Wedding Planning: The Ultimate Wedding Budget Guide (Infographic)

By Charles St-Onge

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Wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions and it creates a bond and relationship between two families. A successful wedding needs a lot of planning so that it doesn’t cost a lot to you and causes you financial worries later on.

What if your financial situation gets disturbed with the wedding? Many of your dream plans ahead of the wedding need cancellations just because you didn’t devoted sometime in the financial planning of your wedding. It is certainly something you don’t want to happen when planning and preparing for your special day.

Your wedding can become a big headache for you if you don’t prepare a checklist and prioritize important things first. There are a lot of costs that are involved in a wedding and you have to associate a budget for each like wedding venue, catering, wedding photography, invitations, attire & accessories, transportation, gifts, jewellery and much more. Rental photo booths are so popular nowadays for wedding photography. You can rent one from trusted sources like FriendWithA.

Hence, if you’re looking forward to an affordable wedding, you need to set your budget first. It can significantly influence your wedding decisions in terms of the meal options, venue, guest list, attire, and other wedding priorities.

To help you set the appropriate budget based on your financial resources, you need to consider some essential steps. For example, it’s crucial to discuss your and your partner’s vision for your wedding day to help you create realistic budget expectations. Also, find time to determine your maximum spending and the amount of money both of you are willing to allocate to the wedding fund. If some of your loved ones express interest in contributing to your wedding fund, discuss how much financial assistance they can give and their potential expectations. Lastly, add up all the money allocated to your fund to know the budget and focus on what’s important to make your wedding day extra special.

If you list down all the costs and if it exceeds your budget then you know where to cut down and look for some discounts and other low cost options. This way you can have a dream wedding of yours with DIY planning and that too in your budget. For example, if you have a tight budget for jewellery, looking for an affordable supplier of wedding rings and other accessories in your area can be a practical solution. Consequently, you can allocate more of your budget to other important things, such as your venue and catering.

It’s always better to plan ahead of your wedding so that you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest without any worry and can celebrate the occasion to the fullest.

If you or your friend’s are going to get marry soon then this infographic on The Ultimate Wedding Budget Guide can be very beneficial.

It covers a lot of important information that can help you in planning a budget wedding. The infographic also highlights the hidden costs involved in a wedding that many of us came to know later and we don’t left with any other option apart from giving the amount. There are also the costs you planned ahead and don’t want want to safe money on like great wedding photos or delicious food for your guests. This can sometimes hugely disturb the couple and their family.

Sometimes the increased budgets associated with the necessary things and the hidden costs of the wedding leads to distress, disputes, fights in relations too and leaves and unhealthy environment in the family. Not only this there are some tips too on how you can save your money and thus this way you can plan out a perfect wedding with your future spouse.

The Ultimate Wedding Budget Guide – An Infographic

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