6 Similarities Between Infidelity & Betrayal and Halloween

By Gary Spivak

Posted 9 years agoDATING

After you’ve been cheated on:

1) You walk around like a zombie –  many don’t eat
or sleep.

2) Your ex was a monster by lying, hurting, and betraying you.

3) Your ex wore many masks hiding their true self- they could be nice
and loving to you while at the same time doing   bad things behind your

4)  You thought you had a nice treat but it turned out to be trick.

5)  You are haunted by your traumatic experience.

6)  Your home was more like a house of horrors.

Many people who have been cheated on go through Post Infidelity Stress
Disorder (PISD), they feel like they have been hit by a Mack truck.
Infidelity causes emotional as well as physical pain.   Some experience
insomnia, lack of appetite, muscle aches, or hard to concentrate.  There
will be a roller coaster of emotions from rage to sadness.

Infidelity survivors who look back at their relationship realize their
cheating partner lied to them many times about where they were, who they
were with, and what they spent money on.  They don’t know if their whole
relationship was a big lie. As more facts come to life they may have found
out their cheating partner hid many things from them.

Those who cheat wear different masks they may make their partner feel like
he/she is the only one while at the same time make the other woman or man
feel like he/she is the only person they want to be with. They may be
leading a double life with two families or partners.

After you fall in love with the “perfect” mate you realize they tricked
you and they have many flaws. Your partner portrayed themselves as the
ideal man or woman but they end up verbally or physically abusing you. You
realize they did things in their past that if you knew about you would
have never went out with him or her.  They hid a drug or alcohol problem
from you.

After being cheated on there are triggers that haunt you of trauma.  The
triggers may be a smell, song, seeing someone cheating in a movie or
television show, or just seeing some texting makes your mind race.
Everyone heals from infidelity at different rates.  Most find it very
difficult to trust again after the ultimate betrayal.

No one would believe what happens behind closed doors.  Your partner does
drugs or is an alcoholic.  He or she verbally or physically abuses you.
He or she may be a hoarder.  They may not lift a finger at home and want
you to do all the work and wait on them like a prince or princess.

Halloween is full of tricks and treats; it can be scary and fun.
Unfortunately for people who have been cheated on or betrayed there is
mainly the bad but the silver lining is you found out the “real” person
you were with in Mr. Hyde not Dr. Jekyll.

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Gary Spivak, founder of Fidelity Dating - dating site for those who have
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