Just Engaged? 6 Top Things To Do After Getting Engaged

By Sarah Williams

Posted 11 months agoDATING

Your beautiful relationship finally leads to a proposal! You’re now a newly engaged couple and you’re over the moon — we know that feeling. Have your moment and enjoy your new reality; you’re getting married. So, engaged, what next?

It’s time to plan a wedding, but don’t rush into it so that you don’t make mistakes or put yourself into a lot of stress or even an argument with your loved one. We’ve put together a step by step wedding planning guide to help you. From getting an engaged box, drawing a schedule, and more. See the top six things to do after getting engaged.

1. Lay the groundwork

After taking some time by yourself to get used to your reality as newly engaged, it’s time to plan. Lay down groundwork by getting your stuff together. You have that preferred vendor, dream venues, awesome wedding ideas, dream theme, and other checklists. Create a spreadsheet on your electronic devices and document them.

Better still, you can get an engaged box from brands like Miss to Mrs and other bridal platforms. Such an engagement box contains planners and checklists that you can document all your ideas. You’ll also find other timely hacks that will make your planning easier. Put them together in one place, so that you can focus properly.

2. Share your news

Share your engagement news with family and close friends. It is in bad taste for them to get the news from social media or someone else. If they were there at your engagement, skip this part.

Get a manicure and have your finger snapped along with your rock at various flattering angles. Get the best pictures and share your news on your social media accounts if you will. Shut Instagram down with your wedding hashtag.

3. Pick possible wedding dates

Unless you’re having a quick court wedding at the town hall, almost no one chooses a date immediately. So, don’t fret. Choose your best season of the year for getting married and pick two or more possible dates. It could be winter, summer, autumn, or fall. Picking multiple dates lessens the pressure and gives you enough time to do your best. By the time that wedding planning kicks off, you’d be sure of your wedding date.

4. Discuss finance

Do you have a dream wedding? Have you ever imagined that your wedding will be hosted at a particular destination? Do you want your wedding to be big or small? Now is that time to discuss your finances with your partner to achieve that dream. Discussing finances puts you and your partner on the same page. You’ll talk about how much you’re willing to spend and how much you have. You may also draw a budget and start saving towards your day

5. Draw a schedule

Cake trials, vendor interviews, make up trials, venue checks, food testing, trunk show dates, and everything else. Draw a schedule that accommodates your to-do list with months and dates. This helps you take conscious steps and reduces overwhelm.

6. Plan your engagement party

After getting the top five most important steps out of the way, it’s time to relax and have some fun. You may choose to plan your engagement party or delegate if you will. Friends or family could also have one hosted for you. This is your first confirmatory appearance with your beloved. Break a leg and have maximum fun!

Many intending brides are quite confused about what to do when engaged. With these six top things to do, you’ll learn how to start planning a wedding without stress.

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