4 Ways To Last Longer In Bed Without Any Pills

By Patrick Banks

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We’ve all been there. You may have met her that night. You may be on your fourth date with her. Either way, she ends up back in your bed. Clothes start to fly off. You both know exactly what’s about to happen.

Everything seems like a blur and the next thing you know, you’re inside her. She’s moan as you begin to thrust. You gaze down upon her and watch her perfect breasts jiggle back and forth with each and every stroke of your hard cock.

As she moans, you begin to breathe heavier. You begin to feel it. You’re about to cum. She starts to grab your ass as you go deeper and deeper. She’s loving it, but you know what’s about to happen…

You cum. It wasn’t even a minute. She looks up at you in a disappointed manner and your heart sinks. You know this happens every time, yet you still don’t know what to say.

Look guys, we have all been there. There’s not a man in the world who has been with more than a couple girls that hasn’t lost control at some point. It’s embarrassing. It’s degrading. You don’t want to look her in her eyes for fear of seeing her disappointment.

However, for over 90% of men that suffer from premature ejaculation, it is not a medical issue. Your body can last longer. Your penis is not any more or less sensitive than the next guy. It’s all in your head.

You can do a few things to get out of your head and you can also incorporate a few different techniques to aid your stamina, but we need to cover the basics first.

1. Pre-Game Strategy

  • Empty Your Bladder

Always go pee before you have sex. A full bladder can trick your brain into coming quickly when you really just need to go pee. Hell, you can even get up to go pee right after foreplay is finished before you penetrate her.

  • Lots Of Foreplay

And speaking of foreplay, you’ll want to do a lot of it if you usually don’t last long. Not only does foreplay often bring a girl to orgasm, it gives you time to settle down. Explore her body. Use your fingers. Use your tongue.

  • Wear A Condom

In what shouldn’t be considered rocket science, you should always wear a condom if you suffer from premature ejaculation. A condom dramatically decreases the sensations of sex. You will always last longer using a condom than going in raw.

Now that we have the basics down, here are 4 ways to naturally help you last longer in bed without any pills:

2. Use Karma Sutra Techniques

One of the main tenants of Karma Sutra is delayed gratification, or delayed orgasm. Karma Sutra is one of the best ways to train yourself to last longer in bed. However, you don’t need to become spiritual or read a long how-to manual to incorporate these techniques in the bedroom.

One easy technique in Karma Sutra calls for men to start slowly when making love with their lover. Your first stroke inside her should take a full three seconds. Continue using the three-second per stroke pattern for a few minutes. Then begin to gradually increase your pace. The next two minutes thrust at two seconds per stroke. Finally, start to thrust one stroke per second.

If you begin to feel like you’re about to come at any point in the process, you should immediately stop stroking. Stay fully inside the woman and regain control while you’re still feeling her vagina. Once the sensation subsides, you’ll want to start back at the three seconds per thrust and work your way back up.

Repeat the process for as long as needed. It helps to make the sex sensual for the woman if you’re pulling her hair, wrapping your arm around her neck, and kissing her as you slowly find your rhythm.

3. Focus On Her Pleasure

If things simply get too hot for your little guy to handle then just pull out for a bit. Let your penis lose the sensations and regain control over your orgasm.

However, do not just sit there as you do this. You’ll want to focus on her pleasure as you regain your composure. The best way to pleasure her is to eat her out, but if you have just been fucking her she may want some G-spot stimulation as well.

So we will combine the two. As you pull out, you should kiss her passionately and begin to finger her G-spot with your index and middle fingers. Then slowly begin to breathe hot air on her vagina as you finger her. Then suck her clit into your mouth as your finger her. Next, begin doing the rapid movement with your fingers like above as your suck and flick her clit.

Instead of coming prematurely, try this the next time you’re about to go early. Often times she will squirt if done properly.

4. Grab & Squeeze

This is a trick that actually has to do with decreasing the feel of your penis. When things get too much for you and you pull out immediately begin to squeeze the head of your penis. Use your thumb and index finger. Apply pressure until a numbing sensation arrives and the coming sensation leaves. This should take around 5-7 seconds. Be firm, but don’t hurt yourself.

Many men have found that by starting off using the Karma Sutra technique above before giving it to a girl hard they will last a bit longer. Then when they are about to blow they pull out and use this trick before they focus on her pleasure by adding some foreplay into the middle of the sex act.

Get In The Zone

This is the most important tip I can give you. It is also the hardest tip to implement into your sex life. If you actually want to pound your girl and give her earth-shattering orgasms with your penis – you have to get into the zone.

This isn’t some trick or tip. This is how men who are naturals in bed operate. To get into the zone, you have to be in the moment. However, if in the moment you are only thinking about the sensations in your penis then you are screwed. You will cum way too quickly.

If you focus on being in the moment by focusing on the whole body experience that sex is truly meant to be, you will last much longer. Enjoy how her wet vagina feels around your penis, but also enjoy how her legs feel wrapped around your waist. Enjoy her moans. Enjoy the smell of her hair as you kiss her neck. Enjoy how her back arches as you’re behind her. Enjoy the face she makes as she rides your cock.

Sex is so much more than the feeling in your penis. Sure, we all want to cum and we always will. However, sex can be so much more if you let it. Focus on being lost in the moment when having sex. Activate all your senses during sex, not just the nerves in your penis head.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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  2. Great tips. sometimes you need more than just your fingers, and others it’s all you need. Seriously though as badly as women want oral, they always want to deep, intense love. I remember trying to master “oral” because I couldn’t last and thinking it would compensate for being an otherwise shitty lay until I started taking care of this part of my life..
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