6 Reasons Why Men Stay In a Bad Relationship

By Kafed Lyken

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You probably know someone who constantly keeps complaining of his relationship problems – about how stressful he is and how unhappy he is being in a bad relationship. May be, you know more than one person who is kvetching all day long about their problems in relationships. The question most women ask is, why do men stay in bad relationships even when they’re unhappy? Well, that’s a very sensible question. But, there is more than one answer why men are sticking to a bad relationship. Here are some of the common reasons:

Reason #1: She’s beautiful

bad relationship

It’s no big secret that having a beautiful girlfriend/wife is important for men. Like the gorgeous trophies and awards that any mom would love to show off to relatives and neighbors, having an attractive wife is a matter of pride for a lot of men – or at least for anyone who has an eye for beauty!

Introducing a beautiful wife to friends and holidaying with her or even waking up to her beautiful expression can be an absolute delight for many men. When a man has an attractive partner, he feels like the king of the jungle. Whether he loves her like before or not, her mere presence would be a confidence-booster for him in meetings and family functions. This is one reason why men stick to a bad relationship.  Yeah, 90% of the world’s top 100 billionaires are married more than twice. Ahem, married to beautiful wives.   

Reason #2: He’s is sentimental

Sometimes, a bad wife can be a ‘lucky’ wife. A man that was once struggling for a meal would have landed his dream job and bought a car after his wife came into his life. Divorcing such a lucky gem could be a hard decision to take for some men. Also, there are people who prefer to stick to a bad relationship because of the shared secrets or memorable intimate moments with the wife. People want to relive the good moments, so they are okay being in a relationship despite a dozen other problems.

Reason #3: Sex

For some, sex is more than just important. Busy people, after they’re back from work, prefer some good sex to get rid of stress and sleep peacefully. By having sex with their wives, they don’t have to bother about finding someone else. Some just don’t like to do it with any other woman. So, in a way, sex is a free ticket for married men, even if they are trapped in an unhappy relationship.

The same woman that is causing them so much stress and frustration is also the same person that can give a man some pleasure. So, why worry about getting rid of them? This is yet another reason why some men do not break a bad relationship.

Reason #4: They fear loneliness

One of the commonest reasons why people are okay getting roasted in a bad partnership instead of letting it go is because they’re afraid of being left alone after breakup/divorce. Sometimes, having a few conflicts and arguments is a part of fun but staying alone with no one to share your day-to-day happenings and life goals can be one hell of a bad experience as believed by most men.

There are plenty of fish in the ocean, but after knowing a lady in and out, it’s not easy for a man to believe that there are too many similar fish in the water. In other words, they are okay going through hell with a devil they know instead of living with a demon they don’t know.

Reason #5: He doesn’t want her to choose another man

More often than not, the starting point of fights between couples (especially the younger ones) is men are overly possessive on their partner and do not want to let them go with another guy. No matter whether men are happy or not, they just don’t want to breakup or divorce because they can’t see their lady love go with another guy.

Reason #6: They are hopeful that things will get better

When a man loves his partner so much, he isn’t really prepared to give up the relationship just because there are constant misunderstandings between the two. No relationship can give happiness all the time and no one is 100% perfect. Men who agree with this fact tend to stick on with bad relationships hoping that things will get better over time.

The little sparks of happiness they get when their girlfriend/wife despite all the fights doesn’t forget to give birthday presents and plan Christmas holidays are priceless movements of happiness for any man. It’s worth being in a relationship wherein the woman still cares for her man and likes to throw surprises. Forget the ‘bad’ part. The good movements are golden, and they make it worth sticking on to the relationship.

Despite the unhappiness and stress, committed/married men continue to carry on with wrong relationships because they are pretty much aware of one or more of the above reasons. Women, on the other hand, think alike too. They too have their own reasons to continue with men who aren’t keeping them happy. At the end of the day, men stick around because they find some sort of happiness to not break the relationship bond.

So, have you ever been in a bad relationship for too long? If so, how long did it last and what was your reason?

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