How to Perform Longer in Bed Using Sex Toys

By Patrick Banks

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It is always a goal for most of the men: Be “Good in bed.” Satisfy your partner by the longer performance, and be able to give them what they wanted.
How to Perform Longer in Bed Using Sex Toys

For most of the men, it is always a fear that, are they giving their partner the proper satisfaction they wanted. For that note, they always keep an eye on their erection or ejaculating rather than pleasure or love.

It is always common to want to get it up – and keep it up with the partner but always be sure that it is not a race or match to play, just be yourself in the bed and things get to their place. Do not push yourself and instead perform as long as you can, and as long as your partner wants you to. Moreover, there are many ways to stay rigid and slow down ejaculation for you and your partner in the game longer. 

Although you and your partner can use sex toys and it can add a maximum of pleasure to your long loving relationship, but getting your lover involved in the play way method of sex can be a bit tricky. Therefore, you need to slow down when it comes to using bondage or sex toys in a loving relationship. We suggest you to smoothly introduce toys to your partner in that way you will get to know their preferences as well.

In this article, we have to cook the finest recipes for making your ejaculation last long and we have added the ingredients like the role of sex toys in every relationship. So be with this article if you wanted to know more about the good and last long performance in bed. Let us move further to discuss many natural ways you can take back control in the bed.

Sexual intercourse is very important to your relationship and your personal well-being for the relationship to grow. A new study that was conducted in the US in the year 2017 found that individuals experience higher levels of well-being when they have an active and satisfying sex life with their partners. 

The study also showed that the sexual relationship of the partners promotes stronger and more positive connections. It also increases long-term relationship satisfaction over time so we complied with some of the natural ways to be a good performer at nights. 

Be honest and alk it over

If we talk hypothetically then we all love a good dose of spontaneity in the sack, but when it really comes to performance then introducing a sex toy into the equation seems very interesting and made the male ejaculation better. Hereby, we recommend you discuss and talk it over with your partner first before you actually do it.

Simply keeping the sex toy may drive your partner wild with excitement and it will make them control the pleasure for men.

Being always open and honest with the loved ones about what you want and why you want it will help both of you to enjoy your new addition as it takes you to a whole new level of shared satisfaction with love and trust. 

Quit or Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is usually the spark that can lead to sex we all simply believe in that myth, but it can also ruin things in the bedroom once you started. Alcohol is a depressant beverage, which simply means it has a sedative or relaxing effect on the body. Let us take an example when you drink alcohol, your blood pressure decreases, brain activity lessens, and central nervous system activity slows down.

This all with your body decrease in blood pressure can work against you as it is essential to get and maintain an erection. If you want to be last longer in bed, try quitting or reducing the consumption of any alcoholic beverage, especially before the sex.

Eat Good Foods That Boost Your Testosterone Production

The best thing you can do is to change up your diet for good sex life. The famous quote that says, “You are what you eat” holds very true, especially when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle for sex and the testosterone levels. Most of the foods have a direct influence on your hormone levels. Moreover, the study shows that diets high in processed foods, trans-fatty, and soy can decrease testosterone production in males.

Therefore for a good performance in bed, put yourself on a diet that increases your testosterone levels. Here are some of our handpicked great choices to start incorporating into your diet:

Wild salmon, Brown organic eggs, Almonds, Chia seeds, Ginseng, Raw honey, Green tea, Oats (not instant oatmeal – real oats), Grass-fed beef, and Garlic

There is no scientific definition of the “ideal” and “accurate” length of a sex session but a survey of sex therapists that is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine three to seven minutes is a nominal and adequate timings. On the other hand, seven to thirteen is the most desirable for many young people. However, sex has a lot more to offer than just an orgasm for both of the couple; it is connecting with your partner and exploring his or her body to the fullest. So why rush it? Just be yourself in the bed and when you’re craving more connection, more intimacy, and of course, more orgasms just follow these rules below:-

How to Perform Longer in Bed Using Sex Toys in a Long Loving Relationship

Sex toys are always marvelous in every long loving relationship and they can help you to express your sexuality more precisely and in a fun way. This simply leads to more communication, strengthens the power of intimacy, and adds a whole lot of excitement to your sex life with a sex toy. First, you need to recognize that sex is an extremely important part of any healthy relationship and sex toys make them best for you. Let see how they work:-

Play Sexy Truth or Dare

If you want to learn more about your partner and simultaneously wanted a bit of daring fun with them in the bed. Then the game of sexy truth or dare will help you perfectly. Try to focus on intimate questions and tasks for a dare, it could be exactly what your date needs to be perfect and sizzling hot for the night.

Find the G-spot

Well, it is a very playful game and this one should be a no-brainer for everyone. While the g-spot is not the only spot of pleasure for a woman, it is also considered the main one for nodding the men. Hereby, to get the best out of sex in a playful manner, place your hand or your toys and do it with it, or you have a partner in bedsheets too. It is a very crucial time in quarantine that you got to work with finding the g-spot if you have not already found it. Trust me; it is the thing that you will not regret.

Wear a Blindfold and tie another to your partner

Blindfold can sound a bit too kinky for the comfort at first but it’s the best play for the long loving couples. The introduction of a blindfold to the bedroom seems quite simple but it is a very effective way to spark up your sex life. With the sense of love sight out of the game, you can simply enhance your other senses such as touch and feel. Hereby, your sexual focus specifically shifts to feeling the sensual touches from your partner and it likely to heightening the pleasure you can get from them.

Fulfill a Sexual Fantasy

Let just face it with your partner, most of the people have a sexual fantasy of one kind or the other. Moreover, it is typically acting it out and it is quite high on our sex bucket list. Besides, playing out your sexual fantasy is one of the best things you and your partner do for each other in bed.

Make yourself Tied Up or Tie Someone Up

Now here is a steamy one just like the fifty shades of Grey! It may sound nerve-wracking and exotic at first since it includes forfeiting your partner’s control and trusting your partner to treat you the best while tied up. However, it can be oh-so-sexy and truly exotic of the most fun sex you will have when you play with toys. 

Bubble bath Together

Shower similar to a bubble bath or showering together is an incredibly sensual way that can make the use of a sex toy and sex life better. You can intimate activity, without having to be straightforwardly messed up. 

Get Sexy in a New Location with your Toy

Another creative way to add some spicy to your excitement is by taking the sex to a new location with a toy that you have never tried out before! If you don’t already have a few locations on your sex life or relationship, then make your current location different because now is high time to get to add them. 

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