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