Zen Techniques to Increase Your Sexual Energy & Become More Masculine

By Patrick Banks

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In today’s world, it’s easy to be overindulgent. With food and drink, with materials objects, with external stimulation, but one thing that’s rarely talked about is being overindulgent in sexual gratification.
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Unfortunately, for many men overindulgence in sexual gratification can leave us weak-willed, spineless and listless. Not ideal. It’s time to learn what Taoists and Zen Masters have known for millennia, how to increase your own sexual energy for higher energy levels, more decisiveness, and more masculinity.

The Microcosmic Orbit

Do you feel tired, lazy, or even apathetic towards your partner (after sex) or life (after masturbation) as soon as you cum? It’s no secret, after we ejaculate most men don’t particularly feel like conquering the world, but that doesn’t have to be that way.

In Tao, the male ejaculate is highly regarded for its life extending and invigorating properties, and Taoists believe that recklessly squandering it through masturbation or unbridled amounts of sex can be harmful in the long term. Their belief is that the sperm containing male ejaculate takes an incredible amount of energy for the body to produce – that it is the life-force of the man.

Scientific studies have confirmed the presence of cerebrospinal fluid in semen, but it’s obvious even to a layperson that millions of exact-DNA-life-producing sperms must take considerable effort, energy, and resources to produce.

There is a Zen saying; “it takes ten pieces of bread to make one drop of blood, and it takes ten drops of blood to make one drop of semen.”

Because of this, Taoists and Zen Masters take special efforts to conserve their semen. The well-known Zen Master Mantak Chia even went as far as to ejaculate only once for the conception of his child.

Let’s face it, though, for most of us, that isn’t really going to be possible. We need the release now and again. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take away something useful. These Zen Masters practice what’s called the ‘microcosmic orbit’ which essentially takes the sexual energy that ‘stagnates in the genitals’ and uses breathing to push that energy around the body. This way, the energy isn’t depleted and lost forever via ejaculation, but rather absorbed back throughout the body.

This is one of the ‘try it before you believe it’ things. Try refraining from masturbation for a couple of months whilst regularly doing the microcosmic orbit, and then tell me you have trouble talking to the cute girl at Starbucks. Your body will be so full of sexual energy you’ll find yourself walking over and saying hi without even thinking about it. Approach anxiety?? Pffttt, cultivate enough sexual energy and approach anxiety will become a thing of the past.

On a side note, this is why watching porn can be so damaging for some men. The endless stimulation allows men to masturbate far beyond any amount they would naturally.

Take it one step further and have sex, but don’t ejaculate at the end, (you could even learn how to make her ejaculate instead.) Finish the session without ejaculating (and with a much more satisfied partner) and then do ten minutes of the microcosmic orbit and tell me you are not ready to conquer the world.

Food and Sexual Energy

The old adage of You Are What You Eat isn’t just a way to cut back on sweets and fatty foods during the holidays. It’s about fueling your body in order for it to perform the way you want it to.

The clinical research on the impact of nutrition leaves absolutely no doubt – healthy food means a healthier body and higher sex drive. End of story. If that means a drastic change in your diet, then it’s time to decide what’s more important – the burger or your orgasm. Enough excuses and hemming and hawing – you know if your diet is out of whack and, if it is, get it together.

Move More

The other part of fueling your body is getting it to move. On this score, I think guys are more inclined to get on board without a lot of excuses. After all, if you’re already looking for ways to become more vital then you’ve committed to ending the couch potato lifestyle.

The trick with using movement to enhance sexual energy is to include exercises and activities that directly contribute to improving sexual performance. That means getting outside to soak up the sun and let the power of nature invigorate you naturally. Weightlifting helps increasing testosterone levels naturally, with movements like squats and deadlifts being the two most effective ones for testosterone production.

The study of how nature affects our bodies is an area of science that can truly amaze. Ecotherapy has become one of the hottest and most dynamic areas of study thanks to recent findings like show time spent outdoors can lower depression, increase mental focus and clarity and contributes to better overall health.

Visualize Success

Visualization is another key part to harnessing your sexual energy and channeling it wisely. In order to achieve a goal, you simply must be able to define what that goal is.

Visualization can also be used to give a physical tangibility to the energy you want to harness. Being able to visualize your sexual, masculine energy as a color or physical presence will help you as you undergo breathing techniques and meditations designed to help you focus that energy to your core.

If you struggle with the visualization process it may be that you’re having a hard time with a new frame of mind – especially, if spirituality is a new area for you. Don’t beat yourself up about this – accepting your current limitations is the only way to expand them.

Instead, start slowly and with no pressure. Simply sit quietly, focus on your breathing and try to create a visualization that works for you. While colors and textures are the common metaphors people use for visualization, you are free to choose whatever form makes you most comfortable. This could be a literal fuel gauge, a volume of water or liquid or even just a sense of volume within yourself. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers and the only way to get it wrong is to never try.

There is nothing more enriching our energy as a human being than being truly aware and present.

7 Everyday Life Techniques To Become More Aware

Being aware does not mean paying attention to just you. Full awareness comes with much more consideration to those around you and your environment. Becoming more mindful requires a focus on the present. To live in the moment is the goal.

However, it can be difficult for anyone to be truly aware. To experience the emotional rollercoaster of human life without judgment may feel impossible. Anger and resentment are normal thoughts and they can derail positive focus. Practicing awareness can help dissipate these negative anxieties.

Mindfulness is a quality of being that takes training. There are various methods that you can try. Each of us experiences our own moments. Everyday our individual paths cross, but our minds are unique. What works for one person may not work for someone else.

Check out the following 7 techniques anyone can integrate into their daily lives for better awareness.

1. Meditate

Meditation exercises are extremely varied. You do not need to set aside hours of time everyday, 10 minutes can do the trick. Mindful meditation at any length can help to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Some people find these techniques help them sleep as well.

It’s like a conscious state of rest and relaxation for your body and mind. Finding that center balance within yourself is the first step to truly appreciating the moments of your life. There are various YouTube videos with guided walks through the process and it will become much easier with practice.

2. Go outside

Detach from the digital world and go for a run. Take a walk or swim in the sea. Even if you only have time to fit in a pit stop at the park, do it. Greenery is proven to help people achieve meditative states of mind. And when in nature you gain new perspectives.

You can inactively pay attention. Breathe in the fresh air and focus on your mind. Concentrate on your innate interaction with nature. It’s easy to find the time to fit in some outdoor activities everyday. Walk to lunch or bike to work. You don’t have to live by the ocean to experience the affect the natural world will have on your mindfulness.

3. People watch

This does not mean go out with a bunch of your friends, although, socializing is encouraged. It is imperative to a well-balanced and happy human existence. And in any social moment you should practice awareness techniques. Let yourself be in the instant you are experiencing.

However, it can also be advantageous to be around people by yourself. The local café or shopping area are great places to take a few minutes, enjoy a coffee and just watch other people. Do not judge, yet let yourself think about others with kindness. What are their lives like? What do they do for work? How has their day been? This perspective can take you outside of yourself and help you relax in a pleasant peace with your own existence.

4. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is an easy technique for awareness that anyone can practice. Make a list every morning on your cell phone or on a white board. Write down at least 5 things you are grateful for. Try doing it again before bed. Some people find journaling tedious. It’s understandable in a busy life to be exhausted at the end of the day. To write it all down takes time.

But it takes only 30 seconds to list a few things you are grateful for. Perhaps you want to use your Instagram or Facebook accounts as platforms to help you focus on what fills your mind with gratitude. Whatever your method, you will quickly notice your attention to what truly matters in life increased.

5. Engage your senses

Stimulate your body and mind with your six senses. Smell the flowers and bring some bright colored roses home. Taste your morning coffee, breathing it deeply in. Pet your dog’s back for a few minutes and notice the soft fur. Close your eyes and listen to your favorite song. Or even break out the paint and mess up a canvas. Whatever it is you do, try to emphasize on each sense everyday. Take the small moments in life and focus on them. Be more aware of not only how they affect you but also how they affect the world around you.

6. Cook

Cooking and baking also stimulate senses of touch, smell and even sound. Each of these senses triggers endorphins in your brain. Going back to basic human needs is sometimes the best way to start practicing mindful awareness. Cooking itself can be a meditative stress reliever. And has been proven to ease depression and anxiety.

The tasks involved in cooking processes create space in your mind. Leaving it free of negative thoughts and focusing on appreciating the task at hand. There is a self-satisfaction and self-reliance built from both of these activities. When you pay attention to what your body and mind need, you will begin to see the positive results.

7. Do Nothing

Doing absolutely nothing is much harder than it sounds. No phones, no other people, no television and no reading or writing. You do not want to surround yourself with material possessions or social situations. Find a few minutes everyday to do nothing.

Some may find this meditative as well, in a sense. However, when truly meditating you are still focusing on breathing and the process of which you are attempting to achieve. But when doing nothing, your mind is not thinking about the past or the future. Push any complex thoughts out of your mind. Just be. When doing nothing your brain will find ways to recharge and reset for a more aware state of being.

In a generation of technology overload it’s increasingly difficult to practice daily methods of mindfulness. Being aware is not always as easy as it may sound. Many of us need to stay connected for our work and careers. And it can feel impossible to find time for yourself, let alone remaining constantly aware.

Do not stress about doing anything the right way. There is only the right way for you. Nurturing a concentrated awareness is a lifelong process. Integrating these 7 techniques into your routine is a good start. Change of habit can take time. And like with many things in life, practice makes perfect.

Remain conscious and attempt to truly connect to the moments in your daily life. It will enhance your overall well being and help you live more centered and attentive to the present moment.

How Yoga Can Boost Your Sexual Performance

Yoga is a body practice that originates from India and has been done by many over thousands of years. It’s becoming extremely popular in the Western world as a tool for improving body fitness and mind calmness.

To most people, it might seem obvious that a yoga session every now and then could help to relax after a busy working day, but not everyone is aware that one of the yoga’s greatest benefits is its ability to improve one’s sex life!

Yoga, a practice with principles that enhances the connection between the mind and the body, exactly where the sexual pleasure lies. So how to boost your sex life using yoga?

Get a Routine

The development of the body with the yoga knowledge can be greatly improved with regular practices of the postures. Maintaining a correct body posture influence how we feel and how other perceive us. Cat pose, cobra pose, lotus pose and downward facing dog reduce back pain and are effective in strengthening the muscles of the back.

To gain a fit body, knowledge of routine exercises and consistent practice is essential. Regular exercises not only keep you fit but also helps protect you from stroke, heart disease, back pain, high blood pressure, obesity and helps reducing stress.

Knowledge of yoga along with its practices can help a person attain a high level of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social health. The initial benefit of practicing yoga was to enable achievement of physical fitness and at the same time enhance personal spiritual enlightenment. 

Boosting Sexual Stamina

Yoga helps to boost sexual performance especially in men and helps develop body stamina, too. Both reasons help to have quality sex as the gained stamina relates positively to the body-psyche. There seems to be a direct correlation between yoga and sex! This is also the reason why men and women flood yoga studios lately.

Cardio Endurance

A yoga practice improves cardio endurance. No matter of the crucial health benefits of having sex, it can be exhausting to maintain it for long.

Men have a higher ability to control orgasm and at times, they may choose whether to have it or not. To sustain a sexual act for long is always tiresome. For that reason, men sometimes decide to end it quickly, what is pretty unusual.

Fortunately, power yoga has been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular functionality, stamina, and endurance. The cardio exercises performed induces endorphins in the brain that produces feelings of euphoria and pleasure. This means yoga helps in elongating sexual duration while increasing pleasure and satisfaction.

Improved Circulation

Yoga helps to enhance better circulation and blood flow. Poor blood circulation in our bodies is always the reason for erectile dysfunction. This is due to high cholesterol concentration, high blood pressure, and associated diabetic issues. Studies show that continuous practice of yoga for at least three months leads to a drastic decrease in pressure.

This promotes free blood flow to every part of the body. This free blood flow helps not only in arousal processes but also in sustaining the erection longer. This yoga exercise is the only most effective natural way of boosting sexual performance.

Boosts Confidence

Yoga helps improve self-confidence regarding sex. Research projects bring to light a very close association between sexual pleasure and self-esteem. Self-confidence results from a high self-esteem and contributes to an improved sexual experience.

Women can immediately feel when they interact with a man who feels confident about himself and his male sexual energy is shining around. 

Breath Control

Premature ejaculation is a common medical condition among one-third of all men. Breath control slows down all the explicit feelings that one may be having during the sexual act and eventually help you to last longer in bed.

During sex, the parties involved should have a common mindset. This is achieved by breath control by someone who seems to be more in it. Yoga helps in mindset control through the breath up exercises. This enables common and elongated sex at the climax. The less commonly known advantage of controlled breathing: you will become a better kisser!

Prevents Cramping

Yoga helps reduce cramping effects during sex. Cramping exercise always sucks and kills the sexual experience making one to start it over again. This makes the experience boring, and exhaustive thus enable not to reach an orgasm.

Yoga counters this by improving body flexibility. Consistent stretching during yoga practice helps prevent serious cramping.

Some of the most frustrating and embarrassing moments that most men go through include poor performance in bed. This is the only moment that works on someone’s ego and self-confidence. Yoga does it all.

With the practice of yoga, one’s body stamina is improved naturally without necessarily using male enhancing supplements. To men, it’s a high time to switch to yoga as all they want is to get away from the bad sexual experience they’ve just encountered.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.