How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally, Without Drugs – 12 Proven Ways

By Patrick Banks

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Erectile dysfunction (‘ED‘) can shatter a man’s confidence to pieces. It can ruin his self-worth and turn his world upside down. But even worse, it can also ruin relationships and families.
How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally, Without Drugs
Men, in general, have a tendency to be hard pressed on them when they fail to perform on bed. They become victims of performance-failure on occasions when they are not able to perform well. It is often seen that men tend to draw a vivid connection between their erectile dysfunction with loss of self-esteem and overall masculinity. In another words,  they feel less of a man when they suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Fortunately, and thanks to medical advancements, there are plenty of ways to improve impotence. Treatments also include medications and surgery. However, there are also many non-invasive methods that help in preventing and improving Erectile Dysfunction.

ED Can Be Caused By Narrow Blood Vessels And Too Thick Blood 

To gain an erection, blood needs to flow into the penis, and then the blood needs to stay inside the penis. An erection is the result of the brain sending a signal to the penis. This opens up the blood vessels and allows blood to flow into the two penis chambers. If something goes wrong during this process, then erectile dysfunction can develop. High blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol are among the leading factors that cause problems in the bedroom. In fact, according to Cleveland Clinic, 70% of patients experiencing problems with their sexual abilities have some heart or vascular related condition. This causes the blood flow to the brain, heart and penis to be restricted. In particular, up to 60% of erectile dysfunction cases among men aged 60 and older are caused by atherosclerosis alone. Diabetes, kidney diseases, treatment for prostate cancer and several neurological diseases can also effect a man’s ability to perform during sexual intercourse. Around 35% to 50% of men diagnosed with diabetes also have erectile dysfunction. Kidney diseases can lead to a lower sex drive due to the effects it has on the patient’s nerve function, levels of energy and hormones.

Porn and Masturbation Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction 

Research studies have demonstrated that excess porn use can cause erectile dysfunction. You can have virtual sex with 30 women in a day, you can have a threesome, switch to a granny, then a young Asian, then two black women. There are virtually no limits for what kinds of sexual experiences you can have. And this is not healthy. Because it causes an excess production and accumulation of dopamine in your brain. And over time, this excess dopamine exhausts your dopamine receptors. Your dopamine receptors simply cannot handle all the dopamine. They then start working slower, then they get fatigued, and in the end they may even die. When your dopamine receptors are fatigued or dead, it becomes much more difficult to get erections. How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally At that point, being naked in bed with a human being will normally not be enough to get you hard. If you get to this point, you struggle with what is called porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

1. Exercise

Lack of exercise can cause erectile dysfunction. The modern human being often sits on his or her butt for more than 9 hours every day. The thing is: Our bodies thrive with activity and exercise. It improves production of testosterone, dopamine, nitric oxide and it keeps our heart and blood vessels in shape. Think of exercise like maintenance. You need it on an ongoing basis. And if you don’t exercise, your body is likely to slowly degrade and experience atrophy. And this is also the case for sexual functions. Research has found that lack of exercise is a key reason for erectile dysfunction in many men. However if you do exercise, you can keep yourself young well into old age. Some of the studies have shown a major correlation between erectile dysfunction with cardiovascular health. A penis goes through erection when a complex system of blood vessels and corpora cavernosa, a spongy tissue traps the blood, which means when a penis does not erect there is a problem in this system. A peculiar study conducted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles proves a strong link between the benefits of exercise and an improved erectile function of penis. A senior researcher of the study found that men who exercised the most were likely to have greater scores in sexual performance as compared to men who exercise less often. Exercising not only fetches positive cardiovascular benefits but also lessens stress, which is another cause of erectile dysfunction. Since we have already established the positive impact of exercising on treating Erectile Dysfunction, let’s now focus on what kind of exercises will benefit men with Erectile Dysfunction. Pelvic floor exercises are usually considered the best form of exercises for treating Erectile Dysfunction. This form of exercise improves the overall strength of the pelvic floor muscles. This exercise is also known as Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises assist in allowing penis to engorge with blood during erection and it pumps during ejaculation. You can do basic Kegel exercises to see results. Moreover, aerobic exercises also combat erectile dysfunction successfully. According to The American Journal of Cardiology, all forms of aerobic exercises help in improving ED. Lastly, you can always prefer to walk at least 2 miles a day as walking too helps in treating and preventing ED.

2. Take counselling

Not quite surprisingly, the problem of Erectile Dysfunction may have its causes rooted in the deep psychology of a human brain. There could be times when you may be suffering from ED due to some underlying and untreated psychological causes such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, in such times, it becomes imperative to go and see a qualified counsellor who will guide you professionally. A qualified practitioner will then help you create positive and helpful thoughts in order to overcome ED. But if you’re looking for a more medical approach you can try and search up in places mens clinic costa mesa. One of the most popular treatments includes the Sensate Focus. Here, in Sensate Focus, you and your partner are expected to be together. It starts with both of you being ok with not having sex for few weeks or even months. Of course, you are allowed to fondle each other but not in the genital area including the woman’s breasts. After a considerable of time has passed, you can then begin touching each other’s genital areas. There is also another form of relationship therapy known as Psychosexual Counseling. In this form of counselling, you and your partner are allowed to talk and discuss all kinds of sexual and emotional issues that may be playing a role in causing erectile dysfunction. The objective of the counselling is to reduce any kind of emotional unease and stress in the relationship. Finally, there is Cognitive behavioural therapy aka CBT that is useful for overcoming Erectile Dysfunction. The role of CBT is to make you realize that your problems are a result of your mindset. It tells you that what you feel is the result of what you think. Therefore, change and amend the ways you think, and you are likely to feel otherwise. A good CBT practitioner will help you identify all of your unhelpful thoughts that perhaps are causing Erectile Dysfunction. A qualified practitioner will then help you create positive and helpful thoughts in order to overcome ED.

3. Consume a balanced diet

A good and balanced diet does a wonderful job in treating and preventing the occurrence of ED. Eating healthy and nutritious meals on daily basis help you in combating obesity and reduce risk of high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Male Aging Study proved a strong correlation between diet and ED. The study showed that men, who consumed fruits and leafy vegetables, and whole grains, were less likely to develop ED. Besides, a good diet also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight causes a number of problems, including ED. Also, obesity increases the risk of developing diabetes and other vascular diseases, both the factors contribute to ED. Did you know that watermelon too plays a significant role in treating ED? A nice chunk of watermelon can actually provide you good bedroom satisfaction. Thanks to Citrulline, an amino acid found in high concentrations in watermelon improves blood flow to the penis. Natural watermelon juice can help in treating ED. Sometimes to get the effects we desire, a diet alone is not enough. If you need an additional boost in that matter, there is a plant, called Butea Superba backed by both science and by centuries of eastern tradition, famous for increasing men’s sexual functions. The small but mighty butea increases DHT, a metabolite of testosterone responsible for your erectile functions and libido. Research has also shown that a poor diet can cause erectile dysfunction.A healthy diet is essential for two main reasons. Firstly, the foods and drinks you consume are the building materials you use to both construct and repair your body. If you provide yourself with inferior building materials, several functions in your body will normally start to break down. The ability to ‘get it up’ is one of those functions. Secondly, the foods and drinks you consume are the fuel you utilize to walk, move, think, desire, work, etc. If you give yourself bad fuel, you will normally operate slower and not be able to perform at an optimal level. This also includes sexual activities. Therefore, a poor diet is a common reason why many men struggle with ED.
  • Add saffron to your diet
Saffron has been prized as a herbal supplement for thousands of years. Because saffron is known to boost serotonin levels and stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs, it has long been used as a herbal aphrodisiac. It is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction , without the side effects that modern medicine can induce.”

4. Prioritize relax and sleep

Stress can cause erectile dysfunction. Stress is often enemy number one to your sexual abilities. This is supported by a large body of scientific research. Excess stress is negative for two main reasons. Firstly, when you stress, your brain puts your body on ‘high alert’ mode, reacting to a potentially dangerous situation.  Back in the days, this was often triggered by the appearance of a dangerous animal..  Today, stress can be triggered by an unhappy boss or office politics. However, the response in your brain is the same. During stress, your brain sends extra resources to those functions that are critical for overcoming the stressful situation. So you get extra energy, get more alert, see better, hear better, etc. But these extra resource come at the expense of others:   Your brain also switches off those functions that are not necessary for dealing with the stressful situation. Hence, your brain switches off your reproductive and immune system (and others).  What use are these systems if you are chased by a bear? Therefore, when you stress, your reproductive system is normally off. Secondly, when you stress, your brain floods your body with chemicals that help you achieve this alertness and energy.  The three most important ones are adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol.  And excess level of these chemicals over time will normally decrease your ability to produce erections. Hence, if you stress frequently, you are significantly more likely to struggle with ED.

5.Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

It should come as no surprise to know that smoking and heavy alcohol consumption is both the greater causes for developing ED. As a matter of fact, ED is quite common in men who are addicted to smoking and alcohol. Smoking causes the narrowing of pertinent blood vessels that stop the penis to surge. Therefore, if you smoke, speak to your doctor and find ways to cut back on smoking. Even if you are a heavy drinker, cut back or give it up entirely to treat ED effectively.

6. Cannabis can lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Indeed, testosterone is not the only aspect that drives a man’s sexual performance. However, low levels of testosterone can reduce your ability to have an enjoyable sexual experience. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual issue that can originate from low testosterone levels. Men who have erectile dysfunction cannot maintain an erection firm enough for sex. The best-known chemical contained in cannabis is THC, and it has a psychoactive effect.  Most studies conclude that long-term use of recreational marijuana may lead to erectile dysfunction. Researchers of a 2018 review contend that there is a lack of enough evidence to confirm this relationship. Specific effects of the THC compound can cause dysfunction. Since cannabinoid receptors are also present in the smooth tissues of the penis, THC can impair the function of the penis and lead to erectile dysfunction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) posits that cannabis causes a feeling of drowsiness and euphoria, which can lead to a decreased desire for sex.

7. Keep a check on your medicines

Erectile Dysfunction usually occurs as a side-effect of medication that you may be taking for treating other health ailments. For instance, if you are on antidepressants, beta-blockers, cholesterol or heart medicines, hormone drugs, chemotherapy or high blood pressure medications, you are more vulnerable to developing Erectile Dysfunction. It is imperative to stay vigilant and take constant care of the medicines that you take on daily basis. It is always a good idea to speak to your doctor and discuss your medicines before tapering them off completely.

8. Sunbath

  • You Need Sunshine To Function Optimally Sexually
Are you aware that sunshine is essential for optimal health?  It’s not only the plants that need sunshine to thrive – we do too! Sunshine is super important to live well, to avoid diseases, be happy and to have overall good health. But there is more: Scientific studies have shown that you need sunshine to function optimally sexually.  There are several reasons for this, but one key reason is vitamin D3. When the sun hits your skin, the UVB sunrays enable you to produce vitamin D3.  And this vitamin is a building block of testosterone. Therefore, in order for you to produce testosterone, you need this vitamin D. And if you don’t have enough, you cannot produce adequate amounts of testosterone. And erectile dysfunction is significantly more common in men with low testosterone. 

9. Keep your mental well being in balance

  • Psychological Problems Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction
If you struggle with psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, etc., you are also more likely to deal with erectile dysfunction. Studies and experiments have demonstrated this connection. Psychological problems tend to fill your mind with negative thoughts and preoccupations, instead of healthier thoughts. In turn, this can crowd out healthy and normal thought processes. And it can leave little or no mental space for healthy sexual thoughts and interests. This can make you lose interest in sex. And it may cause an inability to function well sexually. Psychological problems can also cause hormonal or chemical imbalances, which can directly cause erectile dysfunction and libido issues.

10. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

  • A Weak Pelvic Floor Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction
To be fit and well-trained is a positive when it comes to functioning well sexually. But in addition, there is a particular part of your body that is very important to keep in shape. Your pelvic floor muscles.  These are the muscles that stretch from your penis to your anus. A research study has even gone as far as recommending pelvic floor exercises as the first line treatment for ED. Meaning, before any other treatment.  These muscles are important because they support your erections.  With a strong pelvic floor, you will normally find it easier to get and maintain erections. And with a weak pelvic floor, you will normally be more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction. Therefore, in addition to your regular exercises, you may also consider adding pelvic floor exercises to your exercise routine.  So the above are some of the most common reasons for why men struggle with erectile dysfunction. 

11. Overcome Psychological ED; Stop Sabotaging Your Game!

Psychological ED, a sort of mental block to getting an erection, is a problem that has affected almost every man at least once in his life. If you’re lucky, you beat it, move on, and it never happens again. If you’re not so lucky, psychological ED can plague every sexual encounter you have, harm your confidence, and prevent you from having a happy and healthy dating life or relationship! My Personal Experience with this Mental Block to Getting An It Up Back in the early days of my sex life, I had a time period where I COULD NOT GET AN ERECTION, and it made no sense to me… It first happened in my late teens with a sexy little chick with some big breasts, thin waist, nice ass and legs, and a very cute face. By all my means, my “type”. Most men’s type… I’d think. However, when it came to the sex, the harder I tried to get an erection, the softer I became! I felt like there had to have been something wrong with me… low testosterone perhaps? Maybe I injured my penis that one time I heard a *crack* during sex? In an attempt to test out my erection, I ran back to an ex-girlfriend, and my erection worked just fine. This confirmed that the problem was all in my mind, and not a physical problem. However, this psychological ED kept on rearing its ugly head for a long time, throughout different relationships and attraction efforts… And this formed one hell of complex in me.

How Psychological ED Can Ruin Your Attraction Effort

If you feel that you are “broken” in any way, and not a 100% solid, confident male, most women will pick up on this vibe, and stay away, or be very cautious/guarded… Hot, in-demand girls with options generally steer clear of a man who seems like he’s hiding something. Women are very intuitive… Having failed a number of times to get an erection before sex caused me to doubt myself and my sexual abilities. So if I did get lucky enough to “pull” a girl at a club or bar, and it looked like things were getting hot and heavy, I oftentimes “pussy-footed”, and didn’t push the issue aggressively enough to take her home. I wanted to take my time, because I wanted her to like me enough first, so that if I failed to get hard, she’d stick around… So many one-night stands that I wimped out on, all because I didn’t trust my abilities to get an erection… throw in being drunk, and it made my confidence in my machinery all the worse. But once I became better in the bedroom, and learned how to get a rock hard erection on command every time, then there was no more hesitation… Full on, pedal to the metal acceleration to the bedroom.

Ways to Gain Back The Confidence In Your Rock Hard Erection

Being able to overcome any sort of sexual performance anxiety needs to takes place in the mind first. But improve the physical, and the mind will have less “overcoming” to do. (Warning: you do not want to take Viagra to overcome this issue… this will prevent you from learning how to defeat the problem, and you may end up forming a mental dependency – costly, inconvenient, and confidence-crushing).

Perform the following physical activities to achieve harder, longer-lasting erections that react quicker:

    • Up your vitamin D… get some sunlight, drink milk, take supplements… whatever it may be, low levels of vitamin D (which many men have), are associated with low testosterone levels.
    • Perform cardio… the improved blood circulation from aerobic activity will not just benefit your mind and body, but your genitals as well… leading to a quicker-reacting erection.
    • Lift weights… for powerful erections, do the power workouts! Football exercises: squats, leg press, bench press, deadlifts… and push the limits each week on the amount of weight you lift. Weight training will lead to an increase in testosterone levels, leading to a stronger libido, and happier wood.
  • Get your full night’s rest! Skimp on your Z’s, and you will start your day off with lower testosterone reserves, and higher cortisol (a hormone which will make you more stressed = higher chance of psychological ED!). Rest up!
This is just the tip of the iceberg… there are tons of things you can do to develop physically harder, longer lasting erections, as well as naturally increase T levels and libido.

Apply the following mental tricks/knowledge, and you will knock down the mental wall preventing you from getting hard.

You can’t force yourself to get hard.

Trying to mentally will an erection to happen, as you know, most often causes the opposite to occur… a lack of erection.

You want to try your best to be at ease, all the while working to become as mentally aroused — aka horny — as possible, and your erection will know what to do on its own.

Just like your lungs know how to breathe on their own without you having to tell them, your erection comes to life on its own when a strong enough arousal signal comes from the mind.

Just take your time, enjoy the sex (sex is supposed to be enjoyable; not a test of your manhood), and work on becoming horny…

Also, have faith in your erection. If you wake up in the morning with morning wood (even if not every day), then you can rule out any physical issues with your erection. KNOW that your erection works.

Also, as you become more comfortable with your sexual partner, it should become easier for you to become erect. Especially if you’ve been able to get it up with them already in the past. There are more advanced techniques to overcome psychological ED, but this should get you in the right frame of mind.

Please take note, overcoming psychological ED is much like learning to ride a bike — figure it out once, and you’ll know how to for life.

Improve your actual sexual technique while penetrating, in order to remove that preoccupation while trying to get hard.

Planning too far ahead is bad during sex. You should be concentrating on getting horny first, in order to gain an erection, and remove all other concerns. Worrying about how long you will last, or if she’ll have an orgasm, will just get in the way of you achieving step 1. Concentrate on your performance once you’re hard, and inside of her. So what’s the best thing to remove this doubt?
  • Learn to last longer during sex, and,
  • Learn to make a woman orgasm!
If you are fully prepared and experienced, then you won’t HAVE to worry about future steps, because you know you’ll handle it once you get there! Look around on Wingman Magazine  for plenty of great advice on how to naturally prolong your sexual performance, but I’ll give you a couple of quick, free cheats that will work for anybody, even the worst premature ejaculators, and men who are clueless as to the female orgasm: 1. Dapoxetine is a fast-acting SSRI, which greatly delays ejaculation… you can take it “on demand”, meaning you’ll limit the side effects associated with these types of medication. This is a short term solution though, a longer-term approach, like kegels, ejaculation control exercises and mental training should be applied, in order to cut out the medication in some time. A prescription is necessary for this, but most MDs will write you a script without an issue for this purpose. 2. A sure-fire method of making a woman orgasm: warm her clitoris up with your tongue, while you finger g-spot hard with two fingers. Do this until she’s gyrating, pushing her vagina into your face, or lifting her pelvis up off of the bed… then dive in with penetration, rubbing hard into her clitoris with the area right above the base of your penis, without letting up pressure. Concentrate on that area. Perform this at a high speed. Don’t be amazed if you make her orgasm twice before you’ve even cum once! Have a game plan for your sexual performance, and you will be much more confident, prepared, and willing to get hard. Be A Solid, Well-Rounded Lover, and You’ll KNOW You’re a Hot Commodity Among Women Luckily, for you and me, most men suck in bed… This gives any man with at least some sexual competency a major advantage over the others in the dating world. Once you satisfy a woman in bed, you’ll tower over the others who’ve tried and failed… once you satisfy a FEW women, you’ll stand confident in your abilities, and no longer have to slow down your seduction efforts… Go at it full speed!! But what can you do to fix this? How can you overcome your ED naturally?

Summing Up: How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently 

We just went through the most common reasons for why ED normally happens. You now know what the key factors are. And if you currently struggle with ED, you may already realize that you are ‘guilty’ of one or more of the above ‘sins’. For instance, if your diet is far from optimal, you know that this is a likely candidate for your ED. Or if you never get sunshine, you know that your testosterone levels may be low. Therefore, armed with this knowledge, you may already know which specific points you could work on.  However, ED is often the result of more than one factor. That is because very few people live super healthy. For instance, it is common for an average man to stress significantly, not sleep enough, for his diet to be less than ideal, and it is likely that he does not exercise enough. As a result, to overcome ED and to restore our sexual functions, we might need an overhaul of our lifestyles. We might just need to get back to the basics. To live more like we were intended to live back in the days. I apply this approach to my own life. I simply live super healthy every day. You may think that it sounds difficult, but for me it’s not. In fact, I love living this way. And by living like this, I also function super well sexually.   If you are keen to recover your sexual health, I recommend onboarding a super healthy lifestyle. If you are keen to apply this to your life, there are 8 core principles that I advocate:
  • Stop masturbating and watching pornography
  • Eat healthy (plant based whole foods)
  • Exercise regularly and walk more
  • Stop stressing
  • Sleep 7+ hours a night
  • Get 2+ hours of sun a week 
  • Get in mental balance
  • Do Kegel exercises
And if you are keen to learn even more about erectile dysfunction, libido problems, and how to recover optimal sexual health, you can learn more at Truelibido There are two aspects we want to approach as well:
  • 7 Ways To Handle ED Together As A Couple
  • The Hidden Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

7 Ways To Handle ED Together As A Couple

Getting a diagnosis of ED can be discouraging, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an exciting and satisfying sex life with your partner. Having erectile dysfunction can put a damper on your confidence and self-esteem when it comes to initiating or engaging in sex with your partner, but this can be made better when your partner is aware of the situation and understanding of any hiccups. Overall, dealing with an erectile dysfunction diagnosis is easier to handle when your partner is on the same page and on board with any treatments, as well as being open-minded to trying new things. As a couple, it is important to consider this as a “couples disease”, since both parties may be affected by ED. But, it is important to note that an ED diagnosis does not mean that your sex life is over, it may just mean that you try out some treatments, or experiment with different ways to enjoy each other in the bedroom and experience physical intimacy. Below, we will cover some of the ways you can still have a satisfying sex life together as a couple even when ED is involved.
  • Talk about your ED with your partner
The first step to making an erectile dysfunction diagnosis work for you and your partner, is to develop good communication about the situation. Find a time outside of the bedroom to calmly discuss your erectile dysfunction symptoms and to help think up alternatives and solutions to help ensure you are both getting the physical intimacy and satisfaction you need. Being upfront about your potential limitations can help avoid awkward situations in the future, as well as helping your partner understand that it is not something they are doing wrong.
  • Let your partner know that it is not a problem with them
For many partners, when their significant other experiences erectile dysfunction, they may feel somehow responsible for everything not working out as planned. Partners may feel like you are not attracted to them any longer, that they need to step it up in the bedroom, or that you are having your needs met elsewhere. It is important to think about your significant other’s perspective when you are dealing with ED to help them understand that this is a physical problem, not an issue with not being “turned on” enough. Let your partner know that there is nothing wrong with them or your relationship, this is simply a medical condition that you need to work through or around.
  • Get medical treatment if you need it
Getting medical treatment for your ED is a good way to try and reduce the occurrence of symptoms and help get your sex life back on track.  Treatment options normally begin with oral tablets like Viagra, but other options like a penile pump, injectable medications, or an implant are options available down the line. With any of these treatments, it is important to include your partner in on the specifics, timing, and function of these medications to get the best results. While some men may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking with their partner about their ED treatments, it may help avoid awkward situations timing out oral medications, or sneaking off to the bathroom to pump or inject a treatment, etc, when your partner does not know what you are doing. Oral Medications Oral medications for ED include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil, and are considered the first-line therapy for ED treatment in men who are a good fit for them. Vacuum Pump A vacuum pump is a penile device that suctions blood into the penis which is then sustained by a ring at the base to keep the erection for a period of time. Injection Medications For men who didn’t respond to or can’t use oral medications, injection medications that dilate the vessel of the penis to increase blood flow can help men achieve and maintain an erection for a period of time. Implants A surgical penile implant is put in by a doctor and can be used as a semi-permanent solution to ED which lasts 12-15 years on average.
  • Help improve any underlying conditions as a team
For some men dealing with ED, a medical condition may be a root cause of the situation, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, or diabetes. By taking steps to improve your overall health and these underlying conditions, you may be able to have significant improvements in your ED symptoms. Making lasting lifestyle changes can be difficult, but it is easier to achieve when they are approached as a team effort. If you or your partner suffer from ED due to underlying conditions, make healthy lifestyle changes together such as cooking healthy meals together at home, working out together on a schedule, or quitting smoking together. By implementing these changes as a team, they are easier to stick to and make it apparent that you are both willing to work together to improve your overall health and ED symptoms.
  • Try out some new toys, products, or activities
Just because ED is affecting your erections, does not mean that you are your partner can’t have satisfying sexual intimacy and fulfill your needs. Start by talking with your partner about their needs, including anything that may have been thrown off or pushed to the wayside with an ED diagnosis. You will likely be able to find an adult toy or activity that can help meet the same need and ensure that everyone is fulfilled. Talk about what sorts of products or activities may be on the table, which both parties are comfortable with. You just might find that a new toy, female arousal cream, or new act can put the spark back into your bedroom.
  • Talk to a sex therapist together
If you have already tried a lot of things on this list but you are still finding your sex life lacking with an ED diagnosis, it may be time to bring in a professional. Sex therapists are trained to help identify and work out sexual issues to ensure that both parties in the couple are happy and satisfied with their lovemaking. If there is an underlying issue involving the mental and psychological aspects of dealing with ED or a partner with ED, these could also be throwing a wrench in the situation and may need to be ironed out with a trained sex therapist.
  • Avoid stressing about your ED in the bedroom
Nothing can throw off a night of intimacy more than stressing a worrying about your performance every second. Let yourself avoid thinking about potential poor outcomes or disappointing your partner while you are being intimate. Focus on the little things like being close together, trying out new things, and enjoying each other’s company, rather than being out of the moment worried about the main event. The previous tip of good communication is key to reducing the stress of performing when you have ED, as your parter will know your potential limitations and not worry that they have done something wrong. If things don’t go to plan, simply go with some “plan B” activities or toys that you have both okayed to experiment with. In case of any further queries, it is ideal to talk to your doctor and discuss varied possibilities for overcoming ED. Stay positive and stay healthy!

The Hidden Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction is described as impotence, which means not having the ability to gain and keep an erection that is strong enough to perform sexual intercourse. There are numerous causes that involve physical and psychological elements that can lead to the development of this condition. Among men aged between 40 and 70 years, more than 30% experience erectile dysfunction at some level. The research found the most common cause of erectile dysfunction to be related to cardiovascular conditions, with atherosclerosis being the most commonly diagnosed condition in patients who experience problems with their sexual functionality.

Linking Heart Disease To Erectile Dysfunction

In a study that was conducted by a team of medical professionals, a conclusion was made that heart failure and heart disease has a direct effect on the sexual abilities of a man. The study took into account a total of 62 male participants. The study included a 6-minute walk session for each patient to measure the performance of their heart before, during and after exercise. Alterations in the patient’s sexual functionality, as well as in their emotional and social functions were observed during the study. The study concluded that 75% of patients with advanced heart failure also suffer from erectile dysfunction. The level of satisfaction experienced during sexual intercourse also decreased as the heart condition started to develop further in patients. Among the patients who experience a problem with their sexual capabilities, approximately 25% has completely ceased from partaking in any sexual activity. While heart disease is not always the cause of erectile dysfunction, research provides adequate proof that cardiovascular condition is the leading cause of sexual performance issues. It is believed that erectile dysfunction provides a sign to the patient about an underlying problem that is developing. According to Mayo Clinic, medical experts find that erectile dysfunction can be a sign that the patient is developing endothelial dysfunction.

Endothelial Dysfunction

Endothelial dysfunction is a condition that refers to the dysfunction of the vascular endothelium. The vascular endothelium is a vital organ in the human body that is involved in critical functions of vascular toning and structuring. The collection of cells has numerous functions, including:
  • The maintenance of vascular tone
  • Protecting vascular tissue from toxins
  • Regulation of inflammation and blood clotting in arteries
  • Controlling electrolytes and other substances that pass between tissue and blood
Endothelial dysfunction is present when one or more of these functions are not working as it is supposed to work. Very Well reports this problem to be related to a lower level of nitric oxide in the walls of blood vessels. This condition is usually present in patients who are suffering from high blood pressure or other cardiovascular-related conditions.

Erectile Dysfunction: An Early Sign of Heart Disease?

Many recent studies have turned their focus towards the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease. The fact that the majority of patients suffering from heart diseases and cardiovascular conditions are also suffering from erectile dysfunction adds more reason for experts in the industry to put a focus on this aspect in their studies. When a condition such as endothelial dysfunction is present in a patient, blood flow to their penis is usually restricted first because arteries in the penis are smaller than arteries in the heart and brain. Heart conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes have been closely associated with erectile dysfunction in recent years. This is mainly because scientists have started to study the causes and conditions that relate to erectile dysfunction. Findings indicate that this condition can be a direct sign of another condition that is developing in the patient. Thus it is advised that patients experiencing problems in their sex life consult their doctor for further investigation. This could lead to the early detection of a developing disease, which means the disease can be treated with a higher success rate compared to diagnosing the disease after a relapse such as a heart attack or stroke. The good news among all the bad news of ED is that Erectile Dysfunction is treatable and preventable. Whether you hope for a cure or simply want to prevent the occurrence of ED, the tips mentioned in this article are surely to help you through. Of course, there are many ways to treat ED (invasive and non-invasive); however, in this article, we have restricted ourselves to simply the best and most effective ways to treat ED.
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