9 Simple Everyday Tricks To Impress The Girl of Your Dreams

By Erica Silva

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Looking for tips that would ‘wow’ that special someone? While you can’t force someone to like you or fall in love with you, there are surely ways you can become more desirable to any woman.

Sometimes, the smallest of actions can leave a lasting impression. The way you appear, a few smart comments, and a couple of gestures is enough to impress that certain woman. Whatever approach you opt for, just keep it genuine. Do not try to trick women if you don’t want to utterly doom your chances.

Last but not the least, put your efforts but do not rush things. Take your time and allow her to take hers. Allow her to assess if you two click. Meanwhile, be the man she finds desirable and keep doing those little things to let her make up her mind quickly.

Here I present to you the list of top 10 simple tricks that can help you impress the girl of your dreams:

1. Look her in the eye

As difficult as it could be to take your eyes off her amazing figure, it’s better to gaze into those beautiful eyes instead. It’s quite tempting to scan her up and down, especially if she is a gorgeous lady.

However, while you are so busy checking her out, how can you even concentrate on what she’s saying. But if you really want to win her heart, you need to fix that attitude.

Now imagine if she catches you staring at her body when she is telling you about her family – what a creep you would look to her. Do you think you can impress her that way? A big no!

So look her in the eye and concentrate on the conversation. Women love men who listen to them. Set an impression with this first step.

2. A nice, genuine compliment

While you must always think before you speak, one thing that you must say is a nice, genuine compliment when you are around her. It could be the way she talks, the way she rolls her eyes, her smile, or her intelligence. Let her best quality strike you so you really have some genuine words to praise her with.

If she has a great figure, avoid commenting on that for now if you really want to create a good impression. That part can wait until you get a green signal that she’s enjoying it too.

3. Well groomed and well dressed

If you don’t want her to run away, be extremely cautious of body odor and bad breath. These factors kill your chances with women. Other turn-off points could be scraggly head or facial hair. Women like men who smell nice and are well groomed.

This does not necessarily mean you shave off your beard and mustache. All you need to do is ensure it’s well maintained. Men usually judge their women based on how they look. Why shouldn’t they have the same approach too?

So look nice and tidy to them.

The way you style your clothing says a lot about your personality. Even if you prefer dressing casual, it can always be chic-casual. Learn what she likes on you and dress accordingly to impress her.

Style matters. Dirty casual jeans, with an ill-fitted shirt, and slippers is definitely not a trick to impress the girl of your dreams. You always like your women dressed up and stylish, no? They would expect the same.

So don’t hesitate in getting a little dressy with clean, stylish clothes, the right pair of shoes, and top it off with a chic-looking blue quilted leather jacket!

Now that looks like a perfect gentleman!

4. Make her friends your friends

While there are many other factors, her looks and her personality are the main reason why you would probably ask a woman out on a date. Men usually miss out on other important traits like her intelligence and sense of humor.

How do you figure out if you really are her type? By trying to fit into her social network!

Yes, it’s as simple as that. If you can be friends with her friends and are also able to socialize with them, there’s a high potential you are going to click too strong. Also, women are naturally more attracted to socially charming men. If their family and friends love you, there’s a high chance they will fall for you too.

The simple trick is to impress them first, so you impress her.

5. Keep your phone aside

If you really want her attention, you really need to take your attention off your phone while you are with her. Women don’t really appreciate when men start checking their phone or take a call in the middle of a conversation – unless, of course, the call is from your boss or something then you can politely excuse yourself.

If you still think it’s not that big of a deal, let me tell you something – it’s absolutely uncivil.

It does not only apply to men but also women to show a little respect and set aside your phone while you are in a conversation with the person you are dying to date. She needs to enjoy your undivided attention right now.

6. Open doors for her

Be the perfect gentleman she’s looking for. This is a classic act that never goes wrong or misses an eye. Women are still very much waiting to see that traits in modern men. They appreciate such acts of chivalry where you make her feel special.

This is a simple one on the list, but it really works – tried and tested!

7. Ask for advice

Not only it’s a great way to initiate an engaging conversation, women really find it attractive when their advice is considered valuable. Whether you’re on the market for a new apartment to move or just taking advice on what to pick from the menu, it’s a way to show her that you value her opinion.

Make that conversation engaging by giving input. If you behave too cluelessly, it could make her feel uncomfortable.

8. Let her talk

If you are too self-focused throughout the conversation, it could end on a bad note. Give her a chance to express herself and share things with you. In fact, if she’s too introverted or hesitant, start asking questions about her interests, music, books, hobbies, work, etc.

Let her do the same to you and keep her engaged in an interesting conversation, where she gets to express herself without interruptions.

9. Be graceful

Throughout your approach of impressing her and convincing her for a date, be graceful. Do not look too desperate or needy. Women don’t appreciate those traits. In fact, stay confident and be positive. Talk about different things with her and make her laugh. If she still isn’t interested in dating, step down gracefully.

However, always give women a chance to appreciate the person you are – regardless of whether they want to date you or not.

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