8 Most Expensive Cars in the World

By Patrick Banks

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Cars are incredibly more than a basic requirement in the world. Perhaps you enjoy splashing out on a new car every few years, or maybe you grudge giving over the dollars for something practical.

Don’t you love expensive and luxury cars?! I know you do!

Here are 8 expensive cars that aren’t practical; they are super concept cars. The buyers of these cars expect they will a suitable investment, and they will no doubt, be trusting they don’t face exactly the depreciation the rest of us are plagued by when we buy our vehicle.


Originally introduced in 2013 as a concept car in the memory of a dead son of Pininfarina’s founder, the Italian design house, just half of those cars have been made by yet, hence becoming among the most desirable cars. This is one of the Ferrari’s ever made and is based on the Ferrari 458 Spider.

Every one of these handmade units comes with an all-carbon-fiber framework and is a spacious air luxury car with two chairs. Like the Ferrari 458, it does not have any roof, side windows, and windshield, and can be 330 pounds lighter than its ancestor.

That makes it smarter and quicker, though it has the same naturally-aspirated 4.5 liter F136F v 8 engine, that directs 562 hp to the rear wheels. The interior comes with a plethora of interesting details, like headrests built directly into the roll cage.


While there’s not been any price announced for this car by yet, expert estimates place it in around 3.2 million dollars. Built under the supervision of Andy Palmer, the new president of Aston Martin devoted to relevance and solvency with excellent cars, this version is a renovation of this old Aston Martin-Red Bull AM-RB 001.

The 6.5 litre, naturally- aspirated V-12 explicitly designed for the Cosworth, has a 1:1 power /weight ratio, and includes a Rimac-built hybrid battery system coming with the engine that yields of a 1000 horsepower. As of yet, 150 components of this model has been planned by the organization, and also the deliveries are expected to begin 2019 onward. Moreover, 25 track-only variants are proposed whose prices can only be theorized at present.

6. Limited Edition BUGATTI VEYRON by Mansory Vivere – $3.4 million

Updated four times since its release at 2005, this Bugatti Veyron’s Mansory Vivere variant is not one of the fastest, but likewise the priciest cars of earth.

Modelled on the Grand Sport Vitesse Roadster, this German car includes a magnificent lacquered carbon-fibre body together side a brand-new spoiler bundle offering new diffusers plus a more glowing cottage and front grill, even more, massive side scoops plus a hood that is shortened, and the like. The upgraded LED lights are everywhere — both the headlight and taillight clusters, that the cockpit.

And maps of history-making events just like the Targa Florio race and the like are laser etched into carbon fibre interior, both the upholstered and the exterior. The 8.0-liter W16 engine of the automobile can produce 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque. The version could reach up to 253 miles and has been named the Decade 2000-2009’s Auto.

5. LYKAN HYPERSPORT – $3.4 million

The headlights were made of, 240 15-carat diamonds, so maybe the price very surprising? And then there will be the LED blades manufactured from 420 15-carat diamonds. And all the gems are all customizable.

Built by W Motors, based in Lebanon, it could be the first Arab super-car. Also, it will not fare poorly when compared with the standard European biggies.

Apart from its impressive looks, the twin-turbo mid-rear mounted 3.8-liter flat-six fighter can create 780 horsepower through the rear wheels, and also a 708 pound-feet of torque. It could execute a 62 at only 2.8 seconds and can reach speeds up to 240 mph.

Buyers also had the option of rubies, yellow diamonds, yellow diamonds, and sapphires.


The McLaren P1 LM is less or more a street-legal version of the track-only McLaren P1 GTR. Lanzante, a British business, bought the unique P1 and converted it for sale.

This car is very much in common with all the legendary McLaren F1 road and the P1 GTR car. By way of instance, the gold plating enclosing the engine bay using a 3.8-litre twin-turbo v 8. It’s a whole lot smarter than the P 1 GTR. It weighs only 132 pounds (60 kg less compared to the P1 GTR, and its modified rear wing and front splitter is enlarged join with the dip planes to generate 40% increased downforce as compared to P1 GTR.

The awesomeness of this aerodynamics can be seen where it’s designed for- on course, in which it could produce 1000 horsepower. Just five models have been built, most of them being sold.

3. LAMBORGHINI VENENO Roadster – $4.5 million

Created to celebrate the organization’s 50th birthday,” Veneno” literally means poison in Spanish, also, the design will not look mortal. Looks like an underwater space capsule, this vehicle could reach speeds that could give one of those a run for their money, literally.

The 6.5-liter V12 using a seven-speed single-clutch ISR automatic manual transmission system can spin at 8,400 power to yield 740 horsepowers and 507 pound-feet of torque. This car can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and his price tag makes it one of the most expensive and powerful production cars in the world.

Only nine units being made, the biggest problem of those cars would be that their crazy re-sells speeds – just one have been sold at $11 million! This had been the expensive car in the whole world produced upon its debut, and only three units is available to customers in the first lot, there is a crazy scramble to acquire practical the remaining ones.


The costly street-legal manufacturing vehicle in the world really can be coated with diamonds. Yes, you read that right. ‘Trevita’ can be an abbreviation translating in to ‘three whites.’ The carbon fibres have been coated using a beaded resin. This technology altered the fibres in the black to glowing, which makes the bodywork with this car celebrated during because of the design and devotion.

And that’s not all. Underneath the coating is a 4.8-liter, dual-supercharged v 8 having a complete output of 1,004 horsepower along with 797 pound-feet of torque. This helps make it well-equipped at overtaking semis from the Free Way. This car has a one-of-its-kind double carbon rear wing, Inconel exhaust system, airbags, ABS powered carbon-ceramic brakes, paddle-shift, infotainment system, chronometer tool cluster, tires tracking systems together side a hydraulic process.

Just three cars with the version had been decided upon, before getting reduced to two, as the carbon fibre created it time-consuming and overly strict for periodic manufacture.


Dominating the prime spot on our listing of the cars is that which can only be described as one bit of magic. That’s because it was made to an individual customer whose name that the organization has refused to divulge tips. A business famous for the rollouts, there were only 4,000 Rolls Royce cars manufactured in 2016.

It is commissioned for an aircraft and super-yacht pro, whose identity at 2013 Rolls-Royce doesn’t disclose. The Sweptail made its debut in 20 17 as the most expensive car on the planet at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event that was annual. It surpassed each of its rivals and is still one of the most expensive cars!

Conclusion: Luxurious and Expensive Cars tell a lot about your classy lifestyle, but it’s essential to take care of these cars. Expensive Super Cars will need super expensive maintenance costing a considerable amount for sure. You can save a bit of spending your total saving by buying a metal garages and parking your luxurious car underneath, safe, and secure for longer.

Sometimes ( most of the time…) we can only dream about the super expensive car. Read on how to enhance your own car to make your own one the dream one.

6 Top Trends to Enhance Your Car

We all know that feeling of having something for a few years and then wanting to trade it in to get something newer and better. We always want the newest and what is best! But when it comes to your car, you don’t have to trade in after a few years to get an upgrade. There are other ways you can make your car stand out and look sportier on the roadways. Rather than just getting a new car, you can soup it up a little! You can add your personality and uniqueness into your car.

1. Switch your engine’s air filter to a high-flow reusable filter

One minor change you can make to your car is to switch your engine’s air filter to a high-flow reusable filter. A reusable filter is better quality because it does not get clogged as quickly as your stock filter. The regular filter found in your car needs to be changed annually because it is made out of paper. The high-flow air filters can be changed much less frequently. A small change, such as this one, can enhance the performance of your vehicle. The high-flow air filters give your engine cleaner air, which enhances your rides fuel efficiency and horsepower.

2. Add a spoiler

Adding a spoiler to your car will give it a sportier look. They are generally attached to the back of the vehicle on top of the trunk. Spoilers not only give your ride a sporty look, they improve the performance of the car because they improve the airflow around the vehicle at fast-paced driving. They make the car more aerodynamic. There are four different types of spoilers to choose from for your vehicle: lip spoiler, wing spoiler, pedestal spoiler, and front spoiler.

3. Updating your stereo

If you have an older vehicle, there are more benefits to updating your stereo than just for the looks. Many of the newer stereos offer Bluetooth capabilities, which is a huge perk. You will be able to answer phone calls through your car’s stereo system! This is much safer than answering your phone and talking on the phone while driving. It also eliminates your chances of getting a ticket. Do some research to find out what stereo systems your vehicle is compatible with before attempting to upgrade

4. Personalize your car mud flaps

Something that will really help personalize your car is mud flaps. Mud flaps are not just used for off roading. They can actually prevent small stones from flying up and chipping your paint job when you are driving. You can order a stylish set or a set that has your name on it in order to give your car a little bit of your own personality!

5. Style your floodlights

Floodlights are also great for anyone, not just SUVs. They are great for any drivers who typically drive in unlit areas. Whether you are driving through the forest for a fishing trip or you just always take the backroads, floodlights would be a safe upgrade for you! They also upgrade the appearance of your car without changing too much! There are a few different styles of floodlights – the ones that run across the top of your windshield and sit on your roof or go across the grill of your car.

It’s nice to get creative with your car, but be aware that any changes you make in an attempt to personalize it, can depreciate its value. If you plan on reselling your vehicle at any point, the best way to keep the value is by keeping it as close to stock as possible. If you are still wanting to make some changes to your car, they should be very subtle. Before making any modifications, research your car’s make/model/year to find out compatibility. Take into consideration the pros and the cons of the modifications you are making, especially if you do plan on reselling your car.

6. Download Essential Mobile Apps

Sometimes before you make an upgrade to your vehicle, you want someone else’s opinion. You want to be “in the know” of different car trends. Well now, there is an app for that (or a few)!

Car Maintenance is an app which keeps track of your car’s service maintenance. This app easily allows you to keep track of when you need to get your next oil change just by simply inputting the date and mileage of your last oil change. It is so easy to lose track of when you need to bring your car in for service with how busy your schedule can be every day, but now this app keeps track for you! You will be notified any time a service is overdue. This app is ideal because keeping up with your car maintenance is so important to your safety! Giving your car its’ regular check up only ensures that you will be driving as safe as possible.

Garage Buddy is your one stop shop for car themed calculators, converters, and tables! The best part is that it is literally like your “garage buddy” that you can keep in your pocket! If you like to get your hands dirty when you need to have work done to your car, then this is the app for you. How-to guides and tutorials for garage tools and replacement parts are all included in this app. There is a whole conversion section which can assist with speed, distance, volume, torque, weight and pressure conversions. The notes section is extremely useful to record information about your car, such as part numbers, oil weights, etc. If you need to go to the store to purchase any parts, you will have all the information you need, readily available!

If you are looking to purchase a new or used car, TrueCar or The Car Connection are your go to apps. The TrueCar app helps buyers connect with a network of new car dealers across the U.S. so they can compare prices and find deals based on real-world purchase prices. The Car Connection app is free to download and makes it so easy to research your future car. You will have access to search over 2 million live local classified listings and also connect with local new and used car dealers. Find out some of the best buying tips, too!

To connect with other car enthusiasts like yourself, check out Automotive Forums. This message board allows you to search different topics on your specific vehicle make and model to find out what other questions or issues people may have had. Chances are, if you have a particular question about something in your vehicle, you are probably not the first. This is a good resource to try to find the answer yourself, especially if you enjoy trying to fix any issues that may come up with your car! Aside from boards dedicated to specific vehicle make and model, there are some fun boards, such as Automotive Art, Car Clubs, and Classic Cars. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn something new. There is something for everyone looking to get involved and feel connected to other car enthusiasts!

Whether you are looking to make some minor upgrades to your car to enhance the safety features or you want to go all out to personalize your ride, there are some factors that need to be considered. You now have an insight to some of the best mobile apps and sites to get the information you need to improve your car and connect with other motor enthusiasts.

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