Is CBD oil safe? What Are The Risks Associated With Cannabidiol and The Benefits of CBD

By Patrick Banks

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With marijuana being legalized by many states, CBD oil, standing for Cannabidiol, has been quite a rage lately. People have been employing this product widely to treat a number of diseases and symptoms. However, despite being the hot new product in the industry which is sought after by many, its usage still remains quite a controversial one.
Is CBD oil safe? Risks Associated With Cannabidiol

Before we delve deeper, let’s first establish a little background of this product.

What is CBD oil and how is it made?

To begin with, CBD is a chemical compound found in a cannabis plant. Marijuana, in its scientific name, Cannabis sativa, is a trending topic, especially in Western countries that are fast seeking to legalize its medicinal use. In light of this, CBD oil happens to be a product containing concentrations of CBD. Basically, it is one of the 104 compounds which reside within the cannabis plant, namely Cannabis Sativa.

Speaking of this, hemp is another form of cannabis plant which happens to be the least processed or unmodified of all. It is a specie loaded with CBD which is now being used for medicinal purposes.

As far as its making is concerned, CBD oil is diluted with oils such as coconut or hemp seed oil upon CBD’s extraction from the cannabis plant. This gives us hemp CBD oil.

The Myth:

The usage of this particular compound is debatable considering that it arguably shares similar properties to its fellow compound, called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. However, CBD is being considered as a medicinal product on the grounds that it, by no means, is psychoactive while THC is. Hence, it is safe to say that both do not stand on similar grounds.

In fact, this is one of the many major reasons behind CBD being used due to its healing and therapeutic properties. In addition to this, it does not at all cause the mind-altering effects as is the case with THC.

To put things in perspective, THC is by far the most active compound found in cannabis as compared to CBD. However, both of them have their own unique properties despite coming from the same species of plant.

CBD does not cause mind-changing effect while THC does considering the fact that it breaks down into the body upon applying heat.

Now, you must be wondering that how does CBD exactly work if THC breaks down into the body.

Well, let’s talk about it then!

The human body is in itself an enigma. Your body even produces its own cannabinoids coupled with two receptors for the foreign cannabinoids. They are called CB1 and CB2.

Speaking of CB1, they are scattered throughout the body but most of them are restricted in the brain. THC, basically, attaches to CB1 as it deals with functions like muscle coordination and movement, appetite etc. THC, as a result of possessing psychoactive properties, causes an effect.

Coming towards CB2, it has got to do with inflammation and pain since they are spread throughout the immune system. The CBD attaches itself to these receptors. Moreover, it also works as a catalyst in directing the body to make ample use of its own cannabinoids.

It can be taken through aerosol spray orally. If not this, then it can be absorbed into the body via inhalation.

Let’s discuss the benefits it brings in before we touch the potential risk part and parcel of using CBD oils.

First and foremost, CBD is accepted as a more natural alternative to chronic pain, stiffness in and inflammation as per a study.

Other than this, there are evidences such as this study which suggests that CBD helps with quitting smoking. It says that people who profusely use inhalers packed with CBD tend to draw to cigarettes less. The best part is that it also puts an end to the cravings for nicotine.

Similarly, as per this review, it helps in healing people with disorders related to opioid addictions.

They are never a replacement to vitamins essential for bone development. However, CBD can very well help with growth and bone regeneration.

Furthermore, FDA has CBD approved as a therapeutic agent to combat epilepsy.

CBD has certain properties which are anti-seizure in nature and with barely any side effects for epileptic patients.

Not only this, CBD may as well prove to be an efficient and effective treatment for patients with schizophrenia. Other than being effective, it is also a safe alternative to such disorders as it can have a same effect such as that of an antipsychotic drug. It can also help by slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

In light of another study, CBD is a compound with no or low levels of toxicity and also acts as an anti-cancer drug. It effectively restricts and suppresses the multiplication of cancer cells and helps in destroying them.

The Cannabidiol can as well treat many anxiety-related disorders. Categorically speaking, CBD can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, general anxiety disorder in addition to panic disorder as well as social anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

We spoke earlier how CBD can ease up inflammation. Type 1 diabetes occurs due to the inflammation cells in the pancreas are attacked.

CBD can both protect and even delay the formulation of Type 1 diabetes.

Similarly, acne is caused due to overproduction of sebum which occurs due to the inflammation of sebaceous glands. And CBD tends to lower the production of sebum, folks!

The Risks of Taking CBD Oil

With new and crisp developments comes a fair share of risks. The use of CBD also involves potential risks.

To begin with, people who use CBD in order to treat epilepsy may encounter worsened situations of depression and excessive mood swings.

Other than this, they may as well experience following side effects:

  • lethargy and irritability
  • no or less appetite
  • varied infections
  • problems in passing urine or reduced urination
  • sensitive reactions such as allergy or rash
  • breathing issues
  • reduced salvation
  • excessive sweating
  • gastrointestinal issue

One of the most significant concerns related to CBD is that it is till date being marketed not as a medication but as a food supplement. A medicine is deemed as unsafe until and unless it is proven whereas a food supplement are considered safe unless proven otherwise. So, its legal nature is still a matter of question.

To add more, its purity is yet to be assessed and dose yet to be regulated. Besides, its usage can cause excessive nausea, fatigue in combination with sleeping disorders. If a person is already going through these issues like insomnia, diarrhea, or lethargy then use of CBD can further worsen the circumstances. The consumption can also lead to a dry mouth or even drowsiness.

Another major concern is how it can negatively impact and result in a suppressed immune system. It can tamper with the activities of white blood cells and T and B cells which are vital in phagocytosis of foreign organisms.

When the growth is hindered, one can become prone to many more illnesses. A person may develop asthma and cell growth too tumorous.

Another alarming effect is that CBD may as well decrease the activity levels of liver enzymes. To be specific, it can slow down the activity of cytochromeP450 isozyme system, which is designed for the metabolism of commonly prescribed medicines which makes up to almost 60%.

Also, the dysfunction of dopamine is inevitable. It can adversely affect drive and motivation. CBD can also impact the process of retention and memorization.

The CBD can cause an increased level of drugs in case a person consumes it alongside his some health condition or over any prescribed medicine. It reacts with the enzymes found in the metabolism of the body and may result in serious side effects.

Also, in case the Patient information leaflet that medication comes with says to refrain from grapefruit juice then CBD should and must be avoided too. This is because CBD and grapefruit are very much alike in nature for both of them cause quite similar reactions. This, in turn, could affect the blood circulation levels which ultimately can prove to be disastrous.

Most importantly, a pregnant woman must not intake CBD as it can hinder fetal development and so should not a breastfeeding mother so as to avoid any mishaps.

It does not cause any intoxicating effect. However, if there is something that needs to be taken care of is its composition in addition to quality. It is a well-known fact the extraction and making are done through sources which are uncontrolled and in need of immediate action; there may be presences of contaminants that can pave way for severe health issues.

There could be chemicals or agents such as pesticides that may have been added to make the product more flowery; to increase weight or potency.

Any such thing prevalent in hemp can be destructive especially to the vulnerable bodies of children and elderly as it is present in hemp means it will definitely make its way into the final product, which is CBD oil.

Even with the risks involved, the benefits of this product outweighs the risk. In the future, its usage is only likely to increase for all the therapeutic and healing is has to offer.

What is CBD vape oil?

The first question that comes in mind what is CBD vape oil, here we’re discussing about this.

CBD is a chemical compound that is obtained from a cannabis plant and has some amount of hemp or marijuana.

CBD oil is the type of CBD which can also be obtained from hemp and marijuana. About many years ago, the cannabis plant is used in the medical field.

All the humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system which totally interacts with many functions like sleep, mood, behavior and many homeostases in the body.

CBD is used for the treatment of many problems like,

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

Vaping is popular in recent many years, all the vaping device includes heating the liquid.

CBD vape oil is totally different from the CBD oil, it contains glycol and vegetable glycerin which thin the oil and make it vaporized.

But many vape oils uses different thining agent to make it vaporized.

Is CBD vape oil is safe for use?

This can be used at the low amount in the initial stage but with the passage of time, you can use it according to requirements like if you have severe pain you can use it in large amount but make sure you consult to doctor first.

The most common and low side effect of CBD oil is tiredness. CBD is made with the mixing of many thinning agents like glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin is the safest and reliable because it is a natural substance.

Many researchers object to the use of cyclone because, in the air, it has some respiratory issues like Asthma.

When we heated cyclone formaldehyde is produced and it causes some harmful cells like carcinogens.

Is CBD Vape oil makes you feel high?

Many people think that the CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and make you high. But the short answer to this is no. 

 CBD and THC are two different things. THC has some drug productions but CBD has no drug production.

Those products that have a large amount of THC feel you high because it is obtained from marijuana. 

Those products have a large amount of CBD doesn’t feel you high because it is a natural chemical substance.

How you Use CBD Vape oil?

There is much different equipment to use CBD vape oil. There are many different devices are available in the market.

The most common device is the vape pen. You have to use this instead of homemade devices.

The vape pen has different components, we discuss below






The battery is available in all vape pens that are rechargeable and heat the oil to vaporize it.


This is used to heat the element of the vape pen.


This is the house of CBD vape oil. In this, some have chambers that can be used again and again.


This can also be used by inhaling. You can use it as inhaler through the mouthpiece.

Best CBD vape oil 

There are many CBD vape oil products are available but here we can discuss some best CBD vape oil products that are mentioned below

CBDfx (Strawberry Taffy)

This is the biggest and largest brand all over the world and it has a lot of many reasons to engage many customers.

This company cannot bear the poor quality of this brand. This brand makes an effort to maintain its testing standard.

Why you buy this?

This brand provides you a vape product. This has a lot of much reason to engage many customers to use this because it is vape oil and heal many problems.


This is available in many flavors like blueberry, fruity cereal, strawberry kiwi and many more.

Hemp Bombs (Higher Potency Mix & Match)

 This brand is used for selection, and hip branding. This brand makes an effort to improve its testing more and more.

This brand is very helpful for improving many problems of the people. Many researchers make an effort to use different formulas to make it better.

 Why you buy this?

This brand has large products and has different flavors, many vape liquids, and many vape pens.


It is available in Pineapple, spearmint blast, vanilla, and three other flavors.

CBDistillery (Strawberry Lemonade)

This product is very cheap and available at a low price, it is affordable for everyone. Many peoples buy this pen at a low price and use its many other applications without breaking it.

Hemp industries make an effort to make it a fastest growing brand and everyone use it easily without any problem.

Why you buy this?

The price of this brand is hard to beat. Everyone wants to try this because its price is affordable and has many feathers.


It is available in different flavors like Grapes, strawberry, vanilla, and some other natural flavors.

cbdMD (Vanilla 1500mg)

all products have different formulas but all are using spectrum that includes beneficial plant cannabis in the form of CBD.

It is a reliable and safe method to use it easily. This brand satisfied its customers and engages them to use it.

 This is the best and high-quality product all over the world.

Why you buy this?

You can use this easily without any side effect because it has only a large quantity of CBD and there is no little amount of THC is available.


It is available in vanilla, mint, and orange flavor.

Bluebird Botanicals (1000mg)

A lot of many companies are using hemp products. The name of this brand is bluebird this is because it has many quality products.

This company shares its CBD to all over the world. This brand has good repetition through their products and many people like their products.

Why you buy this?

This brand is totally tested from the lab and people believe in this product blindly because it is totally made of CBD and there is no involvement of THC.


It is available in unflavored in the market.

 Koi CBD E-Liquid

This is a special liquid made of CBD; it has a large selection and different flavors. In the market, it is available at an affordable price.


It is totally made up of CBD and there is no THC amount is present.

It is available in six flavors like Red, gold, white, blue, pink and jade.

The concentration of CBD is 1000mg, 500mg, 250mg, and 100mg.


It may be harsh for the non-smokers.

Many of the flavors have a sour taste.

CBD Genesis E-Liquid

This brand has full hemp oil spectrum and it is useful for vaping and oral use. Peoples use this by adding it in different juices to heal all stress problems.


This is helpful to relieve anxiety, sleep, and stress.

The concentration of CBD is 100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg.

There is no little amount of THC.


Its taste is a change for new peoples.

Sometimes it is available in thining form.

CBD Oil Vape Additives 4 Pack

You can use this by adding in juices and orally. These come in 4 packs that are present in approximately 10ml of bottles.

The oil that is present in all bottles is totally obtained from the hemp plant that means it has no any side effects.

These bottles also have homemade glycol and vegetable glycerin so, it is vape easily. You can use it by adding in juices.


It is made from natural substances and hemp plants.

CO2 is a release that means it is the purest oil.

By adding of vegetable glycerin and glycol it provides cold effects.


It is separated very quickly.

Its need test in labs that is effective.

CBD Vape Juice By CBDfx

This is available in all nine flavors and contains best hemp oil. These are not juices but are vape oil to exist as an e-liquid.

These are available in blue raspberry, strawberry flavors, etc. In the market; it is present in 30ml bottles and has 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg of CBD.


It is available in nine flavors; you can choose it according to your choice.

The amount of vegetable glycerin and glycol is present for vaping.


It has strong medicine test in labs 

Select CBD Drops

CBD drops are mix with hemp oil and some other natural ingredients like citrus. You can select the drops for use that are helpful for all the effects of Cannabidiol.

These are available in 30ml of bottles and all have dropper to measure the correct dose.

This is available in lemon, peppermint, and unfavorable that is hemp oils and mix with the coconut oil.

  This contains 1000mg of cannabidiols and it is 100% free from THC.


These flavors are mix with natural ingredients and have antioxidants properties.

It has many better effects than smokers.

There is no THC is present.


It has a sour taste.

It is not stronger than the others.

It may be harmful if use its large amount.

The Benefits And Uses Of CBD You Should Know

Well, there are divergent views on the pros and cons of the plant, but what we know is that CBD oil has proven to be beneficial. (CBD oil is extracted from Cannabis sativa plant). Moreover, CBD has proven to have a calming effect and not psychoactive like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana.

Now, away from the sciences, the modern human being, with typical urban culture, leads a sedentary lifestyle, which exposes him to greater psychological and physiological harms, which CBD oil can help settle.
You can purchase it safely, for example at

So, what are the benefits of using CBD? Why would someone want to use CBD to begin with? Well, check out on the following benefits that you should know.

  • The perfect treatment for anxiety and stress

So, we just mentioned that it would be beneficial for someone to use CBD, and the reason for that is putting tension on the backburner. Some people have anxiety disorders, which can be chronic. Since cannabis sativa has cannabinoid, which is proven to treat anxiety, CBD is the only non-psychoactive compound that can be used for the purpose. For instance, the lady or the guy using CBD might consider it because of anxiety-related behavioral disorders such as social anxiety. That way, a date, for example, can go on perfectly without emotional imbalances and tantrums because CBD sets a relaxed mood in the brain.

For anxiety, CBD is also prevalent among top business individuals who want to keep up with the stressful nature of corporate work. There are many testimonies from people who have successfully used CBD to keep stress at bay, especially when they get home from work.

In addition to that, other than just dating and career-related stress, CBD oil helps you to lead a normal lifestyle free from daily stress. In the modern world, stress is inevitable, and CBD might just be the perfect companion you need to set your mood free at all times.

  • Used in pets for strength and relaxation

Pets are filled with activities, especially if they are the only companion that you have around. When playing and running around, there is a high likelihood that muscles and joints get stretched, and may ache later when your pet is resting. A daily drop of CBD oil will support healthy hips and joints of your pet to help her move steadily and swiftly.

  • Chronic pain and inflammation

Most people suffer from chronic pain, which is a result of fibromyalgia. Though all medical practitioners around the globe have not backed it, people suffering from chronic pain and arthritis inflammation have registered improvement and relief after using CBD oil. In fact, in instances where a doctor may want to recommend CBD oil for pain relief, and the jurisdictional laws don’t allow it, patients often go out of their way to use CBD. Maybe most people don’t appreciate it until they suffer from chronic pain.

  • Calms epilepsy

CBD has a therapeutic effect on neurological disorders thanks to its anti-seizure properties. Moreover, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is content with that aspect as in 2008, it advised and recommended the use of purified CBD oil as a treatment for two severe and rare types of epilepsy in children of above two years. These kinds of epilepsy include Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and Dravet Syndrome (DS), which have proven to be immune to most anti-seizure medication crafted before.

  • Fighting addiction

Fighting addiction comes with various withdrawal symptoms, which can be adverse and make someone turn back to the habit. For instance, CBD has helped various smokers, and most specifically, tobacco users to relieve themselves from withdrawal symptoms. Also, CBD can cure cannabis addiction. Further research indicates that CBD has a therapeutic effect on people suffering from hard drug addiction, such as opioids and cocaine. Moreover, it is believed to work on any form of psycho-stimulant addiction.

  • Improves skin tone

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a perfect treatment for your skin if you want to reduce the chances of developing acne. Remember, acne is most common in people with oily skin, which are caused by over excretion of sebum. CBD can also treat active acne when applied in the right dosage. For instance, before applying CBD oil, you’ll need to wash your face thoroughly with running water, so as to unclog the pores and give CBD easier penetration. When carefully applied, on clean skin, CBD can also help reduce sebum production, which leaves you with a relatively moist skin instead of oily. When used regularly, your skin tone will improve greatly.

  • Helps fight some types of cancer

Please, don’t mistake this from treating cancer. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn later that CBD might just be the cure for cancer because the current research is promising. CBD is known for its pain-relieving properties, and it can, therefore, help in managing some cancer conditions such as symptoms and pain. As of now, research shows that CBD oil can slow down the growth and spread of certain cancerous cells, especially in animals. All it needs to do is suppress the oxidative stress and inflammation that support the spread of cancer cells, which can also include destruction.

  • Beneficial for heart health

Finally, it would also help if we highlighted the benefits that CBD can have on your heart health. First, heart attack and blood pressure are caused by either depression or anxiety. Blood pressure can also cause strokes, which often leads to death or paralysis. Therefore, it makes sense that CBD’s properties and capabilities of treating anxiety can go a long way into ensuring that you don’t develop high blood pressure. Also, the correct dosages of CBD reduce oxidative stress, which causes heart damage.

As you have seen, CBD is like the solution to almost every psychological problem that human beings might be facing. Moreover, CBD products like oils have proven to work well, with minimum side effects (because some people still experience “highness”). If you have arthritis or any cancerous symptom, as discussed above, you need CBD in your life. Remember, it’s not a cure but it should help relieve some of the pain you’re experiencing. And also, don’t forget that it can help to get rid of anxiety when meeting your date!

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