CBD and Sex: Could CBD Spark up Your Sex Life?

By Patrick Banks

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Can CBD make sex better or increase your libido? Explore the link between CBD and sex here, and find out if CBD could be a solution for your bedroom woes.
CBD and Sex Could CBD Spark up Your Sex Life

CBD is booming so much that U.S. farmers are struggling to keep up with the demand for the product.

The medicinal potential of CBD to treat a range of conditions and illnesses are being realized at a rapid pace. 

From helping people with mental health disorders to relieving the symptoms of epilepsy, there are numerous known benefits for health. 

However, have you ever wondered whether CBD oil could bolster your sex life? You can find out more about CBD and sex below.

What is CBD?

CBD is also called cannabidiol. The product is derived from hemp without the same psychoactive qualities as cannabis.

You may have already heard that there are health benefits of marijuana consumption. There are some amazing ways the drug cure conditions.

But, CBD can give you the same benefits without the side-effects and the high. However, people have also found that CBD could help improve your sex life as well.

CBD for Sex

One study found that when 1,000 people were asked to experiment with CBD during sex, up to 68 percent reported improvements in the bedroom.

Despite these remarkable results, around 96 percent of CBD users didn’t know that the product could be used during sex.

You may only need a small amount of CBD oil to significantly raise your game behind closed doors. You can purchase CBD lube, vape or spray.

How CBD Can Help Your Sex Life?

You may be surprised by the number of ways CBD could impact your time between the sheets. Here are a few ways:

1. Reduce Your Anxiety and Help You Relax

Many people suffer from anxiety during sex. They find it impossible to relax to derive pleasure from sex.

And yet, people who have tried CBD say that it can really help to improve your mood and relieve stress and anxiety.

In fact, over 64 percent of participants in a study reported that they felt much more relaxed during sex as a result.

2. Relief of Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may find that this impedes your ability to enjoy sex.

CBD has been shown to be a helpful way of relieving your pain. This may allow you to concentrate on feeling sex in the bedroom.

3. CBD and Libido

If you have a problem with sexual desire, CBD could also improve your libido.

By dilating your blood vessels on your penis, you may find that blood flows quicker. This could make you aroused and stimulated much easier.

You can’t expect this to happen instantly. You may need to apply CBD up to one hour before you want to get started.

You may even find that CBD turns your mind to thinking about sex. If you struggle to stay focused, this could also help you.

CBD and Sex

Whether you’re having the best sex of your life or struggling to make it work in the bedroom, CBD can improve your sex life.

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