A Step by Step Guide on How to Take Control of your Money (and 5 Bonus Tricks to Never Get Into Debt Again!)

By Patrick Banks

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Millennials are delusional about money. Retirement planning, buying a house, having a great job just because you have a degree. All these could have been dreams of other generation, but the world has changed.
How to Take Control of your Money

As we all know, the economic situation in which we live is leading us all to make certain adjustments in our daily lives. That is why we are sharing in the beginning of several financial guidelines called “Take Control of your Money” on the handling of budget and control of expenditures in the face of the economic imbalances.

Millennials are delusional about money. Retirement planning, buying a house, having a great job just because you have a degree. All these could have been dreams of other generation, but the world has changed.

Here we Share with you 10 tips that can help you Start Managing your Money Better:

Identify Needs vs. Wishes

It is difficult to make and maintain a plan to manage your money if you do not know what your needs are. What are wishes Needs are essential things to live and desires are things that improve your quality of life and calm your mind.

First, you must make sure you have enough money to meet your monthly needs so that you can satisfy your wishes.

Make Decisions with your Partner, him/her

To establish a plan and fulfill it successfully, you must agree with your partner on how to do it. Both must take into consideration the needs and desires of each one and establish priorities.

Make a Budget

Include all your income, debts and expenses: The mortgage, water, electricity, lunches, meals, etc. This will help you define where the money is going, you can also fill the sheet as a record.

Use cheapest applications 

This is the best way if you chose to control your expences there is many companies who provides you to do your cheap assignments at cheapest price and you save your money better.

Reduce your Expenses

List your expenses in order of importance. Which of them could you eliminate or reduce? Here are some tips to save more and spend less:

Take lunch from home to work. Presuming that there are 20 working days in a month, you would be saving between $ 100 to $ 160 per month in lunch, if your lunch costs 5 to 8 USD per day respectively). This translates to $ 1,200 – $ 1,920 per year!

Make certain adjustments to lower your light payment. Use the air conditioner only when necessary; otherwise, use the fan. Use “multiples” for any electronic item that does not turn off completely. For example, items such as TV, home theater, game consoles, radio, and computer continue to consume electricity even when they are “off”.

When leaving your house, turn off the “multiple” completely to make sure they are completely off. If you have to replace your stove or your heater, consider a gas stove or a solar heater.

Analyze your cell phone plan. Many people think that downloading the minutes plan from the cell phone is the most obvious way to lower that expense, but if you go over the minutes of your plan, you may end up spending more. Analyze your voice plan and data and increase it if necessary to cover your monthly use.

When you go to the supermarket, bring a list of what you really need and buy according to that. Avoid going hungry to avoid buying “with your eyes”.


Try to separate a monthly amount to save; it does not matter if it is not much. Transfer the amount you determine to the savings section or account as soon as you receive your fortnight or establish that the transfer becomes recurrent.

Do not Touch your Savings

Establish a separate emergency fund for your savings. The emergency fund should be 3-6 months of your monthly income. Put the savings in an account that is not accessible as a certificate of deposit.

Be Creative

If you have to make gifts, give something special made by you or your family. A homemade dessert or a painting made by your child or a photograph can be more special for a family member than a purchased gift.

Make money online

It’s 2019! There are endless possibilities to make money through apps and websites without leaving your sofa! Don’t say no to extra cash, watching Netflix or whatever else you are doing can wait.

Stay Informed

You do not have to be an expert in finance to be aware of what happens in the market. Ask about savings plans, variety of accounts, mortgages, etc.

Think of your Family as Partners

Meet with them periodically to discuss the budget and review goals and financial plans. Do you have other “tricks” or suggestions to save more and spend less? Share them for the benefit of everyone by writing a comment in this article!

Now I tell you the

5 financial tricks to increase your income long-term and never go to debt again

2019 is the year that you’re going to get your monetary existence together — sooner or later! No more excuses, the time is now. positive, budgeting sucks. but guess what? So does being broke. this is the year that you’re going to reclaim your financial destiny once and for all.

In prefer to being freaked out via getting your economic you-recognize-what together, make a plan. here are a few matters to get you began:

1. Take a monetary selfie.

on the way to take manage of your money this 12 months, you have to understand wherein you’re beginning from — meaning getting the full photo of your belongings (what you have), your liabilities (what you owe), and all of your month-to-month expenses (yes, even your $five subscriptions which you regularly overlook approximately.) I even have a worksheet to help you accomplish that here.

2. Create a sustainable spending plan

It’s not a very good concept to reduce the whole thing a laugh from your finances. How do you preserve that?! It’s like being on a fad weight-reduction plan. perhaps you’ll lose weight for the quantity of time you are struggling thru it but it pretty plenty inevitable which you gained won’t be able to maintain it for the longer term.

Rather, suppose of getting a “spending plan” rather than a “budget.” It’s like having a “consuming plan” as opposed to being on a “weight-reduction plan.” permit yourself the financial equivalent of a Hershey’s kiss so you don’t grow to be noshing on a large ol’ hunk of chocolate cake inside the nighttime because you are so hungry and so disadvantaged. smash the cycle.

Take manage. I suggest placing aside 15 percentage of your monthly profits for extras (aka a laugh), 15 percent on your endgame (retirement), and the ultimate 70 percentage for the essentials (fundamentals of living like lease, coverage, food, and transportation).

3. Write down your monetary goals

Humans that create cohesive narratives for their lives are much more likely to achieve success. In terms of your budget, setting dreams down on paper enables you to start to set the stage for a way you’re going to reach them — a roadmap of kinds.

Strive writing down your monetary dreams in without problems-digestible chunks of 1, three, 5, seven and ten years. It breaks the larger desires down into smaller milestones along the way, so you’ll have a very good concept on wherein you’re going, and also what steps you want to take to get there.

4. Work on getting that debt monkey off your lower back.

No matter how well you intend or shop, debt will maintain you from building a solid financial basis. Debt is the handiest 4-letter phrase I don’t like so make looking after it a priority this 12 months.

No extra flinching when you get your credit card declaration or pronouncing, “Oh properly, I’m screwed, there’s no way to climb out of this debt pit.”

Prioritize to pulverize: start along with your maximum charge loans(likely credit score cards) and work your way down from there (generally automobile loans come next, then students loans).

5. Commit to contributing towards your endgame (aka your retirement). 

Don’t think about planning your retirement as a drag on the “gift you.” consider it as setting “destiny you” up for dwelling effectively, on your phrases. Maximize your money now so that you have extra alternatives later.

For example, here’s your update on contribution limits for 2019 in Irland: if you’re below 50, you could make contributions up to $6,000 for your IRA and $19,000 for your 401(okay). Over 50? the limits are raised to $25,000 for a 401(k) and $7,000 for an IRA. It’s in no way too early to start contributing in your retirement — the greater time, the extra your interest compounds, the more your stability rises.

That’s the magic of compound hobby. whilst it really works in your favor, it’s the first-rate (as compared to the worst whilst it really works in opposition to you with credit score card debt).

Taking control of your money in 2019 is all approximately making life-style modifications which are sustainable and will assist you (and your cash) grow. think of economic weight-reduction plan like you would regular weight-reduction plan. slicing out all of the fun bloodless turkeys isn’t always realistic. Change your mindset and habits and your price range will follow for the long run.

So my dear friend best of luck with my all the advice which I gave you and let your business top on the hills.

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