7 Life Hacks for Landing the Girl of Your Dreams

By Andrea Bell

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If you weren’t lucky enough to date the girl of your dreams last year, don’t allow that little slump to keep you from getting lucky this year. You know she’s out there, you just need to follow the right strategies and life hacks to get her.

You may be surprised how some of the old-fashioned good manners can help you entertain that special girl to attract her enough to ask you out instead.

Open the door for her, pull out the chair, give her your coat on a cold evening. Yes, all of this still works.

Chivalry is definitely still alive, it matters, and it’s here to stay.

So, go on, show her that she’s special and that you love treating her this way. You’ll make your way to her heart sooner than you think. Give it a shot!

Believe it or not, women are waiting to be swept off their feet. They are waiting for the right gentleman who can read the signs and display the perfect social etiquettes. They appreciate men who know precisely when to advance and when to take a step back.

If you are the perfect gentleman that she has been looking for, there’s no way a woman wouldn’t be curious, attentive, and receptive to your advances.

So, how to tell if a girl likes you? This isn’t easy to figure out but leaving her a little clueless with the sense of mystery is the key. It puts her in a position where she is restless to learn more about you and spend more time in your company.

If that’s the way you want to see your girl about you, these seven effective strategies will put you in the right direction!

1. Be yourself

Typical relationship scenario: You are the very best version of yourself, that you have ever been! But then insecurities set in, you lose all sense of self and before you are left wondering:

“Where did I disappear in all of this?”

The problem is that she’s already left by now.

This study looked at peoples’ ability to stay true to themselves and the way it affected their relationships. It was found that when a person sees themselves clearly and objectively, they act in a way that is consistent with their beliefs and ideals. This, in turn, helps them communicate more openly and honestly as well. And as we all know, communication is the secret ingredient to a successful relationship.

Pretending to be someone you are not will only put you in trouble. It is the no.1 way to repel women. And you can just keep it up for so long until she figures it out and dumps you.

People in general – not particularly women – like to steer clear of pretentious people. It is like a shell of lies you have around your personality.

When you try to stay true to your originality, you are exposing yourself and being vulnerable, showing who you are. Most men hesitate in doing so due to the fear of rejection. If only they knew that pretending could increase their chance of rejection!

Being authentic is one of the most valuable quality of people, especially in the modern world full of photoshop and social media manipulation. Don’t being afraid to be who you truly are it’s fresh and make others feel comfortable around a person who feels good in their skin and is not afraid to follow their instincts. And it’s damn sexy!

To be yourself you need to first get to know yourself and start to believe that who you are and how you are is valuable, unique and exactly how it should be.

Connect with your soul on a deeper level through meditation, sport, engaging yourself into art, journaling your thoughts and if necessary, solving the negative issues from your past through psycho therapy.

2. Make a lasting first impression

An unfortunate fact is that when a guy is too desperate for a girl, the first impression doesn’t usually feel right. The initial conversation goes wrong; the body language is questionable – in short, there’s too much confusion.

In addition to desperation, you must admit your nervousness. It’s precisely those negative emotions reflecting in your acts. Thus, you fail at putting up an excellent first impression.

The key is to keep up with your best behaviour and put your best foot forward when she is around. Avoid being hesitant. Pay particular attention to your first interaction and communication, and you can win half the battle.

Communicating with women the right way can make all the difference in the world when it comes to setting the right impression. It instantly makes you more attractive and desirable. First impressions with women are particularly crucial because it’s challenging to change their perspective afterwards if they have already formed an opinion about you.

Start acting like a fool in front of her and she would always think of you as a fool. So instead of working on your assumptions, work towards setting the right impression to attract the girl of your dreams.

3. Don’t try too hard

If you are putting a lot of work into impressing her, it becomes too prominent. It’s the little things and gestures that could influence a girl without all that struggle. In fact, that’s the mistake that sabotages a man’s personality when they are too overwhelmingly impulsive about impressing the girl.

Women are smart at identifying these glitches. If you hem and haw, they would catch you.If you are trying to act too cool or say a lot of cool things, it will become annoying. To make it worse, be nervous during a conversation and your girl might just stand up and leave.

Last but not the least, avoid being a wuss.

4. Show interest

Take every opportunity you get to show that you are interested in her. A woman loves attention. If you keep talking about yourself, she would feel too neglected.

Start a conversation talking about her. It’s a straightforward approach with significant benefits. Many guys make a fool out of themselves by sitting utterly clueless in front of a hot, smart woman. If you can’t engage her in a conversation, there’s rarely any chance she would take an interest in you.

Similarly, if your conversation is too self-centered, it would take her interest off. Therefore, choose your conversation topic wisely. Talk about her. Doing so will also help you learn more about the woman of your dreams. Last but not the least, she will appreciate your attention and interest.

Saying ‘I Love You’ is an essential milestone in any relationship, don’t take it too lightly. In fact, science also agrees that verbally expressing your love for the other person can make personal connections much stronger.

5. Be a gentleman she wants to see

From how you approach her to the way to you talk, be the gentleman she is seeking. Instead of using cheap pick-up lines, approach a woman respectfully. Using cheap techniques is not a gentleman’s act. Be tactful, direct, and upfront.

This is the point where you should focus on establishing your foundation as a gentleman. If you are a social wreck, deceitful, and a liar, then you must work on improving your personality first.

As far as conversation is concerned, a gentleman always uses a gentle tone of voice and wisely selected vocabulary. You don’t have to roll-in in Harvard to achieve that. Just practice, and you will ace it.

6. Be Romantic

This exciting study tried to measure love and found that “college dating couples who loved each other a great would spend more time gazing into one another’s eyes than would couples who loved each other to a lesser degree.”

So don’t be afraid of staring deep into her eyes, singing her a song, holding hands while you take a walk on the beach, or bringing her flowers just because.

Not only diamonds but flowers are girls’ best friend. Those bright, beautiful flowers can make approaching easy for you. Just don’t grab a bunch of red roses on your first date. You can take a mix of colorful flowers to give it a more friendly and gentle touch.

Buying flowers or a thoughtful gift for her can be the ice-breaker. It will bring an instant smile on her face, which will further boost your confidence to take things to the next level.

7. Third time’s the charm

Take it easy. Give yourself and the woman of your dreams at least three dates to get comfortable with each other. Take your time to judge if you even share good compatibility together.

Don’t be hasty in advancing things. Be patient and stop showing too much desperation. Learn about each other, enjoy good food, and share special moments before you are ready to express your feelings.

Use all the extra time you have, to connect with her girlfriends. You must be crazy if you think they aren’t going to have any influence on her relationship decisions. So court her sisters a little too, and you will see that she is getting the encouragement to fall for you from all the right people.

Final thought

To get the girl of your dreams, it’s essential to also open yourself to rejections. Not every case will be in your favor. Leading yourself right is the key. However, following these fantastic hacks mentioned above, you can win any girl over and be the gentleman everywoman want in their life.

In the end, you need to be real and genuine to win over the trust and ultimately the love, of your dream woman. Know that it’s okay to put yourself out there and make the first move. Don’t fear rejection, because if you do, you’ll never know if this could have made it to that date number 3. Ask for what you desire, but do it nicely.


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