13 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Fun and Easy

By Patrick Banks

Posted 8 years agoHEALTH

Nutrition is a big word which presents a similarly bigger responsibility for your own health and the environment. Everyone wants to be healthy but few are interested in going through the twists and turn of nutritional tracks.

Unfortunately, there is no instant trip towards the health role. You can transform your lifestyle for a start, slowly, one step at a time. Health is your biggest wealth and it has been the same, ever since. What are the fun and easy ways to optimize your nutrition?

1. Avoid couch-fridge, fridge-couch tracks

Shake up and get things done. Stay active, walk and stand up most of the time so your blood circulation is in full swing. You will notice those fats that stacked up your midsection are slowly going down after some time. Maintain the manner and you can see the difference.

2. Start your day with hot cocoa

When coffee or milk no longer sound fun to you, then it’s time for you to enjoy another waking-upper such as tea or organic hot chocolate. They will boost your mood which is a nice way to crank up your errands for the day and up. Just don’t sugar up as you can increase your body sweets faster than you know it.

3. Choose honey over artificial sweeteners

The bottom line of having sugar in your drinks or meals is to eventually experience that sinfully delicious taste. You should have known by now that the healthiest alternative is honey. You need not sacrifice your love of yummy cups as you can still have it upon request. This is quite simple. Have it in place of your sugar container and you’re good to go. Every time you reach out for sugar, pick this up.

4. Ditch the chips

A lot of reason can be raised out of you keeping chips in your pantry. It keeps you going, yeah, but it stays right there. When it comes to upgrading your nutrition, you can get rid of it and stock on greens instead. The foul taste may hit you big time at first yet you will surely enjoy the health merits you advanced on after quite some time. Before you know it, you have adapted a healthy and easy way of getting nutrition.

5. Lean on the fresh instead on the canned

When shopping for your kitchen needs, see to it that you walk towards the fresh products instead of conveniently going to the processed department. Listen to the cracklings and crunching off your vegetable salad each time you munch on them. You will never miss the boring taste of meats or pickles in easy-open cans which you must have been with for a long time.

6. Get rid of MSG-packed grocery bags

It’s all printed on every packaging you buy from the grocery. You don’t need to read every grocery item’s label but it pays off when you read through towards the ingredients part where monosodium glutamate is always present. You can be your own nutrition inspector. Choosing MSG-free munchies is a sound and healthy idea yet too many have gone astray because of this.

7. Settle for regular meals – no add-on nor up-size

Too much of something had always been bad enough. Avoid being kind to those tellers up-selling, telling you to add this or upgrade that. They are focused on increasing sales rather than taking care of your health. As for the latter, one smart way for that is to stick to the regular meals, home cooked when necessary, and never be an easy target of such marketing strategies. Saving while keeping fit is fun.

8. Water therapy is still the best

Nothing beats the drink of life, so another easy tip on keeping nutrition at bay is having water around. Chances are when you become too dependent on sweetened drinks, your system would crave for it and you only satiate it when you drink another one, but the process repeats all over again. So, the best thing to do is resort back to the best quencher of thirst – water. Quite easy, yes it is.

9. Prefer natural over flavoured

You may say that choosing natural over flavoured is easier said than done, but you should ponder over that thought. One thing you can do is think about how the meal ended up on your table. If it was raised or grown, you’re on the right track. Otherwise, dunk it off towards the trash bin, unless you are interested in throwing trash right into your system. Not that much of a smart choice? Then don’t buy them again.

10. Cut back on fast food

Eating out may be inevitable to you but always strive to choose the healthy alternatives. At least cut back on them as it is still best to wrap home-cooked meals rather than get it from fast food chains. Other than the latter would cost you more, you are down with nutrients on that part. Well, it doesn’t hurt if you have a bag of meal with you the moment you left home for work or school. It’s a healthy habit, for real.

Now, where is the easy part and the fun part from that? Simple, your health will be in good shape, sooner or later. Observe how easy it would be to practice living a life where nutrition is within reach without you having to spend too much. The idea is to get the healthy body as soon as possible. When you learn about these things, there should be no reason for you to turn a blind eye.

In order for you to not to be stressed with your habits and health which are constantly in contrast, might as well think of 3 important things as a rule of thumb, when it comes to obtaining nutrition in a fun and easy way. Check this out:

11. Be Unique

While others would love meals prepared with meat each time, be the anti-thesis of that. Add vegetables to your meals every time you prepare a meal, a snack, or whatever. Being veggie friendly is trendy!

12. Take Your Time

When you eat, activate your senses. Enjoy the taste, feel the smell, and maximize the healthy sounds you hear of whatever is served on your plate. Never ever hurry as there would be a tendency to overeat.

13. Quit When Full

Prepare and eat only what you can consume and stop the very first moment you feel you’re full.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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