How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You (Be Careful, There is Magic Involved!)

By Marzena Bielecka

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‘How to make someone fall in love with you’ is maybe the most important question in life. Certainly, the most fascinating one! We all crave romantic love like nothing else, making unimaginable sacrifices for it swinging from a state of ecstasy to deepest despair.

From centuries, ancient , pagan mythologies and romantic literature described the most beautiful stories of making someone falling in love. The motif of falling into a deep abyss of love don’t stop to fascinate human beings, seeking amazing, special and true connection in life.

How to make someone fall in love is undeniably the most artistically explored question of the world, valid till nowadays.

Beautiful and strong goddesses, powerful gods, strange fantasy creatures and ordinary humans always at some point of their existence ended up under the spell of love…

Playful wizards who can tell sweet little spells and hypnotize women around their magic wand…

The ancient wars taken place over beautiful Helena…

Nymphs sprinkling their charm joyfully in the light of the morning dew…

Enchanted forests where the love secrets happened…

The apples of seduction being given by naked Eves to their helplessly charmed Adams…

Sirens seducing the sailors with their wet wavy hair, shimmering lips and wet pussy like voice straight into their love nets…

The magicians of love and love making are all around us!

When how come so many people wonder:

How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Was this intro a bit too playfully magical for you?

Ok, let’s make it simple then. If you are thinking  how to make someone fall in love with you…

Good news, I have an answer for you!

The answer to the eternal question of how to make someone fall in love with you is actually quite simple. What’s more it is and universal regardless of your gender.

Speaking of gender… We are living in XXI century, at the global warming apocalyptic threat, with a hope of the new Aquarius era. In such circumstances gender has less of an importance anyway.

Women are finally becoming empowered and men benefit from looking at more and more exposed beauty and strength of their female counterparts. Men themselves are finally being allowed to embrace their own masculine vulnerability. Isn’t that mutual inter sexual connection beautiful? Let’s enjoy the freedom of bodies and minds.

Coming back to the subject which brought us here, so what is the answer to the question ‘how to make someone fall in love with you…?’

So to put it in one sentence:

You need to be CHARMING

Yes. That’s it.

But what does it exactly mean to be charming?

Charm is the power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others.

In other way speaking:

Charm is to control or achieve by or as if by magic.

Now my magical references make more sence, don’t they?

Charming person knows how to listen. You can attract someone without saying a word . Your energy and posture are even more important sometimes than what you say.

Look them into their eyes and maintain eye contact. Be generous with your smile, and don’t be shy to touch them briefly if there is occasion. If you know each other hug them, as everyone needs some gentle hugs.

Spend time with them. Quality time is everything. How are you going to get to know someone unless you spend time with them? It’s a thing called “The mere exposure effect” and it “refers to the fact that simply being around someone often and long enough will increase their liking of you”.

Embrace what they are interested in and engage in their passions. Mimic what your crush is doing, you can even wear similar clothes if you like.

Be a bit wild. You know what is the opposition of wild? Tamed. Imprisoned. Suppressed. Domesticated. You don’t want any of that, so let your true soul to shine out.

Be playful with your tongue. I mean verbally for now 😉 People are oftentimes way to serious. Laugh at their joke. Ask them to do a little favor for you. Whatever feels natural to you and your nature.

If you want to maintain the attraction, you need to know how to reply in an inserting, respectful way, regardless of the place where they meet others. The art of conversation is a powerful tool in the making someone falling in love art. Playful word twists, double meaning games, literature and culture references. To reach that level of an irresistible charm for sure for that reading quality books help.

How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You By Genuinely Enchanting Them

We are all different but certain things of our human existence will never change.

  • All of us want to be genuinely seen.
  • All of us want to be understood.
  • All of us want to be appreciated.

Making someone feel noticed in their true being. Not for their nice boobs or handsome wallet… Seen for the beauty we are all carrying inside of us. For our soul. Read their soul, connect through your heart. For that your heart needs to be healed and open, but let’s come back to that later.

The Power of Appreciation

Honest and well-spoken or well- shown appreciation is what we are all missing. Validation. Sometime that plus a bit of cheeky playfulness is all what we need to seriously get crushed with someone.

You would be surprised how many beautiful, intelligent women don’t really believe in themselves. They may have been told or have things done to them in the past which unbalanced their self-esteem for life, and put them into a cocoon of a self-protective distance.

Same goes for guys of course. How many men feel unfulfilled and ‘not enough’ even though they live objectively successful life.

What can break inside this distance and crack open their shells ?  Genuine, playful, intelligent and conscious charm, which is coming straight from your heart.

Nope, not lower, nor higher. We start from the heart. As long as it starts from the heart, it’s good.

Lust Doesn’t Mean Love

Speaking or where inside of our bodies we should look for love, I want to clarify one thing. We all love lusty physical attraction, and that’s great. But don’t get too much trapped in there.

Here are some questions to help you to distinguish between between lust and love.

  • How does the person you interact makes you really feel?
  • Which part of their body do you connect the most?
  • Do you interact with this person so deeply that you don’t even remember how they look like?
  • Would you describe the connection as transcendetal?
  • Could you count on this person in your worse days? (It’s easy to feel noticed and validated when everything is perfect, you look great etc…)

The answers to balance love and lust are for yourself. Do your own love alchemy, whatever works best for you.

How to Put the Love Spell on Someone

Want to lern how to make someone fall in love with you? Start from learning to see THEM. to Notice THEM.

It’s no longer about you. Focus on them. It’s not even that important how you are, how you look if you can look into their eyes and genuinely see the reflection of their soul. And then gently surf that ocean… Be around. Naturally, without trying to impress or whatever. Let your frequencies to adjust to each other.

More important than what you do or say is how you will make THEM feel. And that would not be accomplish without knowing, loving and trusting yourself enough to actually have space to really notice and appreciate other people.

Before cleaning your inner mess don’t even try to build a loving relationship, because chances are high that someone will get used and hurt there.

Love Chemistry = Love Potions: The Science Behind Love 

A lot of people claim that love is a state of emotion and bonding which develops between two people. But in reality, love is a series of chemical reactions in the human brain. It starts with initial attraction and develops into long-term bonding. There is a reason why it is called “The Chemistry of Love”. Let’s break it down into stages, shall we?

  • Attraction and Evolution 

Natural body odors or pheromones play the first and foremost role in human mating. Humans feel attracted to their body odor. It activates the part of the brain that deals with emotional balance. We tend to amplify this odor towards potential mates. The reason is that body odor has data related to our immune system which is then decoded by the partner’s brain. We tend to feel attracted to pheromones that complement our immune system. Evolution has taught us that immunity to diseases is an important part of effective reproduction.

For centuries, humans have created potions that enhance body odors. Over time these potions got generalized as perfumes and colognes. So it is possible to create a perfume that attracts the attention of a particular man or woman. A psychic would have to understand the pheromones which attract that person. 

  • Physical Response or Lust

After the initial attraction, the next step is where your physical attractions start. It happens as a result of rising levels of Testerone and Estrogens. The hormones affect both men and women. That is followed by the release of a few more neurotransmitters.

  • Adrenaline: Adrenaline causes an increase in the heart rate. You feel flustered and there is an occasional nervousness around your partner.

  • Dopamine: Dopamine creates a feeling of pleasure and you long for your partner’s affection. You feel an increase in your energy levels and there is an urge to stay awake longer. You tend to focus on every little detail of your relationship.

  • Serotonin: Serotonin makes you think about your partner every moment of the day. It also makes your brain imagine that you can smell his or her pheromones.

In medieval times love potions were mostly added to edibles which were made by adding pheromone laden sweat from private places. During 16rth century magical literature became very popular and would contain recipes of love potions using herbs, worms, and animal products. 

In modern times real-life love potions have evolved into various forms of drugs, elixirs, and medications. Some can be made at home while others need more expert hands and guidance. 

  •  Long-Term Commitment

So you’ve reached this far with a love potion, how would you be sure if it is going to be a happily-ever-after. Well, it seems that long -term love has neurochemistry involved too. Two hormones are majorly responsible for that.

  • Oxytocin: Ever felt mentally closer to a person after having sex? Oxytocin handles that feeling. It gets released when you have an orgasm and gives you the urge to cuddle afterward. Oxytocin strengthens the bonds between couples and enhances their feelings toward each other.  

  • Vasopressin: This is another chemical that is released after sex. It creates a sense of devotion and loyalty towards a partner.   

You must have heard that having a piece of chocolate or an oyster can elevate your mood for sex. Aphrodisiacs exist in nature in many forms and there have been studies that animals consume them too. A love spell or potion acts similarly, but the effects are manifolds. Unlike aphrodisiacs, love potions take a long time to wear off. Think of love potions as a love drug. You might have to administer it regularly, but the results would be to your satisfaction.

Peace of Mind – The Sexy Motherfucker

Once you are at peace and love with yourself, you can share that with others.

You are going to shine your inner light around and warm people who need that, as well as make eye contact with people who are on the same high energy frequencies like you.

You will start to make people fall in love with you, because who is not falling love with someone who truly see them and make them fly?

Keep flying guys! And feel welcome to share with us your experiences of how you make someone in love with you.

About the author Marzena Bielecka

Marzena Bielecka is a Berlin based surrealist painter, self-development writer, nature lover and travelling addict. In her free time she mostly likes lying on the grass and looking up at the sky. At Wingman Magazine she cares about the self-development section. You can follow her Instagram @Berlin.Surrealist or her website a Marzena Bielecka .