7 Scientifically-proven Benefits of Ayahuasca Medicine – The Strongest Psychodelic

By Marzena Bielecka

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If someone were to ask me how I would describe ayahuasca, I would begin by mentioning that the hallucinogenic brew will change you forever. A combination of ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and chacruna (psychotria viridis), it puts you in a state of deep introspection.

Shamans in the Amazon region have long relied on the psychoactive effects of the ayahuasca blend. Now, more and more people travel to countries such as Ecuador, Columbia, Peru and Brazil, as they too want the life-changing experience this brew offers. 

You drink it while listening to sacred songs that add to its effect, and travel to the furthest corners of your soul. Profound healing follows, with one gaining awareness into changes that should be made. 

Don’t expect the experience to be only rainbows. In fact, you might feel sick at first, but this is only a purge, as you will release everything that has been holding you back. You will discover love and gratitude, as well as empathy, healing yourself in the end. 

The hallucinations are part of the experience, but they often have a revelatory effect, reminding you of things you have lost, such as the happy, carefree life you had as a child. Spiritual lightening appears as a natural result and, even though you might feel awful, in the end, you will see that it was all worth it. 

As you will read below, ayahuasca has a beneficial effect on the brain, especially in the areas of emotion and reward. It brings trauma to the surface, with a powerful healing effect. Simply put, the brain is rewired, with you finally being able to let go of rigid patterns. 

7 Scientifically-proven Benefits of Ayahuasca Medicine

1. Improvement of brain health

The ayahuasca blend contains not only DMT but also beta-carbolines, and studies have confirmed that these active ingredients could actually improve brain health. They have a neuroprotective effect, protecting brain cells from degeneration.

It has also been suggested that DMT could reduce the damage caused by hypoxia, ensuring the survival of brain cells. Moreover, the beta-carbolines have potent anti-inflammatory properties. They might protect against conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, boosting memory at the same time.

2. Mindfulness Boost

Mindfulness is a concept which is based on the idea of living in the moment, and accepting things as they come, with no judgment. It has also been known to improve mental health, when practiced on a daily basis. The ayahuasca blend might increase the level of mindfulness, allowing one to feel better overall.

Upon achieving mindfulness, you might also find it easier to accept things in your life as they are. Ayahuasca will regulate your emotions and improve your mood, having a positive effect on your life in general.

3. Useful for depression 

Ayahuasca might be able to help those who suffer from severe forms of depression, which have been proven to be resistant to various treatments. Upon taking this blend, people have reported their depression to have improved, the effect being comparable to those of antidepressants.

The recommendation of ayahuasca for depression might be connected to the effect of this blend on the brain. It might stimulate the release of happiness hormones, counteracting the manifestations associated with a negative mood.

4. Fighting addiction 

With no risk of abuse or dependence, ayahuasca is a good solution for those who are fighting addiction. It can help one abstain from the consumption of various drugs or alcohol, improving the chances of recovery.

Even those who suffer from nicotine dependence might benefit from taking ayahuasca. Therapy might still be necessary to deal with the issues related to drug, alcohol or nicotine abuse, but ayahuasca could be of valuable help to those who are looking to stay drug-free or sober.

5. Reduction in anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, ayahuasca might be a helpful answer to your problem. Research has confirmed that DMT, one of the active ingredients in this blend, might have an anxiety-relieving effect. This is because the ingredient has a beneficial effect over oxidative stress, a potential cause of anxiety.

Ayahuasca might offer relief from panic attacks, helping one feel more hopeful overall. The beta-carbolines have similar benefits to offer, reducing both the severity and frequency of anxiety attacks.

6. Beneficial effect on systemic & degenerative illnesses 

The connection between the brain and the gut is well-known to scientists today. Ayahuasca might be able to help improve the symptoms of both systemic and degenerative illnesses, as it protects against oxidative stress and strengthens the brain-axis gut. 

DMT and beta-carbolines are mainly involved in these beneficial properties, allowing one to keep conditions such as dementia at a safe distance. It seems that these ingredients might have antioxidant effects, protecting against degeneration, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

7. Heightened introspection

One of the main reasons for which people take ayahuasca is the heightened introspection. This effect has been confirmed through research but one should also be conscious of the additional effects, as this blend can cause a psychedelic state. Emotional arousal is present, and there are a lot of people who have declared to have experienced clearer thinking.

Ayahuasca can bring us closer to our true selves, allowing us to experience things that would not have been possible, had we been fully conscious. It can help one gain insight, bringing a state of euphoria. Given these effects, it is recommended to be pursued only in the presence of someone with experience.

At the moment, ayahuasca is not legal in the United States but efforts are made for its beneficial properties to be recognized. As you have seen, it can help with a number of physical and emotional issues, allowing one to improve the overall quality of life. 

If you are suffering from a chronic condition, ayahuasca might help you feel better. You will also need to develop resiliency, as this skill will aid you in overcoming your medical issues and return to an excellent state of health, as soon as it is possible. 

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