12 Bachelor Party Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

By Patrick Banks

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Organising the perfect stag party can be a tall order. You want a stag to remember. You also want a stag party to suit the groom – it’s a celebration of him, and his last days of freedom, after all. The typical pub crawl and clubbing extravaganza just won’t cut it anymore.

With wedding days taking on ever more elaborate themes, best men across the country are going to new extremes to give their best mate a truly game-changing experience. You need to do something exciting, unique – a stag party you never imagined and will certainly never forget. Check out our suggestions!

1. Game of Thrones

Everyone loves Game of Thrones. Why not treat the groom to a GoT-inspired stag weekend? You have a range of options available, from a medieval banquet to hiring a castle. Of course, the ultimate experience is a weekend away to Belfast, where the show is based.

Visit the real Winterfell, take part in archery, and embrace the chance for everyone to dress up as the Night’s Watch! You can also shoot your own Game of Thrones scene. Re-enact your favourite part of the show or write your own scene to film – it could even be a fun thing to screen on the wedding day!

2. Canyoning

If you’re looking for a more high-adrenaline activity, this canyoning experience in the Brecon Beacons certainly delivers the thrills! With the supervision of guides, you’ll essentially be descending rapids and riding waves without a paddle – or a raft. This is the kind of pulse-racing stag-do everyone will be talking about for years to come! Good luck.

3. Golf Simulation

You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to enjoy a game of golf – particularly when it’s a cool indoor simulation. This cuts out all the tiring walking and allows you to fit in other activities around the game too.

You also don’t have to worry about specific clubhouse rules or clothes (although dressing up could still be a laugh) – and you can embarrass the stag by uploading a picture of him mid-swing to one of the golf screens. This could be the perfect way to kick off a game of pub golf too!

4. Fancy A Kick Around?

If golf’s not your thing, then how about a game of Bubble Football? Wearing inflatable balls similar to those used in Zorbing, you can play a fun and contact-heavy football match (and tackle the groom a suitably unfair amount). Have the groom and best man head up the teams and see who can score the most goals – or at least stay on their feet.

However, if you’d rather get down to enjoying a more traditional game, there are other ways to make football with your mates extraordinary – by adding a couple of genuine football icons. ‘Play with a Legend’ allows you to meet and compete with ex-professionals, from Danny Murphy to Matt Le Tissier. With locations across the UK, it’s the perfect unforgettable experience for true football fanatics.

5. Life Drawing

Another unique activity for a stag-do you might not think of is a life drawing class. There’s an element of competition and a chance for creative expression, and you’ll be drawing a beautiful nude model. All the art materials you need are provided and you’ll also be guided by an experienced art tutor, so there’s no need to worry about being a beginner. This is a chance for some pre-pub sophistication before the inevitable decline into boozy storytelling, terrible dancing, and takeaways.

6. Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Bring a sense of style to the boozy aspect of your stag-do. You don’t have to just try a variety of wines either – it’s easy to arrange a tasting session for craft beers and ciders too (although try not to mix your drinks!). Wine/beer tasting also offers you a broader choice in terms of venue than some other activities, depending on which events company you go with. For example, you can arrange to have the tasting at home or in a private function room at a restaurant. If you really love wine, there’s also the pricier option of a wine-tasting weekend.

7. Beer Bike

If wine tasting is a bit too fancy for your groom, how about hiring a beer bike in Central London? Yes, it’s what you’re thinking – an enormous bike with a canopy, music, and bar. Of course, some of you will have to peddle, but you can fight about that amongst yourselves. This is a great way to take the clichéd drinking-in-a-pub tradition and do something new with it – as well as being a truly unique way to enjoy the city.

8. Roller Skating

Pretty sure you would never have considered roller skating for the stag’s big night! But how about it? Step out on that floor and show the guys what you’ve got – you could even make it a roller disco.

Who doesn’t want to see their mates roller-dancing to Mr Brightside whilst desperately attempting to stay vertical? This is also the kind of stag activity that you can customise to your own particular taste depending on the organiser you go with or the venue you choose – some allow you to create the exact night you’re looking for – the music, how the room is decorated, etc.

9. Back to Basics


How about rediscovering your inner caveman with a hunter-gatherer experience out amongst nature? Hunter Gather Cook in Sussex gives you the opportunity to identify, prepare and cook wild plants and animals, as well as teaching you skills such as making fires and cooking with them.

Before the more mannered ceremony of the wedding, it’ll be good to get back to basics in an exciting day out of primitive self-sufficiency. However, this is probably not the best option if the groom is a vegetarian…!

10. BBC Tour

Is the groom a bit of a TV and radio buff? Why not treat him to a BBC tour! After a tour guide through the production process, you’ll be able to have a go at making your own radio play, with all the special sound effects you could possibly need at your fingertips. And why not have a go at reading the news, or doing a weather report? The tour takes about two hours so it would be a great activity to do in the afternoon before heading out to London.

11. Sandboarding

You’ve heard of surfboarding and snowboarding – but what about sandboarding? This unique and exciting activity is offered by the Barefoot Surf School in Devon.

If you’re a boarding pro – great, you can go for the steeper sand dunes, but if you’ve never boarded before that’s also fine – you can start easy and work your way to the tougher dunes.

12. Hovercrafting

Does the groom fancy himself as a bit of a James Bond figure? Try as he might, he may never get that license to kill and ability to thrill – but hover crafting might just be his chance to channel 007.

After some initial expert training and a safety briefing, you’ll be able to drive a hovercraft across water, grass, mud and anything else you encounter on the kilometre-long course! Maybe time everybody’s lap too – nothing like a bit of healthy competition to decide who gets the first round in.

Have fun!

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