5 Secrets to a Successful Online Dating Profile

By Patrick Banks

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Online dating can feel like navigating a mine field at times. With so many potential suitors out there, how can you possibly narrow down the field to find the right one? The good news is that there are a few tips that can help bolster your online dating profile.

There are plenty of dating tips to be had. But with five secrets to creating a successful online dating profile, you an ensure that you have a better go at it than most. Let’s check out the secrets to a great profile according to Emma Stockton.


1.) Maximum Photo Use

One of the best secrets to creating a great online profile is to make the best use of the picture space available. Many dating sites have a limit as to how many photos you can use on your profile. Whatever that is, meet that number.

The more pictures you have, the more situations it shows you in. Instead of selfies, switch things up to give potential suitors more looks at you. It is the best way to show off what you are really like to any interested candidates.

2.) But Avoid Group Photos

While you want to showcase yourself in as many different settings as possible, it doesn’t mean that any picture will do. Far too many people post group shots but those may be detrimental for your overall goals. After all, no one is clicking to see your friends, especially when the profile is meant to be about you.

It can also present a task for visitors that makes things all the more difficult. Which one are you again? Do you look different than the previous group photo? Where are you in this one? It is enough to give anyone a headache. Avoid group photos wherever possible.

3.) Give it the Friend Review

Being too close to your profile can be a detriment. You make all of the changes, see all of the fine details, and are seeing things differently than most outsiders will. So, it makes sense to have a friend look it over.

Honesty is great here because it gives you insight into what is needed to have a successful profile. Maybe one picture doesn’t look quite as good as you thought. Maybe you’re sharing opinions that don’t need to be there. A second set of eyes is always a good thing.

4.) Don’t Write too Much

Some people will fill out their life story. While it is good to know about someone you are potentially interested in, dragging on and on can get boring and disinteresting. Write just enough about you to let someone know who you are without it turning into a novel.

If you can, be witty and natural. It becomes apparent quickly when someone is trying too hard. While that can be a little more difficult than it seems, it also provides an air of mystery. Leave them wanting more, after all.

5.) Make a Great First Impression

This kind of ties into the pictures but first impressions are everything. If you have blurry, uncentered, or grainy photos, it sets the tone in the wrong way. Make sure that your pictures are clear and focused. Make sure you have not just headshots but a full-body shot as well.

You want to be as clear as you can for potential viewers. There is nothing worse than thinking someone looks one way when they have really been cropping photos and being deceptive. It also helps you appear “up front” without really having to divulge much about yourself other than appearances.

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