8 Best Tips to Deal with Depression and Feel Awesome

By Alex Gendron

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how to fight depression

Depression is apparently a mental sickness that everyone is not completely aware of. Although a lot of people today suffer from depression, only the real sufferers can explicitly imagine and experience the struggle of having it.

When you ask people about it, it seemingly appears that having and getting out from the said state is quite daunting and challenging. As a matter of fact, young people would probably deny that they experience these things or they cannot actually recognize that they do suffer from it which makes things worse since they do not receive the help they really need.

Dealing with depression can be tough especially for young men nowadays.Young people are always seen to be the main sufferers of depression and anxiety. One possible reason behind is that young people especially boys are having real difficulties in communicating their emotions and sentiments.

Nevertheless, getting out of it is one of the most bittersweet experiences one could ever have. While the condition is largely unexplainable using words, young ones are striving really hard to deal with it.

According to Topic Exchange, there are actually ways you could do alleviate your situation. These tips may come handy and simple but they are found to be effective and helpful.

1. Acquire adequate amount of sleep

Scientifically, depression seems to be very apparent when certain hormones in your system is lacking. These hormones include oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Usually, a hormonal imbalance happens when you are stressed and when you are lacking the enough rest you need. In addition, young men would experience this most of the time since they are on their adolescent stages.

Accordingly, getting enough sleep and rest can significantly help you boost the production of these hormones. Don’t you feel a little lighter and happier when you obtain the much-needed rest and sleep? Well, this is the reason behind it.

Some may say that sleeping for 6 to 8 hours a day could make you feel a lot better. Yes, that is true, but personally since I do really have a busy schedule – I can’t afford to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. What I did (which I am still doing) was I always try to take power naps. Aside from the fact that it boosts my energy, power naps can largely help me complete my overall rest and much-needed sleep.

2. Get a daily dose of sunlight

Studies from Mirror show that getting a dose of sunlight with a few exercises in the morning can largely and positively affect your way of thinking, feeling, and sensing in totality. Also, a few data gathered nowadays appear to have significant numbers of people who succeed dealing with their anxieties and depression by getting enough sunlight on a daily basis.

This is very true for my case when way back. Once I wake up in the morning, I try to do a few stretching and running routines until I catch the sunrise. Also, I tend to add a few yoga and meditation sessions in the morning. When I see and feel the sunlight touching my skin, I feel even more relaxed and at peace.

Now, try doing this every morning. Not only that you are contributing to improving your overall state in terms of mental condition but also you are improving your physical state.

3. Move vigorously during the day

Before tackling topics and points about exercise, you may want to know first this specific tip about moving vigorously during day time. Generally, young people who actively participate in different activities are seen to be much happier.

As for me, I remembered doing things in the garden such as planting and cleaning the yard. When there’s nothing to do outdoors, I always try to clean the house and my room. These routines significantly helped me apparently.

Although moving actively during the day can result in tiredness and alike at the end of the day, these types of tiredness are the good kinds. These are the ones that could actually alleviate your spirit and self-esteem. Know that young ones who suffer depression are very much down and possess a low self-esteem.

Hence, moving actively, happily, and vigorously at any time of the day especially during morning periods can help you fully overcome depression and negativities. Just make sure that you are choosing wisely your actions, words, thoughts, and deeds since these things are also factors that can either help or worsen the scenario and condition.

4. Practice gratitude for the good times

Gratitude and appreciation are very much essential in this case. Although young men who suffer from depression can hardly appreciate the thought of saying “thank you” or the thought of appreciation itself, practising gratitude and appreciation are much recommended especially on good times.

While showing gratitude and appreciation are significantly good during happy moments, you could actually step up your gameplay by showing appreciation and gratitude at all times. Even if there are a lot of assignments and chores, I would always prefer to say thank you and look at these things as rooms and opportunities for improvements and learnings.

Depression is actually a matter of perspective. Try to appreciate first the simple things that surround you and even the small things that usually occur in yourself and your environment. Eventually, when you already make a habit out if it, you could see the very change that can happen to your way of thinking and feeling.

5. Listen to upbeat music

If you ask people around you what music is for them, you could actually get answers such as “music is life” or “music is food for the soul” or even “music is my comfort”. In actuality, all of these things about music are true.

Even if you are not a music-lover by definition, music is significantly a good food for your overall condition. Music especially your chosen and favorite genres and types – can largely affect your mood. The most recommended and suitable type of music to help you deal with depression is the upbeat type of music.

Fast beat and upbeat kind of music helps soothe stress and anxiety for some reason. This is why many young adults and teenage kids tend to listen to a lot of music when they feel sad or stressed. You may want to dance with the song as well which largely helps beat negative thoughts and feelings.

6. Use a visualization to release your painful thoughts

In the recent times, young people especially boys who undergo therapies are usually asked to do crafts and other things related to arts. One reason behind is that visualization can largely help ease depression and release painful emotions and thoughts.

Using arts and visualization as a tool to overcome depression is a very excellent option. According to many scholars and experts from Science Daily, arts are a very helpful way to feel good and awesome in totality. When I have free time in the afternoon or before heading to sleep, I try to paintand do quick sketches. Even if I don’t have much skills and knowledge about it, the activity helps me cope up with my condition.

One of the things I do which I greatly recommend is the painting of positive and encouraging quotes I usually found online. I try to read and look out first for quotes and saying that I know best will help me lift up my spirits.

I incorporate designs that stir up my imagination and positive thinking. I usually use colors that easily brighten up my day and night. You could actually apply this to yourself since these can significantly release all the painful and bad thoughts.

7. Stop the negative self-talk

It is in no doubt that young people who experience depression and anxiety attacks tend to converse with their selves negatively. By and large, the negative self-talk is very much rampant nowadays for a lot of people. More often than not, people who usually keep on indulging in these kinds of thoughts and way of living are the ones who really find it difficult to get out from depression.

Now, if you really want to deal with depression and anxiety, you must keep in mind that talking to yourself in a negative manner will never help you. Conversely, you must practice to always be positive in any way possible you can.

As much as possible, you must keep on encouraging yourself every day and every time. Keeping positive notes and quotes on a daily basis are basic steps into outliving a positive self-talk. For instance, you may write in your school notebooks a few quotes and phrases that could brighten up you every once in a while.

Moreover, the visualization practices and exercises I do, I try to keep them on my notes. Also, I tend to capture images of my works using my gadgets so that I could save them. More often than not, seeing these positive outputs hinders me from thinking negatively and encourages me instead to promote positivity.

8. Regular exercise

It seemingly appears that young people with depression find it quite difficult as well to move actively and join different fitness routines (even on school physical activities). Now, one of the most effective and efficient ways you could apply to deal with depression is for you to actively participate in different fitness programs.

Apparently, having a routinely exercise on a daily basis can significantly assist you in fighting negative thoughts and depression in general. When you exercise, you actually flush out all the negative energies that usually cause the unwanted thoughts and vibes. From my experience, in getting my daily dose of sunshine – I try to do exercises during those times.

Aside from that, what I could best recommend is for you to actually look for game and sports partners and buddies. Having these kinds of friends and people around helped me eventually into becoming more active and fit.

Today, people (both young and adults) who regularly attend exercises and fitness programs are much happier and ecstatic in comparison to those who just sink their whole schedule with work, chores, and responsibilities.

Ultimately, depression is one of the most crucial mental illnesses of today. Although the numbers of young people who suffer the said condition are apparently increasing, specialists and experts are continuously finding ways to deal with it. With that being said, these tips are actually the most apparent things that are found to be very effective and efficient in dealing depression and anxiety.

Aside from the fact that you can eventually overcome depression by applying these things on a daily basis, you could as well improve the quality of life in totality.

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