12 Tricks To Make Your Move Ultra Smooth and Already Enjoy The First Beer in Your Home

By Dianne Abonita

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If you have experienced relocating from one location to another in the past, you’d know how stressful a move is. You’d be bombarded with a lot of tasks in preparation for the move. You’d have the clean every corner of your home, sort out which items will be brought or disposed of, look for customer-friendly movers and keep track of all your items throughout the entire duration of the move. If you have several responsibilities on your plate, the amount of stress you’ll experience because of a move can worsen.

Plus, you still have to think about rearranging all of your items to make your new house feel like home and adjust to the new environment, too. Yes, moving will require you to do all of these – and these aren’t even the complete list of to-dos. While you can never disregard any of these tasks, how you accomplish all of these can vary. With the right strategies, you’ll be able to make everything smooth during your move.

Most often than not, people would consider a move as a stressful and time-consuming chore. There are tasks which should be done months and weeks prior to the move. If you’re one who shares the same sentiment, this article can help you change your mindset. If you want to remember your upcoming move for all the right reasons, consider the following tips:

1. Embrace the spreadsheet

Organization is key whenever moving. You need to oversee everything that happens during the move, even if you’re a young male. Although using the traditional pen and paper can help, using a spreadsheet can give you better results.

The latter option is automated which means that you’ll have the convenience of keeping track of your inventory based on box numbers or in alphabetical order. It’ll also be easy for you to determine if a certain item is missing. You just have to hit CTRL + F in your keyboards, and your problem will be solved!

2. Seize the opportunity to purge

 Moving to another location is the perfect time to splurge. Since you’ll be sorting out all of your valuables, you’ll know which to bring and dispose of. Moving is the perfect time to embrace minimalist living values and get rid of stuff which is cluttering your life.

For the items for disposal, instead of throwing these, organize a garage sale. A garage sale can be the perfect avenue to get rid of your junk while earning money at the same time. The amount you’ll earn during a garage sale can be spent on other expenses during the move.

3. Keep track of the little items

Just because screws, cords, and remotes are little items, it doesn’t mean that you should disregard them from your inventory. Putting all of these items in one box will make it hard for you to monitor and sort out all of these the moment you arrive in the new house.

You can steer away from this direction by keeping track of the little items that you own. Put these in small containers – a small plastic box or ziplock will do – and tape it at the back of the furniture or appliance where these will be used. Doing this will prevent these items from being lost, and it’ll also be handy for you to install all of these.

4. Reuse some old boxes

 Bringing a lot of items whenever moving is not only stressful but expensive, as well. When you have more items to pack and transport, you’re expected to spend more. If you don’t want to break the bank by buying moving boxes, opt to use old boxes instead. If you just purchased a flat screen TV a few weeks ago, use the box as one of your moving boxes. You can also try to visit local stores within your area and ask for used boxes. This can be tedious, but if it helps in saving money, it’s definitely worth it.

5. Buy some colored packing tapes

 Numbering boxes is still one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to packing. You’ll basically need a marker and tape to get this job done. But if you want to experience a smooth move, opt to use colored packing tapes. These are very cheap and can be purchased almost anywhere. Using colored packing tapes will also make it easier for you and the movers to identify which items should go to which room, saving you time and effort from sorting these out. You can quickly determine which boxes are missing by simply looking at the packing tapes outside.

6. Scope out your new space

 Contrary to popular belief, moving doesn’t only require work in your present home. You should also visit your new home days before the move to get the measurements of the doorways, hallways, and stairwells.

The earlier you know the available space in your new home, the better. These measurements will save you stress during moving day – you don’t want to pay for movers who will carry your king-sized bed only to find out that it doesn’t fit in the door, right?

7. Always communicate with the movers

If you’re already certain to hire movers, make sure that you always communicate with them. All of the details for the move should be relayed to them. How many furnitures are you planning to bring? Do you prefer moving early in the morning, mid-afternoon or in the evening? Are you bringing any breakables?

It’s also important to let them know about the condition of the area where you’re moving. Inform them if the streets in this area are too narrow or are filled with people. When you and the movers are on the same page, everything will come off easier.

8. Pack some overnight bags

It’s typical to have several moving boxes whenever moving. Rearranging all of these in one sitting can be too tiresome, especially when you just arrived in your new home. If you don’t want to go through all of your moving boxes just to look for your toiletries, pack an overnight bag. This should include your clothes for a week, medicines, and cell phone and laptop chargers. All of your daily essentials should be placed on these overnight bags.

9. Delay big deliveries

 If you’re expecting big deliveries days nearing the move, communicate with the company and have the delivery weeks after the move. A new coach and other big appliances can take up too much space, and if these are delivered before the move, you might have to pay for higher moving expenses – expenses which weren’t included in your budget. Receiving these deliveries after the move is a much convenient and cheaper option to make sure that you take this.

10. Don’t use garbage bags

 Several homeowners would use garbage bags as part of their moving boxes. Garbage bags are cheap and big, making it convenient to stuff several items inside it. However, keep in mind that garbage bags weren’t made to support a heavy load.

This can tear in the middle of the move which can cause damage to your items. And the worst part? People might throw away whatever is in the garbage bag – because garbage bags are used for garbage which should be thrown away. This can happen especially if you’ll have several people help you out on moving day.

11. Find a pet sitter for the day

Pets can bring joy to every home; but when you’re moving, having them around can delay the process. They might want to play with you, even if you’re already busy packing all of your valuables. Finding a pet sitter can certainly help in more ways than one.

When you hire a pet sitter, it’ll be easier for you to accomplish tasks because you’ll be free from any distractions (aka your pet’s cute eyes). A pet sitter can also help your pet avoid any trauma or stress during moving day. Have the pet sitter take your pet somewhere before the movers arrive.

12. Treat your movers

Sure, you might have paid a fee in hiring movers but treating to food and drinks doesn’t hurt, either. Once you arrive in your new home, make little chitchats with the movers and ask them to stay. Serve foods and drinks while they’re resting. Doing this is one way of creating a healthy relationship with the movers. So when you’ll have another move, you’re already comfortable of the movers you’re working with, and they will also feel the same towards you. When you and the movers start building friendships, moving can become a breeze.



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