How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

By Benjamin Seymour

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Men, in general, have a tendency to be hard pressed on them when they fail to perform on bed. They become victims of performance-failure on occasions when they are not able to perform well. It is often seen that men tend to draw a vivid connection between their erectile dysfunction with loss of self-esteem and overall masculinity. In another words,  they feel less of a man when they suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

What are the reasons of erectile dysfunction?

There are several reasons that can easily trigger Erectile Dysfunction. Some of the fundamental causes are relationship problems, money issues, peculiar health conditions, addiction to smoking and alcohol, drugs or some medications.

Fortunately, and thanks to medical advancements, there are plenty of ways to improve impotence. Treatments also include medications and surgery. However, there are also many non-invasive methods that help in preventing and improving Erectile Dysfunction.
In this post, we will be discussing only the best and most effective options that help in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED).


Some of the studies have shown a major correlation between erectile dysfunction with cardiovascular health. A penis goes through erection when a complex system of blood vessels and corpora cavernosa, a spongy tissue traps the blood, which means when a penis does not erect there is a problem in this system. A peculiar study conducted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles proves a strong link between the benefits of exercise and an improved erectile function of penis.

A senior researcher of the study found that men who exercised the most were likely to have greater scores in sexual performance as compared to men who exercise less often.

Exercising not only fetches positive cardiovascular benefits but also lessens stress, which is another cause of erectile dysfunction. Since we have already established the positive impact of exercising on treating Erectile Dysfunction, let’s now focus on what kind of exercises will benefit men with Erectile Dysfunction.

Pelvic floor exercises are usually considered the best form of exercises for treating Erectile Dysfunction. This form of exercise improves the overall strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

This exercise is also known as Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises assist in allowing penis to engorge with blood during erection and it pumps during ejaculation. You can do basic Kegel exercises to see results. Moreover, aerobic exercises also combat erectile dysfunction successfully. According to The American Journal of Cardiology, all forms of aerobic exercises help in improving ED. Lastly, you can always prefer to walk at least 2 miles a day as walking too helps in treating and preventing ED.

Take counselling

Not quite surprisingly, the problem of Erectile Dysfunction may have its causes rooted in the deep psychology of a human brain. There could be times when you may be suffering from ED due to some underlying and untreated psychological causes such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, in such times, it becomes imperative to go and see a qualified counsellor who will guide you professionally.

One of the most popular treatments includes the Sensate Focus. Here, in Sensate Focus, you and your partner are expected to be together. It starts with both of you being ok with not having sex for few weeks or even months. Of course, you are allowed to fondle each other but not in the genital area including the woman’s breasts. After a considerable amount of time has passed, you can then begin touching each other’s genital areas.

There is also another form of relationship therapy known as Psychosexual Counseling. In this form of counselling, you and your partner are allowed to talk and discuss all kinds of sexual and emotional issues that may be playing a role in causing erectile dysfunction. The objective of the counselling is to reduce any kind of emotional unease and stress in the relationship.

Finally, there is Cognitive behavioural therapy aka CBT that is useful for overcoming Erectile Dysfunction. The role of CBT is to make you realize that your problems are a result of your mindset. It tells you that what you feel is the result of what you think.

Therefore, change and amend the ways you think, and you are likely to feel otherwise. A good CBT practitioner will help you identify all of your unhelpful thoughts that perhaps are causing Erectile Dysfunction. A qualified practitioner will then help you create positive and helpful thoughts in order to overcome ED.

Consume a balanced diet

A good and balanced diet does a wonderful job in treating and preventing the occurrence of ED. Eating healthy and nutritious meals on daily basis help you in combating obesity and reduce risk of high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Male Aging Study proved a strong correlation between diet and ED. The study showed that men, who consumed fruits and leafy vegetables, and whole grains, were less likely to develop ED.

Besides, a good diet also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight causes a number of problems, including ED. Also, obesity increases the risk of developing diabetes and other vascular diseases, both the factors contribute to ED.

Did you know that watermelon too plays a significant role in treating ED? A nice chunk of watermelon can actually provide you good bedroom satisfaction. Thanks to Citrulline, an amino acid found in high concentrations in watermelon improves blood flow to the penis. Natural watermelon juice can help in treating ED.

Sometimes to get the effects we desire, a diet alone is not enough. If you need an additional boost in that matter, there is a plant, called Butea Superba backed by both science and by centuries of eastern tradition, famous for increasing men’s sexual functions. The small but mighty butea increases DHT, a metabolite of testosterone responsible for your erectile functions and libido.

Add saffron to your diet

Saffron has been prized as a herbal supplement for thousands of years. Because saffron is known to boost serotonin levels and stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs, it has long been used as a herbal aphrodisiac. It is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction , without the side effects that modern medicine can induce.”

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

It should come as no surprise to know that smoking and heavy alcohol consumption is both the greater causes for developing ED. As a matter of fact, ED is quite common in men who are addicted to smoking and alcohol.

Smoking causes the narrowing of pertinent blood vessels that stop the penis to surge. Therefore, if you smoke, speak to your doctor and find ways to cut back on smoking. Even if you are a heavy drinker, cut back or give it up entirely to treat ED effectively.

Keep a check on your medicines

Erectile Dysfunction usually occurs as a side-effect of medication that you may be taking for treating other health ailments. For instance, if you are on antidepressants, beta-blockers, cholesterol or heart medicines, hormone drugs, chemotherapy or high blood pressure medications, you are more vulnerable to developing Erectile Dysfunction. It is imperative to stay vigilant and take constant care of the medicines that you take on daily basis. It is always a good idea to speak to your doctor and discuss your medicines before tapering them off completely.

Final Words!
The good news among all the bad news of ED is that Erectile Dysfunction is treatable and preventable. Whether you hope for a cure or simply want to prevent the occurrence of ED, the tips mentioned in this article are surely to help you through. Of course, there are many ways to treat ED (invasive and non-invasive); however, in this article, we have restricted ourselves to simply the best and most effective ways to treat ED.

In case of any further queries, it is ideal to talk to your doctor and discuss varied possibilities for overcoming ED. Stay positive and stay healthy!

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