7 Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Ways Of Having Sex

By Willo Conner

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Christian Grey’s pleasure-pain dynamics of having sex are quite provoking to most people. If you have watched the movie, then there were things you saw that are beyond the imagination of most people. Reading the book by EL James, isn’t any less erotic. What “Fifty shades of Grey” did is that it touched on the issue of sex, a topic often avoided.

Most are times people shy away from this subject but this movie left a number of them feeling inferior in bedroom matters. You don’t need to go to the extreme to enjoy the love making sessions but spicing things up a little will introduce profound excitement in your sex life more than you know.

A recent study showed that over fifty percent of people in relationships don’t feel satisfied in their sexual lives and feel the need for more adventure. Well, if you are one of them, look no further as in this article we are going to look at a few ways of having sex inspired by Christian Grey and yours truly, Anna girl (the naïve one).

1. Go blind

Ian Kerner, the author of “The Big Book Of Sex” will tell you that minimizing one of the senses (in this case sight) enhances other senses such as touch. Blind folding also spurs imagination of the one blindfolded, arousing their feeling at the same time. To spice things up even more the one who can see should have a surprise that the other doesn’t know about. Avoid the mistakes men make in bed. It can be a feather tickler or an ice cube. In essence, the surprise should be used to stimulate the sense of the one blindfolded before the real action begins.

2. Pain For Pleasure

Biology will tell you that when pain is combined with pleasure, the brain releases dopamine, an intoxicating potent hormone that arouses feeling of passion in a person. Light spanking can be incorporated in foreplay or intercourse as it’s known to enhance orgasm. Ensure not to infringe too much pain in your partner to the extent that they are hurt. As much as there is need for that feeling of intense passion, hurting them is out of the question.

3. Invest in Sex Toys

Sex toys are used to intensify the mood. In Fifty Shades Of Grey, Ana has this toy she refers to “Ben Wa Balls” or jingle bells if you like. After dropping the naïve attitude, she wears this toy every time she is out with Grey. In some way she is aroused at the slightest of touch, which for Grey is mind provoking. It not only stimulates pleasure points during wear, but also helps in toning pelvic walls.


4. Take Her Prisoner

By virtue of being tied and can’t break off the ties, women are more aware of their bodies as sexual objects and the intense pleasure and focus that follows is out of this world. All you need to do is to restrain her somewhere such that those things she would naturally want to do she can’t. The feeling of her losing all the control to her man (to do whatever he wants with her) is bound to leave her extremely aroused. On the other hand, the man will want her even more by seeing her in a hopeless state. Men also can be restrained. For example, you may tie their legs to a chair and then perform foreplay will definitely increase their focus. Take this time to devour their various body parts without their involvement. For this, you may use some cuffs (kinky by the way) or just a silky soft rope.

5. Watch Porn Together

I know that doesn’t sound like something you can tell your partner to do with a straight face. It sounds like something only teenagers find exciting. At first they may think you are crazy but convincing them why I think will be appreciated. The thing about porn is that it stimulates the mind, the largest and most powerful sexual organ known. By watching these steamy erotic films, the two of you can steal some sex moves and positions, which as you try, are both exciting and increase desire for each other.

6. Use A Feather Tickler

As much as infringing pain on your partner can arouse them, something soft like a feather can arouse them even more leaving them on the edge. It should be used to caress each other’s body, and in that time heighten each other’s senses all over the body.

7. Mind Provoking Conversations

There is nothing that turns on a man more than naughty word from his woman. Simple cheeky texts at unexpected hours can leave him on the edge any day. These are the little things that will make him want you even more. The thing about the human mind is that it is able to conceptualize things so fast that even the slightest of provocations can turn him (or her) on.

Spicing your sexual life is a must, if you and your partner are to have a long lasting relationship without both or one of you feeling deprived. Remember this might be a reason for some of them to cheat. Don’t fear experimenting new things with them. Kill the normal routine that in no time leads to boredom, and start trying out new things. Important to note is that this advice is directed to married couples majorly.


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