Successful Time Management for Working, Studying, and Partying

By Patrick Banks

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Students find it challenging when it comes to time management. For years now, many students have been approaching me and seeking help on how well they can manage their time. First, it must be a personal goal. Without that, you can plan on how to spend your time but not follow it eventually.
Successful Time Management for Working, Studying, and Partying

Today I am going to focus on three things that students find it hard to balance. Working, studying, and partying. Currently, most of the college students try their best to work, study, and go to entertainment joints. But not all can fully know how much time to spend when doing all these three without one affecting the rest.

So, with the demand of students requiring help on how well to manage time in this article, you are going to get in-depth tips for successful time management.

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What Activities are to be Done to Squeeze the Most of Your Precious Time?

For an auspicious time, management. When you wake up, you need to know what are the things you must accomplish by the end of the day. Studying can take a toll on you, but managing it can be simple. If it is on a weekday, you need to know what classes you should attend, people you want to meet, assignments to be submitted, and when to report to work. That’s if you work as a barista or any other job to earn some cash while in college.

Complete Your Assignments on Time

Students are known to develop laziness, not all but most of you at one point while in college. To properly get time to perform other duties, you must do your assignments on time to avoid double tasking when it is due.

Remember that the tasks should be done correctly and without grammatical errors. To achieve this, you can seek help from or other paper editing service platforms. So, make it a priority to complete all your assignments on time.

Have a Timetable

It is a crucial factor when it comes to proper time management. You need to specify what things you are going to do and for how long. To get a good grasp of how well to manage your time, then make sure you have a timetable always. It might sound crazy for a college student, but remember you have many things to do, places to visit, assignments to be completed, and work too. Ensure that you create a timetable that will help you know what to do every day.

Purchase a Watch or a Clock

Why should I buy a watch or clock? You might be wondering why, but it is a compelling way to show that you are committed to using your time well. You own I smartphone or any other gadget. But that will not give you that real aspect of time management as having a watch or a clock. In your room or study table hung your watch or clock in a place where you can monitor time well.

Seek for Professional Help

There is a party you are invited to, go to a job, attend classes, and do assignments. All these on one person. Ooh! My God, they are too much for one to handle. So, for many students, they will prefer to perform some and leave some. That should not be the case. You need to ensure nothing prevents you from doing what you have planned.

If you think you are becoming overworked, you can seek professional help. Go to a counselor or time management expert to help you guide you on how you can fulfill all your plans without failure.

Take Breaks

Overdoing things bring about boredom and lower productivity. That should not be the case. You need to take breaks when working, studying, or partying. It is essential to make you regain energy and the attitude to perform work well.

Students can do things for long hours without considering that other things in their lives must be done. So, when you go out partying or working tirelessly to earn enough income. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Have specific times when you do activities by doing that you will succeed when it comes to time management.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions can cost you a lot of time. For example, you are reading, and a notification pops-up on your phone or laptop. You won’t hesitate opening it. By doing so, you will be giving it too much attention and leaving what you were doing. That should not be the route you should take.

When reading, working, or at a party, make sure that you avoid any distractions. Be it, friends, or family, they can cost you when it comes to how you spend your time. I am not saying that you should avoid them but create time for them when you are free.

Eat Balanced Diets

You might tend to eat fast foods because you have got too much to do in a day. Eating is not a want but a necessity. You must eat well for you to the required energy to work, study, and do other activities.

For students’ meals can be a priority but know that you are creating a habit that will affect your health. Spend time when eating by doing that you will have fewer disorders and enough energy to accomplish many tasks. Also, when you don’t eat well, you will spend your time looking for food. The time that you should have spent on other activities.


To improve your memory capacity and maintain your health, you need to exercise two or three times a week. Spending a considerable amount of time on a gym will help you have a good memory and become healthy too. Through exercise, you will be attentive in what you learn or when working. Therefore, make it a routine to exercise twice or thrice a week. It is not standard, but if you can squeeze in additional time, you can exercise regularly.

Attend all Classes

Never miss any class if you aren’t feeling sick, or you’ve got essential engagements. When you miss a class, it means you will have to spend the time that you should have used to do other things. Additionally, you will miss important points that, you must squeeze in time to go and be taught by your fellow student. That should happen. Make sure that you attend all your classes. That will help you from interfering time specified for other tasks.

Say No

Being a student enables you to interact with different people. By so doing, you get to engage with them in other activities apart from your plans. That’s not bad, but you got to have interactions, but don’t give them too much attention.

So, whenever you are required to participate in an activity, but you aren’t free, to be frank, and inform them that you are busy. That way, you can do your things on time rather than concentrating on things that don’t give benefit you directly.

Delegate Duties

Duty delegation is not bad if it is convenient for the person you are asking for help. If you have too many assignments and you’ve got to work at the same time. You can ask your friend to help you with one task.

Of course you will receive some help requests from your relatives. For example your father may ask you to help him with cleaning his car. In that case you can look for special services to save yourself from doing such time consuming things.

In your workplace, you can ask your workmate who is off duty to take your shift, and you will either pay them or take their shift once you are done with other tasks. It is the best way to help you save time to do important stuff then resume doing the other later.

Don’t Party Every Weekend

You need time to relax after a busy week. Your best option is to go to a party at your favorite club. It is recommended, but don’t make it a habit. If you do so, you will find yourself spending most of your time partying rather than doing other essential things.

Party at least once or twice a month. That way, you will not have hangovers of going to the same joint the next weekend.

Enough Sleep

Productivity at work or school depends on how you are focused. To achieve high levels of focus, you require enough sleep. Many health experts say that for you to have a smooth day, you need to sleep for at least eight hours.

If you do this, your day will be smooth and work or study without you feeling to sleep or tired. For proper time management, you must have enough sleep. Don’t compromise your sleep for other activities. Never do that.

Set a Reminder

Remainders are essential when it comes to students. Sometimes you tend to forget when specific tasks were supposed to be done like cats, exams, assignment submission, or when to report to your job. If you find yourself in such situations, use your phone wisely by setting remainders. They will help you know what you are supposed to do at what time.


Time management is an act that not many students have mastered. But by implementing these few tips, you can now get a good grasp of time management. Don’t let work, study, or partying make you confused. By giving them specific times, you can accomplish them without feeling any challenges.

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