6 Safety Measures to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

By Patrick Banks

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In 2021, 961 bicyclists lost their lives in accidents with motor vehicles. This is a 55% increase since 2010. Of these 961, 591 bicyclists were not wearing a helmet. 961 deaths in a single year raise concern. It is time for the government and people to take proper action to reduce bicycle accidents. It should be noted that most accidents are the direct result of the negligence of motorists.

Punishing their negligence is the best way to reduce bicycle accidents. Victims can punish the at-fault parties by filing a bicycle accident claim immediately after a bicycle accident.

Delays in filing a claim can complicate the case, as it gives an opportunity for insurance companies to question the integrity of your claim.

Reducing accidents by punishing negligence is a long-term plan. You can take some actions to avoid accidents today. Here are some things you can do to avoid bicycle accidents:

  • See and be seen
  • Avoid nigh rides
  • Use hand signals
  • Use headlights
  • Stay out of blind spots
  • Stay away from parked cars

See and Be Seen

One of the common things most at-fault parties will say is, “I didn’t even see them.” Somehow, motorists never pay attention to bicyclists. Just assume that motorists will never see you. You have to put in effort to be seen by motorists. Also, hazards on US roads are pretty common. You should be on the lookout for these hazards. See and be seen is the best advice anyone could give a bicyclist. See hazards on the road and other drivers, and strive to be visible to motorists.

Avoid Night Rides

Riding your bicycle at night can be soothing and fun. It can also be a great exercise
that your body needs.
The problem is that bicyclists are not visible to motorists at night. Even in the daytime, motorists don’t pay attention to bicyclists. The situation becomes worse at night. If you have to ride at night, at least wear reflective clothes. By doing this, you can be more visible to motorists.

Use Hand Signals

Bicycles don’t have indicators. That doesn’t mean you can turn without signaling. You must use hand signals to notify others of your intentions. If you don’t, accidents can happen. Motorists don’t know if you are going to turn unless you let them know.

It is also best to use hand signals for stopping. Effective communication is important in reducing bicycle accidents.

Use Headlights

In most states, the use of headlights on bicycles 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise is legally required.

Cars, motorcycles, and trucks have huge headlights to see what’s ahead. The same is required for bicycles too.

Headlights on bicycles allow bicyclists to see hazards. It also helps in getting
noticed by other motorists. Like headlights, a red reflector in the rear end is also
mandatory for bicycles.

Stay Out of Blind Spots

All vehicles have blind spots. A blind spot is a spot where the driver won’t be able
to see.

If you are riding in a blind spot, the driver will not be able to see you. They may hit
you unintentionally if you ride in blind spots.
Learn about the blind spots of cars and trucks. Learning about the blind spots is the
only way to avoid them.

Stay Away from Parked Cars

Dooring is one of the most common causes of bicycle accidents. Dooring accidents happen when a car door is opened in a way that blocks the path of other drivers. When a car door is opened suddenly, the bicyclist may not be able to react and hit the door. This usually happens with parked cars. So it is best to stay away from parked cars.

Final Thoughts

It is your responsibility to be careful when riding a bike. If, even after following all the above tips, an accident happens, call a lawyer immediately. They can help you file a claim and obtain fair compensation for your losses.

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