10 Once-In-a-Lifetime Destinations Every Man Needs to Visit

By Patrick Banks

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Our world is a strange, terrifying, and magnificent place. And you want to experience this sacred trinity before your time on this earth is up. After all, life is too short for you to be wasting it on a boring desk job, working for someone else’s fame and fortune.

Alas, it might seem all too frightening to simply get up and leave your safe harbor, and perhaps you don’t even need to part with your current way of life, you simply need to add a dash of calculated variety, and plan your bucket list destinations with prudency and resolve.

Mind you, the following destinations are not your run-of-the-mill, everyone’s-grandma-has-been-there type of destinations, these are the few coveted places in the world only a traveler and true seeker of adventure and purpose will set sail towards. From the tribes of Africa to the modern “tribes” of the US, all the way to a creepy horror house in Berlin, you’d best be ready for the amazing once-in-a-lifetime destinations we have in store for you.

1. The vanishing tribes of Ethiopia

Africa is one of the last remaining places on Earth that is home to indigenous, ancient tribes untouched by the hand of civilization. The tribes that live, hunt, sing and dance along the remote Omo river located in the south of Ethiopia are some of the last remaining ones in the modern world.

Often vanishing due to the lack of modern medicine and their peculiar cultural ways, it is only a matter of time before modern civilization will have to part with these tribes for eternity. This makes an Ethiopian safari one of the most valuable adventures in the world.

Be wary though, as the difficulty levels of this trip are intense, with a three-day ride from the nation’s capital to the site, and a three-day ride back. There are no poison dangers, although you will have to adhere to strict instructions in order to condone yourself accordingly when meeting the tribespeople.

2. A life-changing experience in Afghanistan

Over the course of the last century, it is safe to say that the Afghani people have had enough of war. Alas, the harsh reality is quite different. Although you will certainly not be venturing into conflicted territory in the south, you will have the chance to experience this breathtaking country in all of its tragic beauty.

The nation’s capital of Kabul, rebuilt more often than any of its native residents would like to remember, is home to what is now a thriving and peaceful culture riddled with a tapestry of rich and dynamic architecture, art, and Bazaars that are truly unique to this region. From Kabul, you will travel further north across numerous national parks teeming with wildlife, natural wonders and breathtaking scenery.

3. Dare to venture into North Korea

Fret not, you will come back alive, although a part of you (figuratively) might forever remain with the people you meet in one of the most secretive and isolated dictatorships in the world. Contrary to popular belief, the country is not completely cut off from the rest of the world, and tourists are actually welcome to revel in the might and beauty of this “glorious” nation. Or so the Great Leader would want you to believe.

North Korea is the perfect place to experience satire in its rawest form, as you will be treated like a king in a country where common folk do not have enough electricity or food, in order to report tales of beauty, harmony and nationwide happiness to your foreign masters. Their peculiar ways notwithstanding, North Korea truly is a place where you will experience the opposite site of the coin that is modern civilization.

4. Head to the US for the event of the year

It is time to head back into modern civilization and partake in one of the most thrilling sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl. Taking place on February 4th each year at different stadiums across the US, the Super Bowl is one of the most iconic events you should visit at least once in your life.

The host of 2018’s main event will be the city of Minneapolis and you should get your tickets well in advance, as only 70,000 lucky people will have the chance to enter the US Bank Stadium. This cultural phenomenon truly is the entertainment event of a lifetime.

5. The ancient city of Erbil, Iraq

Iraq might not be the kind of country you were expecting. Fortunately, you can put down your bulletproof vest and put on a comfortable shirt and a pair of shades, because Iraq is a country terrorized by nothing else than peace and positivity.

Although Baghdad is beautiful in its own right, the ancient city of Erbil is a true representation of old Mesopotamia, with breathtaking architecture and trekking trails for history buffs looking to walk the trails of Alexander the Great himself.

6. The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden in Thailand

If you were wondering what hell might look like, there’s no better way to find out than by visiting the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden in Thailand where a cordial sign reading “Welcome to Hell” waits for weary travelers such as yourself.

A place where a man truly faces a sense of mortality depicted in the numerous grotesque sculptures representing various gruesome scenes from the depths of hell – a warning sign to anyone who transgresses in his mortal life.

7. Revisit the Cold War in Lithuania

To some, the cold war is a gruesome memory, to others, a wonderful chance to make a few bucks. For you, the cold war scenery depicted in the Soviet Bunker Tour in Vilnius, Lithuania, might just be the life-changing experience you need.

Mind you, you will be subjected to interrogation by KGB officers (actors, naturally) and you will be forced to wear a gas mask and learn the soviet national anthem, among other things. People have been known to pass out during this tour.

8. Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

Stepping away from the hellish for a moment, New Zealand is a place of natural wonders and a true depiction of heaven on Earth. With its breathtaking scenery, natural wonders and vibrant cultures that permeate its major cities, there is no shortage of adventure in Kiwi Land. If a cathartic experience is what you’re after, then Lake Tekapo, located in the heart of the southern island, is the place you want to be.

9. The Nubra Valley in the Himalayas

Located in Jammu and Kashmir, a northern state of India bordering the Himalayas, lies Nubra Valley, a place of pure breathtaking beauty riddled with dry rugged terrain, serene blue lakes mirroring the azure skies, complemented with ancient cultures. This heavenly place will leave you spellbound.

10. The horrors of the Gruselkabinett in Germany

Finally, there’s nothing that can test a man’s courage than a crazy German in a gruesome costume popping out of the shadows. The Gruselkabinett in Berlin is a unique and weird place in the heart of Germany, an air-raid shelter transformed into a three-story terror house.

From creepy mannequins to ghosts, this truly is a place only the bravest dare to venture into, so be sure to leave the kids out of this one and perhaps even tell the girlfriend to wait in a café nearby so as to avoid years of expensive therapy. Its horrors notwithstanding, the Gruselkabinett is a worthy, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All in all, the world is your playground. There are thousands of places you should visit in your lifetime, so make sure that some of these unique destinations end up on top of your bucket list in order to find your place under the stars and change your understanding of the world for good.

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