How to Make Money On Instagram – Instagram Career: Is It Fantasy or Reality?

By Patrick Banks

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The Internet has become the main competitor of TV channels in the fight for the advertising budget of companies. According to experts from Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media, during the year, television companies lost 196 million “advertising” dollars. They flowed into the pockets of bloggers. No wonder kids today dream of a career in blogging. The example of their idols suggests that everyone can become a network hero. Is it really so?
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This world is changing rapidly. To have time to adjust to it is as difficult as to see a picture in the flicker of old videotape frames put on the fastest rewind. On the morning of each new day, we wake up in a city where technology is even more advanced, even smarter. That’s why we should develop as rapidly as we have to, to catch up with the new technologies and to benefit from them.

Instagram is currently the most popular social network. It received a special development in 2015, and in a few years, it has become a powerful platform not only for communication but also for making money. The main audience is people from 18 to 29 years old. According to statistics, about 60% of users check their feed at least once a day. That is why the idea of making money on Instagram, so popular. WP Dev Shed is a decent source to know more about Instagram growth.

Income from the social network can be received in different ways. You can make money with your own Instagram account or by providing services to maintain someone else’s account. Everyone who has time can earn in this social network, so if you value your time, contact paper writing service and ask “ I want someone to write my thesis for me, don’t waste your time doing tasks and spend it profitably. The most common way to make money on Instagram is by posting promotional posts to your profile. However, this is not the one way to benefit from the popularity of the social network.

Instagram’s advertising effectiveness grows every year. A business that anyone can start. Answering the question of how to make money in Instagram, we want to emphasize that, unfortunately, many aspiring entrepreneurs cling only to the idea, but quickly lose motivation and do not start earning. This happens for a variety of reasons: they want a quick payoff and are not willing to wait. They lack experience, expectations are inflated, mistakes were made at the start… To warn against such things, we suggest reading a few general tips for those who want to build their business on Instagram.

Learn the basics of SMM (promotion on the Internet) in order to promote your own business in Instagram. There is special literature, courses, and online schools for this purpose.

Do not be fooled by the recruitment of subscribers. Very often in recommendations on business in “Instagram”, you can meet the advice to gain subscribers. But be warned: this manipulation will not give you any benefit and will not allow you to make money! Firstly, what good is an inactive audience if the majority of businesses in “Instagram” are tied to the actions of subscribers. Secondly, you can see the subscribers you have on your site with the naked eye. If they want to cooperate with you, the tweaked subscribers will scare away any adequate person. Thirdly, it’s not free to get addicted subscribers. You will spend money for a “bear service”. It’s better to spend this money on competent promotion – advertising from bloggers, targeting (we’ll talk about it later), etc. This will bring you much more benefit.

Attention! Now there will be shocking news – in order to make money on Instagram, you do not need to have crowds of followers. It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the audience. And in some areas of Internet business, you don’t have to talk about attracting followers at all.

If you want to develop your account as a business on Instagram, you need to take care of quality content: useful, interesting posts, good visual design, an attractive concept. Creating an Instagram product that many users will enjoy is not easy. However, if you feel empowered to do so, it can work. Note that you can not only keep a personal blog but also be an administrator of thematic subgroups – for example, publish funny videos, book reviews, showbiz news, news articles of your city, etc. Just don’t forget about copyrights: when using someone else’s material, indicate its author.

Be prepared for the fact that it’s not possible to make money in Instagram right away. In most cases, your investment in Instagram will pay off over time. It is unlikely that you will be able to make a momentary profit here. Although our selection includes such business ideas. It’s also worth bearing in mind that working in “Instagram” requires your constant involvement. This social network is constantly evolving, the competition is already quite large and continues to grow. Your business in “Instagram” is not the easiest, but with the right organization, it can bring substantial income.

“Instagram” today is an actively developing platform. To make money in this area, you need to keep your hand on the pulse. How to make money from Instagram in 2022? Let’s ask about the trends.

How to make money on Instagram?

The idea for Instagram 1. AR masks on Instagram

Masks are blowing up Instagram in 2019. “Pioneers” have risen quite well on this: bloggers have increased the audience, and the creators of masks have earned: some only on the design, others also on training. You can find many courses and training videos on the Internet, offering to teach anyone how to work in a specialized program for creating AR masks on Instagram.

Instagram Masks

In 2022, masks on Instagram are still relevant, but the vector will change. An important function of masks becomes brand or product promotion. A mask can be used to announce a new product, grab the attention of followers, and trigger a wave of user-generated content. Games, gamification, and competitive mechanics can be built into such masks.

Today, the creation of an AR mask on Instagram involves not only knowing how to use Spark AR Studio, but also the development of an advertising concept, creativity, and promotion of the mask itself. And this is a package of services for full-fledged businesses. The price of development of AR-mask starts at 2 thousand rubles, and the upper limit is difficult to name – here it all depends on the complexity of the order. Obviously, the creation of turnkey AR projects will cost several times as much.

The idea for Instagram 2. Instagrammable design

With each year in “Instagram” increasing requirements for the appearance of accounts. Such a service as business optimization, “instagrammable image” is actively gaining momentum. Currently, the audience is increasingly attracted to instagrammable places – the interior design of public places is becoming more instagrammable and photogenic. A whole new category of projects is emerging that is created specifically for Instagram. This is a great opportunity for designers to prove themselves in a new direction.

Another option for how to make money on Instagram is the design of the Instagram account itself. This includes the visual concept, strategy, branding, creative content, color scheme, and stylization of photos that reflect the essence of the brand. Instagram for business is a powerful advertising platform. Proper positioning of an Instagram account allows you to market and attract an audience. Therefore, the service is becoming more and more in demand.

The direction is young but quite promising. The idea will suit interior designers, photographers, stylists, workers in PR and advertising. You can deal with orders as a freelancer or open your own creative agency, bringing together employees with different specializations.

The Idea on how to make money in “Instagram” 3. Photoshoots for “Instagram”

Requirements for the quality of content are growing. That’s why bloggers are increasingly turning to photographers, copywriters, stylists, etc. A photoshoot for “Instagram” allows the customer to solve a large number of issues. The service includes the creation of the concept and visual style, the selection of images for shooting, professional photos and processing, photo support for the account, and so on. Not only business accounts, but also bloggers with personal accounts apply for the service.

The idea on how to make money on Instagram 4. Instagram videos

One of the hottest major trends of recent years is Instagram videos. The audience of Stories and IGTV is constantly growing. A lot of Instagram users admit that they have stopped reading the feed and only watch stories.

Instagram Videos

So here’s an idea for earning money: creating videos for blogger’s Instagram. The services of an editor, cameraman, screenwriter are in demand. This includes not only creating content for the account. For example, many bloggers sell their info products: webinars, courses, video lessons, etc. Serious projects involve specialists who can help qualitatively organize and carry out filming, write a script, and edit the video. Thus, the opportunities to make money from Instagram videos are quite extensive.

The idea for “Instagram” 5. Comprehensive services.

Instagram advertises goods and services, individual products, and accounts themselves. The endless stream of ads develops banner blindness in users. Therefore, there is a growing demand for the quality of advertising on Instagram.

Today, this service involves more than just designing a picture or editing a simple video. It’s developing an advertising concept, writing talking points, selecting bloggers to place ads, writing scripts for commercials, preparing the Instagram account for advertising, etc. Integrated services attract the client and help them differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Example: John says he will make a promotional layout based on the customer’s talking points. Bob offers to prepare an account for advertising, write selling talking points, develop a creative script or design layouts, find bloggers to place ads. Who will the customer turn to? Most likely, to someone who will solve the problem comprehensively and not just create an advertising layout based on ready-made material, but offer an effective way of promotion. This approach helps to attract orders from serious clients.

The Idea on how to make money on Instagram 6. Gamification and puzzles.

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in social media to build brand loyalty. Both regular bloggers and business accounts use this technique on Instagram, thereby increasing user engagement. It is a way of adapting to the modern user. Elements of the game can be contests and quizzes, predictions, puzzles, mini-surveys, tests in the spirit of “guess the place from the photo” and so on.

Thanks to the popularization of game content services for its creation became relevant. Even separate gamification services for “Instagram” appeared. On freelance sites, you can find many ads offering to create game content for accounts. So if you are a creative person – try to realize your talents in this field.

Now you know what to expect from Instagram in 2022 and what trends you can earn from. But let’s go back to proven ideas that have remained relevant over the years.

Idea how to make money on Instagram 7. Selling your products or services

Instagram is a very effective trading platform. There is a very interested, active audience here. Promoting your goods or services is a good way to make money. Even accounts with a small number of subscribers can earn decent money on Instagram.

What they sell on “Instagram”.

  • Goods: food, clothes and shoes, flowers, handmade products, accessories, decorative items and utensils, cosmetics, etc;
  • Services: designers, copywriters, webmasters, photographers, artists, psychologists, business coaches, lawyers, programmers, beauty salons, sports complexes, entertainment projects.

Today, almost any product or service can be sold through Instagram. Some ideas of goods that can be sold on Instagram and examples of accounts we have published in this selection. The most important thing is to present your product correctly. If you have some kind of hobby – you can sell your work. If you have an entrepreneurial skill – open an online store (learn more about creating a store in “Instagram” here). If you’re a professional, like a lawyer or a makeup artist, create an account where you can share your expertise, give helpful pieces of advice, and answer questions that interest your subscribers. People gravitate to free information if it’s useful. This attracts new subscribers, gives them credibility, and allows them to reach out to you if they really need help.

Selling on Instagram

Each type of sales-oriented account has different requirements. For example, the visual content is important for e-shop on Instagram – the higher quality photos are, the more attractive will be the product depicted on them. For an account aimed at providing some kind of professional and consulting services (legal, medical, psychological) are much more important useful texts. But it is good when the blog combines both components.

In order for your services or products to be in demand, you need to gather your target audience on the blog. Before you promote the account, develop its design and plan the posts, you should have a clear picture of your subscriber: how old he is, what city he lives in, what he does, what his income level is, what he is interested in. When you have an accurate picture of your subscribers, it will be easier for you to promote your account, generate an offer, set a price, and interact with your audience. These are very important parameters for targeting, an advertising mechanism that allows you to select from the entire available audience only those who meet the criteria (target audience), and show ads specifically to them. Now targeting is one of the most effective ways of promotion.

How else can you make money on “Instagram” promoting your products and services

  • Offer them to bloggers in terms of barter: you give them your products/services and they give you advertisements for your products.
  • Arrange drawings, contests, promotions, discounts on Instagram.
  • Use the right hashtags and popular geolocations.
  • Design your profile header competently, mentioning keywords that will make you easy to find. For example, if you sell homemade cakes and are located in Saratov, write “Cakes Saratov” in the title of your blog – this is how potential users will search for such services.
  • Use targeting – a built-in feature in business accounts “Instagram” or turn to professionals. This is not an exhaustive list of promotion techniques. You can read more about this topic on the Internet – there are many useful materials in the public domain.

Lifehacks for sales in Instagram:

  • Share with your followers the process of creating your product. But don’t overload them with details – the posts should be entertaining.
  • Always respond to comments.
  • Write the price of your product/service. Very often in online stores, you can see the magic phrase “write to direct” – this is for those who suddenly want to know the price of the product. The lack of price can discourage customers. Firstly, not everyone will want to waste time on correspondence indirect, just to find out the price. Secondly, it suggests that this seller’s prices are higher than those of his competitors. And thirdly, there is a myth that sellers adjust prices by assessing the wealth of the person who asks the question indirectly. Your job, as a seller, is to make the buying process as easy as possible. Therefore, state the price right away.
  • Encourage your subscribers. Post their photos with feedback.

Idea how to make money on Instagram 8. Promotional posts.

This is probably the easiest and most common way to make a business on Instagram, which suits everyone, both students and young mothers on maternity leave. The only important condition is that you must have enough followers to make money from promotional posts. Usually, the pass to this “source” starts with 10 thousand subscribers, but even with a smaller audience you can make money from advertising – only the income will be more modest. The main thing is that your entire audience was real, and not artificially inflated by scrambling.

Earnings algorithm:

  • You create a promotional post on Instagram (it can be a photo or video);
  • You insert a branded hashtag, mention, or link to promote your brand;
  • You share it with your audience;
  • You get paid.
  • The earnings scheme is simple enough, but there are a number of important questions that need to be answered.

Where to get subscribers on Instagram

  1. You will be lucky if customers come to you on their own. This is not uncommon. People browse your account, evaluate it, make sure their target audience matches, and write to you. If you want this story to happen more often, mention this service in your account. Or create a separate account for ad recruitment. Just don’t go crazy with the number of promotional posts. In the pursuit of money, you can forget about the quality of the content. You can lose a large number of your own subscribers if you overload your profile with promotional posts. So think carefully about this point, earning on Instagram.
  1. Today, there are many different platforms that help bloggers and advertisers find each other There you can find jobs about posting ads in your account and calculate how much you’ll get for it. On average, you can get from $10 to infinity for placing 1 ad post (it all depends on the account’s popularity).

The Idea how to make money on Instagram 9. Promotion of accounts (marketing consultant)

Account promotion

Account promotion is another super-popular business on Instagram that brings in good money. Now many companies with their profiles on this social network are in need of specialists in the promotion. What is the job?

  • designing the company’s profile;
  • Creating content and a content plan that will gather an audience and bring clients;
  • SEO optimization;
  • partnership with other bloggers;
  • advertising promotion of the account in various ways;
  • setting up targeting advertising;
  • increasing activity (likes, comments, replies).

There is nothing complicated about this work. To speed up the learning process you may ask the special courses. Their cost is 100- 1000 dollars.

How much can I earn? Here are approximate market prices for some of the services of an Instagram marketer:

  • Account from scratch (creation, promotion) – $150;
  • Monthly Instagram maintenance – from $500;
  • Designing an account – from $200;
  • Targeting advertising (setup and management) – from $100.

You need to make a price list and decide what services you can offer to your client.

How to search for clients? Monitor the ads on Instagram and vacancies on specialized sites. Now there are a lot of job offers.

How to build a sustainable consulting business in Instagram

If you are counting on a long-term prospect of earning, use the following tips:

  1. Identify your target audience accurately. You need to build competent relationships with bloggers in your niche to attract clients.
  1. Create a portfolio with good reviews. Start with free help.
  1. Track time spent on various tasks using various apps and establish processes when you work with new clients.
  1. Give people free information and then your followers will turn into your customers.

Ideas on how to make money on Instagram 9. Sell your expertise

If you have certain knowledge and skills and want to share them, you can create a digital product. There’s just one problem: To market your product, you need to build an audience from the ground up that will trust you and be willing to buy your services. This undoubtedly takes a lot of effort and time, if your college homework is taking up all your time, find best services on reddit, which will help you save time that you can devote to your business.  For example, you’re an experienced copywriter and want to share your experience with aspiring copywriters. Or a marketer who wants to educate beginners. Or a stylist who offers his clients an author’s course. 

Assume you already have an active audience. And if not, go back to the beginning of the article and read about tips on promotion and accounts. Now let’s talk about how to create that very product.

How to come up with an original product

One way is to research the books in your niche. Another way is to study the audience that has formed in your account. You can ask them what they are willing to buy. Find out your audience’s problems through communication.

How much does it cost?

Courses can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000. It all depends on your auditory, course content, interaction format, etc. By selling your experience on Instagram, you can make $500-$1,500 a month. It all depends on how good a product you offer, whether you are guessing the needs of your audience and how you market it.

Mistakes your Instagram business can avoid

There are 3 main reasons why you won’t succeed in launching course sales:

  • you don’t have a business idea;
  • you’re not sure you’re good enough;
  • you’ll launch a product on Instagram, but then find that no one wants to buy it.

How do you deal with this? Research the market and consumer demands thoroughly. Attend a course like this to see the whole “kitchen” from the inside. Ask yourself the question, “What exclusive information do I have?” – The answer to that question will be the basis for the idea. Before launching course sales, it is advisable to pre-test them – sell someone a cut-down version for a minimum price, get feedback and draw conclusions.


Instagram today is not just a social network for communication, but a real trading platform on which you can deploy your business, work, and earn well. In fact, there are many more ideas for making money on Instagram than presented above. You can provide photo processing services, be a Giveaway organizer, do profile parsing, produce author presets for photo processing, provide designer services for account design, write custom texts, etc. So the main thing is to find that idea of activity or business that you will be easy and interesting to work with. In this case, a business on Instagram will bring pleasure.

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