How to Attract Women Without Saying a Word: The Truth Behind The Love Chemistry

By Brandon Leuangpaseuth

Posted 4 years agoDATING

Dating can be hard. According to StatisticBrain, 44% of the adult American population is single. There are millions of people out in the world and you have to find that one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with (oh the pressure!).
How to Attract a Girl Without Saying a Word: 5 Proven Tips to Meet Mrs. Right!

You may feel compelled to be in a relationship because it looks like all your friends are in relationships- but you just can’t seem to find that girl you click with. You start to think…

Is it me? Am I attractive enough? 
Or maybe it is my personality? 
Why can’t I find a nice girl?

Calm down, amigo.

Have some patience. Finding that person out in this world that you are compatible with — is a daunting task. Don’t worry, I have compiled a list of handy tips to improve your chances of meeting Mrs Right.

But first let’s talk a little about what love chemistry really is.

Love Chemistry = Love Potions Can Actually Make Your Secret Love Fall in Love with You

Love potions would remind any Potterhead of Romilda Vane’s chocolate cauldrons spiked with Weasley’s love potion. For a Shakespeare fan, it would be a hysterical reminder of fairy queen Titania falling for Bottom, the carpenter. Be it Rowling’s Amortentia or Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, love potions have been mentioned in works of literature, songs, and movies over and over again. But are they only a part of fiction?

Wondering how to make someone to fall in love with you? In truth, love potions have existed for thousands of years in the form of tribal medicines. Their primary purpose was to arouse carnal desires in men and women. In some cultures, these herbal medicines were used to enhance virility and muliebrity. Over time these potions have evolved, as have their purpose. From medieval times people have concocted love potions to cast a spell over men and women. 

So if you have a ravenous desire to be with someone you love, an expert can help you try and make a love spell potion. 

Guidelines to Keep in Mind 

Love potions are tricky and should always be treated with caution. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Keep your intentions genuine. 
  • Love spells should be meant to create the initial romantic attraction and not love itself. You should always let love happen organically.
  • Make the potions for a limited time. That way the renewal of the magic stays in your control.
  • Create a safeguard or a reversal first, in case things go wrong with the potion or its effects.

If you feel you are ready to introduce some magic to your secret crush, it is time to believe in its power. Feel confidant in the fact that your love spell can bring your love into your life and be a part of it.    

How to Attract Women Without Saying a Word and Become Nearly Irresistible

1. Get Your Life in Check

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

First off, don’t get your life in check for the sole purpose of meeting a girl.

Instead, take care of yourself for you. Just know that a side effect of having a healthy lifestyle, will increase your chances of meeting a great girl.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do?

Do you like to run? Go find and join a running club in your area on Grab a couple of your friends and start to go running on the weekends or even hike.

Or maybe you want to learn how to dance? Go search for a dance studio in your proximity and start to go there and dance!

Maybe you can start to learn how to cook new recipes. Browse through Pinterest to find dishes that would look fun to make. Start to invite some friends over and cook a homemade dinner every week.

The beautiful thing about following your hobbies are, if you are truly doing things you like to do, who knows, you could meet a girl there. It would not be a long shot to say you two would probably be pretty compatible because you two will already have a shared interest or pastime.

The point is… get moving! It is attractive when a man has his own hobbies and takes care of himself. People are drawn to people who value and take care of themselves.

Challenge: Try it for a month. Take really good care of yourself. Hit the gym. Mind your hygiene. Be social. Express yourself wholeheartedly. Eat right. Go to bed at 10 pm and get your beauty sleep. Read books. Don’t judge people. Take care of yourself!

2. Smile

“Everyone looks so much better when they smile.” – Jimmy Fallon

A smile makes you seem easily approachable and nice. People will be more inclined to talk to you and chat if you are wearing a smile. An expressionless face will naturally look mean even if you do not intend to look mean (ever heard of R.B.F.?).

Your smile shows an attitude of kindness or friendliness!

Dale Carnegie said it best in his best-selling book, How To Win Friends and Influence People:

“Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, ‘I like you.’ You make me happy. I am glad to see you.”  

There is a reason why dogs are such a big hit with people. They are wagging their tails, and jumping out of their skin just because they are so happy to see you. An authentic smile does the same.

An insincere grin? Will do nothing for you. The ultimate turn off. People can sense phoniness from a mile away and they will stray away from you.

Even if you are sitting alone or you do not feel like smiling, just force yourself to smile and the feeling will follow.

Challenge: Try this for a week. Smile at every person you see. Tuck your chin in, hold your head up high and SMILE. Lean back, stand tall, make strong eye contact, introduce yourself and stick your hand out. Smile at the cashier at the supermarket, the mailman, the girl on the street, your dog, your coworkers as you walk past…smile at everybody! 🙂

And, of course, you should also take care of your smile with the help of dentists in Avon Lake Ohio, or one near you. A smile can go a long way, but a perfect smile can go further.

3. Be Vulnerable (Just Be Yourself!)

“Always be yourselfexpress yourselfhave faith in yourselfdo not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

Start sharing yourself wholeheartedly. Embrace who you are– the good, the bad, the ugly. Let it all shine through.

Think about it. If you are just being you, and you do not click with a person, why would you change yourself to be with them?

Because they are hot?

Ask yourself this: Would you really want to spend the rest of your life with a girl that you have to pretend and act like someone you are not when you are around them?

Share yourself and let people get to know the real you–and if they don’t like you, then off with them! You will soon realize that you are not going to be disliked by some people and be absolutely loved by other people.

Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable or weird, step outside your comfort zone. Give a go at flirting, teasing, expressing yourself in a non-needy and sexual manner.

If you see a girl that might be interesting to get to know, walk up to her, smile and say hello!

The worst that can happen is that they reject you and…life goes on. It probably has more to do with her and what is going on in her life rather than anything against you.

Don’t take it personally! Easier said than? Here you can learn a few tricks how to not take things personally.

Challenge: For 1 week, start sharing yourself. No filter. Be naked to the world.  Speak your mind freely, accept the reactions, and jump on the opportunities. If speaking your mind makes you feel uncomfortable — you are on the right track. It means you are being authentic and true to yourself.

4. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

“Clothes is just something you put on to cover yourself… fashion is a way to communicate.” – Dries van Noten 

We all heard the saying, “clothes don’t make the man”.

I agree. It does not.

You cannot accurately judge a person solely by appearances.

But in dating and relationships, it can help a lot with getting your foot in the door. It will oftentimes determine if people will even pay attention or listen to anything you have to say.

Every woman’s first impression will be colored by how you carry yourself.

They say that about an hour is the average amount of time to make a good first impression on a woman.

The clothes you wear and your personal grooming will have an impact on how people receive you. Proper grooming and dressing takes time. Other people will notice and appreciate the effort you invest in yourself to be a well-dressed man. They will notice the perfectly ironed shirt, the sharp tie, the clean pair of shoes, and they will respect you.

Remember, people are drawn to other people who takes good care of themselves. It is attractive when a man invests in his hygiene and appearance because it shows that he cares for himself.

Check out our article about how to dress up to feel great and to seem more attractive.

Challenge: This week, go out and upgrade your wardrobe. Read up on some guides online on dressing sharper. Pick and choose what you like and start to develop your own style. Men have the luxury to completely revamp their wardrobe by mixing shirts and jeans from only a couple different outfits. I recommend getting: 2-3 dress shirts, dark denim jeans, a tie, a nice watch, a tie clip, black and brown belt, black, navy and khaki dress pants. These should get you started for dressing sharper.

5. Turn Off Your Phone

“I actually have this fantasy of giving up my cell phone.” – Julia Stiles

How are you going to meet woman if all your attention is dedicated to the little screen in your hands all day??

Constant cell phone use has become an epidemic in American culture. I see it all the time, a group of friends go out to dinner together and every single one of them are on their cell phone. They are sitting in each other’s presence, but they are not really there enjoying each other’s time. Ordering food, texting, scrolling instagram or even ordering a reading with an online psychic, for example via It’s all fun, but it’s not a present life, you want to connect with people on a deeper level.

I am guilty of this too. Whenever I forget my cellphone at home when I go out, I feel like a part of me is missing (I am working on it!).

You might be thinking: “I’m not addicted. I can put it away any time, I swear!!”

Trust me. If you want to meet woman, put your cell phone down. You will be more engaged with the world.

If you are on a date, turn off your cell phone and give the other person your undivided attention.
Challenge: Turn off your phone. Step outside and experience the world. You might just meet and talk to a lot more people. When you go out, stand up straight, make eye contact and smile (remember, smiling is more important to your appearance than the clothes on your back!). You might be blown away at how people receive you. Try it for a week and see where it takes you.

Here are my tips for giving you a better chance at meeting Mrs. Right. As you progress through the challenges, you will learn a lot about yourself.

I can’t promise you that you will find Mrs. Right.

I can, however, promise that if you stay positive and stick with the challenges, you will become more successful with women.

I am absolutely sure of it.

About the author Brandon Leuangpaseuth

Brandon Leuangpaseuth is a writer from San Diego, CA that helps various law firms such as Bishop Law Office, P.C. across the country with their public relations. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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