Ask a Surgical Error Lawyer: 7 Tips for Building a Strong Case

By Patrick Banks

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Have you experienced medical malpractice? Were you the victim of a surgical error? It’s important to know how to build a successful case. Here are a few tips to remember, and some ways that a surgical error lawyer in Baltimore, MD can help.

1. Hire a Good Lawyer

When it comes to any kind of legal battle, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to hire a qualified lawyer. When you are dealing with the aftermath of medical malpractice and surgical errors, having this kind of support is even more crucial.

Your lawyer will be able to tell you everything you should do—and everything that you need to avoid to keep your case strong. It’s worth putting in the time to find the best surgical error lawyer in Baltimore

2. Gather Your Evidence

It can be hard to keep track of everything when you’re dealing with injuries caused by a surgical error. But as the person claiming that you’ve experienced medical malpractice, it falls upon you to make sure that you are providing the courts with evidence.

Evidence for medical malpractice cases can be difficult to gather, but your lawyer will be able to help you find what you need. Your lawyer can tell you what specific pieces of evidence you should be looking for, as well as help you gather this evidence efficiently and keep everything organized.

3. Work with the Right Experts

Because medical malpractice can sometimes be difficult to prove, it’s important to work with people who know what they’re doing. Gathering the right evidence will help to prove that what you’ve experienced was malpractice, but sometimes the physical evidence alone isn’t enough to support your case.

In situations like these, you may need to hire an expert witness. These are professionals and experts in their fields that can offer insight to the courts on what happened to you. If you need to hire an expert witness to help you support your case, your lawyer has access to them.

4. Know What a Fair Settlement Is

Medical malpractice and surgical errors can range from minor to severe. Regardless of how severe your physical injuries are, experiencing any kind of medical malpractice can be incredibly traumatizing. You deserve to be compensated for the poor treatment that you’ve received, as well as for the resulting physical and emotional injuries.

It can be hard to know what a good settlement actually looks like in medical malpractice cases. Your lawyer can help you. If you decide together that what you are initially offered isn’t fair, then your lawyer will help you negotiate for something that is.

5. Don’t Speak to Insurance Companies

The hospital you received treatment from will likely have its own insurance company to handle cases like this. The representatives from this company may try to call you. It is very important to avoid speaking to these representatives, as they may try to take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge.

This is just another reason why it’s so important to hire a qualified lawyer. When these companies try to contact you, simply send them to your lawyer. This will help you avoid making any major mistakes that could affect your case, and allow you to focus on healing and managing your injuries.

6. Don’t Post to Social Media

It may surprise you how many cases are thrown out or lost because of people’s posts on social media, but it happens. It can be tempting to let everyone know how you’re doing via social media sites, but it’s important to avoid doing this.

It’s especially important to avoid doing anything like bragging about the settlement you’re about to get, or posting about the detail of your case. Keep all of this information private, and don’t post any comments or photos related to your case.

7. Keep a Pain Journal

The medical malpractice that you’ve experienced may have resulted in some serious pain and injuries. To help keep your case strong, it’s a good idea to keep a pain journal. Aim to start writing in it as soon as possible, ideally the day you received the injury, and update it every day.

You should include information about how the injury occurred, how it’s impacted you physically and emotionally, and how the healing and recovery process is going. Be as honest and detailed in your journal as possible. This will be an important piece of evidence to present to the court.

No one should have to go through surgical errors or medical malpractice, but the unfortunate reality is that these things do happen. If you have been the victim of a surgical error, you should make sure to call a lawyer to help you support your case.

Have you experienced medical malpractice? Were you the victim of a surgical error? It’s important to know how to build a successful case. Here are a few tips to remember, and some ways that a surgical error lawyer in Baltimore, MD can help.

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