5 Fitness Trends that Are Set To Dominate in 2017

By Patrick Banks

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Keeping fit is essential for everyone who wants to lead a healthy life. There are numerous fitness activities that have hit from time to time. A New Year is approaching and it is important to take note of the fitness trends that are set to dominate throughout next year. They are amazing and helpful activities designed to keep you fit. Whether it’s swimming, running or pilates, the best part is that one enjoys massive fun while getting fit. Read on to get a glimpse of the trending fitness activities set to dominate next year.

1. Body Weight Training

Body weight training might be overlooked by many as an old fitness activity but the fact is that it’s one of the most effective workouts. It will make it through the list of 2017 top fitness trend because it’s something people have been doing over the years and it has helped people get great results. Another reason why it’s on the list as 2017’s hottest fitness trends is because its rise to popularity comes down to packaging, especially in commercial gyms and clubs.

In fact, it first appeared in American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey in 2013. Since then, it has been rated as one of the most super-efficient trainings. When we do bodyweight training, our bodies release endorphins, chemicals that lift your mood and give you a natural high, helping improve low energy levels and naturally remedy depression.

2. Wearable Technology

The wearable tech still remains a big business and it is set to continue booming throughout 2017, although science doubts if fitness trackers are really effective. The wearable technology has opened doors for new industries developing tech-related products such as interactive textiles, smart fabrics, and smart glasses. I bet you are already familiar with wearable fitness gadgets like GPS tracking devices, heart rate monitors, smart watches, and activity trackers.

Wearable technology can collect a wide range of real-time data like heart rate, sleep and activity levels, among others. In addition, wearable tech will collect additional biometric data like blood pressure and blood glucose levels through non-invasive sensors in real time. These metrics are critical data for fitness programs dealing with patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart failure and other similar conditions. Wearable technology is increasingly becoming a critical component in population health management and individual health care.

3. Online fitness

Online streaming workout video services dominated 2016 and they are still set to dominate in 2017. Although the market is crowded, the need for more professional online trainers is growing every day. Online trainers differ in the packages that they offer and the average plan is around $10 per month. Examples of active online fitness programs include BooyaFitness.com, FitnessBlender.com and LiveStreamingFitness.com. Since 2017 is expected to be a busy year, many people will find little time going to the gym hence the online fitness programs will come in handy. Basically, the training packages are arranged in an order that will help you achieve your goals easily.

In other sites, you will be lucky to find online workout videos for free – making them a good starting point for your fitness journey next year. There are great innovations that will emerge from online fitness trainings in 2017.

4. New Home Cardio Options

Technology has made it easy to workout without actually going out in the field. There are awesome cardio options for athletes and those who like the more natural movement without the pounding. For a four or five-figure price tag, you can easily acquire one of these cardio options and fit them in your home gym. This year, five major fitness companies announced their plan to make the products available for home-owned gyms. The Alternative Motion machines include Life Fitness FlexStrider, Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer, Octane Fitness Zero Runner, and The Nordic Track Free Stride.

The cardio machines have been cropping up in gyms for several years but next year they will be more available in homes and working spaces. The cardio machines come with suspended pedals that are supposed to mimic stair climbing or running. Alternative Motion is the next kid making his way into your home gym, be it a gym machine like treadmill, Stairclimber or Elliptical trainer.

5. Self-Defense Workouts

Self-defense workouts have been popular throughout 2016 and there is still room for new learners. Everyone wants to be on the safe side in case they fall into trouble. You have to know how to kick some butt just in case they mess with you. This exercise is inspired by martial arts, MMA, and boxing. It is expected to be great in 2017. Martial arts are having a moment, thanks to 2016’s high-grossing movies trying to educate the public on the importance of self-defense.

A good example is The Avengers although it’s a 2015 movie. Apart from learning self-defense, you get the chance to experience incredible metabolic workouts that improve power, balance, and coordination.

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