6 Most Popular Home Improvement Projects in the US

By Patrick Banks

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Home improvement isn’t just about changing a space; it’s about enhancing our quality of life. Across the US, homeowners are seeking ways to maximize comfort, utility, and aesthetic appeal in their living spaces. Given the surge in home improvements, the country witnesses billions of dollars earned by the home remodeling sector almost every year. In Chicago, for instance, homeowners are seen spending as much as $37,500 on bathroom renovations and $148,719 on kitchen remodels. 

As families grow, lifestyles change, and new trends emerge, our homes naturally need to evolve. Whether it’s the desire to boost property value, create a more functional environment, or simply breathe new life into an old space, home improvement projects are on the rise. Let’s dive into some of the most popular projects that American homeowners are undertaking today.

1. Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces

An often overlooked part of home improvement is the outdoor space. Yet, this space can be a haven for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with nature. More homeowners are viewing their backyards and gardens as extensions of their indoor living areas.

Think of the trend towards outdoor kitchens, complete with grills, prep areas, and even pizza ovens. Imagine gathering around fire pits on chilly evenings or cultivating a garden with native plants that not only beautify the space but also promote local ecology.

But here’s a pro tip: if you’re serious about transforming your outdoor space, consider hiring a professional. Specifically, for residents in the Midwest, hiring a home remodeling company in Chicago can make a significant difference. These experts understand the unique climatic conditions and challenges of the region and can tailor projects accordingly. They can ensure that the materials used are durable against harsh winters, that the designs are functional year-round, and that the landscaping choices are both beautiful and sustainable for the area.

2. Kitchen Remodeling

Often dubbed the ‘heart of the home,’ the kitchen serves as a central hub for gatherings, meals, and memories. Given its significance in daily life, it’s no surprise that kitchen remodeling remains a top choice for many homeowners.

Open-concept kitchens have become a favorite, blending the cooking area seamlessly with the dining and living areas. This design not only offers a spacious feel but also facilitates easier interaction and movement. Meanwhile, the rise of smart appliances has transformed the culinary experience, with devices that can be remotely controlled, self-clean, or even provide recipe suggestions.

Sustainable materials are another trend to watch. Homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious, choosing materials that are not just durable but also eco-friendly. From bamboo countertops to recycled glass backsplashes, the kitchen has become a canvas for both style and sustainability. The best part? A revamped kitchen doesn’t just provide an aesthetic facelift; it typically offers a solid return on investment (ROI), making it a win-win project.

3. Bathroom Renovation

After a long day, there’s nothing quite like unwinding in a serene and comfortable bathroom. Recognizing this, many homeowners are investing in bathroom renovations that emphasize comfort, functionality, and modern aesthetics.

Walk-in showers have become a staple in many bathroom redesigns. They’re not just sleek and stylish but also quite practical, especially for those with mobility issues. Freestanding tubs are another sought-after feature, lending a touch of luxury to the space. Modern fixtures, incorporating everything from rain showerheads to touchless faucets, add both convenience and a contemporary feel.

It’s not just about luxury, though. Bathroom renovations often lead to increased property value. A modern, well-functioning bathroom can be a major selling point for potential buyers, making it a smart investment for homeowners considering future resale.

4. Home Office Additions or Conversions

The way we work is changing. More of us are working from home now than ever before. And this change has made many homeowners realize the importance of a dedicated workspace. That’s why adding a home office or converting an existing space into one has become a popular home improvement project.

Since an ideal home office should be quiet, soundproofing might be on the to-do list. It should also be comfortable. Investing in good-quality chairs and desks can make a big difference in how we feel at the end of a workday. Plus, with many meetings now online, having a professional-looking background and good lighting is becoming important, too.

And of course, fast and reliable internet is a must. Many homeowners are upgrading their internet connections or adding better equipment, like stronger routers or additional access points, to ensure they can work without interruption.

5. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Saving money and helping the planet? That sounds like a win-win. And that’s why so many homeowners are looking into energy-efficient upgrades. These projects not only lower monthly utility bills but also reduce a home’s environmental footprint.

One of the top choices for energy efficiency is solar panels. Once installed, they can provide a clean source of power for the home, reducing dependence on traditional (and often more expensive) energy sources. But it’s not just about solar panels. Things like improving insulation or adding energy-efficient windows can keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, all while using less energy.

It’s a simple idea: the less energy we waste, the less we have to buy. And over time, these savings can add up. Plus, with many local and federal incentives available, the initial costs of these projects can be reduced, making them even more attractive to homeowners.

6. Basement or Attic Conversions

Every home has untapped potential. For many, this potential is hiding right under their feet or above their heads. Basements and attics, often used for storage, can become valuable living spaces with a bit of work.

Imagine turning that dusty attic into a cozy guest room or transforming a cold, dark basement into a lively game room or home theater. These projects not only add more usable space to a home but also increase its overall value.

The key here is to ensure that these spaces are safe and comfortable. It might mean adding proper insulation, ensuring there’s adequate ventilation, or waterproofing basements to prevent any moisture problems. With the right approach, these often-overlooked spaces can become some of the most loved areas of a home.


Our homes are more than just buildings; they’re where we live our lives. That’s why home improvement projects, whether it’s updating a kitchen or converting an attic, are so valuable. They allow us to adapt our spaces to fit our changing needs and lifestyles. And while trends come and go, the desire to have a comfortable, functional, and beautiful home will always be a constant. Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or want to enjoy it more, these projects can make a big difference.

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